UPDATE: 8500+ Traveling Daylilies!!!

mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)June 30, 2006

This round robin is an extention of a wonderful group of talented , generous and spirited traders, the Traveling Daylilies, who when at all possible trade daylilies. The way into this group is to have traded with at least one of us and to be recommended for membership by one of more members of the group. We are not snobs, we just want to protect each other and you from any game traders... should there be any. If you know any of us, email privately and they will be allowed to get you in on their recommendation. We'd love to have you!

Holy Smokes! Maybe MamaG. will repost her trade rules on this thread. Gonna' be a fun swap!

Cody's "smile" swap (or was it "free for all"??) should be wrapping up. All packages should be mailed by now unless you made other arrangements with your partner.

I received my "smile" package from Lisa yesterday. If you have not traded with her yet, you are in for a real treat. She sent me the most AMAZING box, filled with so many wonderful plants and surprises. Wow, wow, WOW!!! Just like Anita, she sure knows how to pack a box. Totally put mine to shame.

Lisa, I am overwhelmed. Thank you is not enough. I will post the contents with pictures a little later. I am smiling from ear to ear. : )

Lots more to address, but my day is ridiculously busy today. I have an early start, so I better get moving.....

Happy Friday!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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paste and copy that..

guess who the girl is???? grin!

yes, its my own baby bear.... and i call her that every day...
we go to water class every morning now. I called out to her "Baby Bear"
I dint even realize I had done that.... so my class mates already know "I am specail" grin

Ill post later tonight...

hugs mama bear..
yes, ill post all the holy smokes stuff then also...


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Hi everyone.

Love the baby photo... so cute.

Gloria, you can't serious call that grown up woman "Baby Bear" in public... LOL. Congratulations to her.

BTW, Any room in the Holy Smokes Swap??? I know I'm very late, but I'd like to join... I thought Deni was without a partner perhaps? Please oh please can I trade with Deni? My special item would be a garden related item that's wearable (hat, apron, gloves, t-shirt, etc.). I hope Deni's feeling better.


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bourret(z5a Maine)

Dawn, Your swap box arrived. Everything you put into it is great!

In the box:

Daylily DATEBOOK (this was Dawn's first daylily she ever collected so it's near and dear to her heart which makes it so for me)

Variegated African Violet (beautiful! I didn't know they came variegated)

Pineapple Coleus (Already potted this up and put it it the sun. Such gorgeous colors)

Pink Mallow (Attracts butterflies!) I've been lucky enough to have a butterfly let me pet her, very gently, of course. I'll never forget that wonderful experience!

Hosta FANTABULOUS (Wow, what beautiful plant)

Heuchera Dolce Creme Brulee(Beautiful shades) This one is going right next to my other heuchera.

Also, in my swap box were:

Labels(always needed)

The most adorable Sock Change Purse that you ever saw. I'm taking it with me to The National and showing it off.

A Raspberry Cream Candle (raspberry is one of my favorite smells)

Candy Dots (Have to hide these from DH or I'll never get to eat them)

An adorable stain glass frog that I can hang on one of my windows. It has a saying on it: "Smiles Bring Sunshine". I'm going to be smiling alot more. We've taken to building an Ark with all the rain we've been having.

Printer Paper with a border of gardening related items. This is way cool! I had no idea anything like this was available for printing on. The next time I go into Staples or Office Depot I'm going to ask where I can find this kind of specialty paper.

An adorable Crab by Windsport. This guy is going on my porch so I can see him often. He's very, very cute!

Thank you Dawn for the awesome swap box! You're a doll!



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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Dianne, my Smiles/free-for-all swap box arrived today in great shape!!

She sent me her 5 favorite flowers & a beautiful letter telling me why each makes her smile:
~Globemaster alliums from her mother's garden
~Ajuga that she first discovered in her mom's garden
~False sunflower, her 2nd favorite flower (daffodils are 1st) whose "heads sway and dance in the breeze". *BIG grin*
~Wonderful lemon-lime creeping jenny to put in my hosta pots!
~And a daylily, 'Gentle Shepherd' , which she called "effervescent white". I know i will love this one, too.

She also sent me a GREAT T-shirt that says: REAL WOMEN RIDE MOTORCYCLES. I will get a photo taken of me in it & will wear the WAX LIPS she sent with it! LOL! She tucked in more little goodies, too: sweet goatsmilk soap & a delicious smelling Granny Smith candle (it made me go make lunch before I posted!) & a baggie of those cool polymer crystals to retain water in potting soil - wonderful presents!
It was a box filled with grins that will take up hardly any room on the move, thank you, dear Dianne! ~m'

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Gloria - what an absolute darling your daughter is! So cute!!!He looks like a sweetie, too. Congratulations to your whole family!!!

And yep! that's our grandbaby Marie. I finally captured those crazy eyes - I've NEVER seen eyes that color. Beautiful.

BTW those instructions I gave you work, only to copy and paste in the FIRST line (URL line) ubder your image at Photobucket, not the SECOND. (cringe, I'm sorry)


Kitty is a Kitty-Clown! Such silly spots! Love your pix. Amber. Where's your sweater? Too hot, huh? I'll have to knit you a bikini.

The boxes here just keep getting better and better! It's really fun to see all the neat plants and stuff people come up with.

Mimosa Umbrella

And this thing is HUGE! There are 6 or 7 plants blooming and the effect is lush, a bit sloppy, tropical, gorgeous shapes and color.

Among other blooms, new to me anyway:

Little Mary Pippins

She's just so cute! My favorite colors, too.

All the daylilies are blooming right on schedule but our weather made most plants late.

1st poppy of the season - 'Lauren's Grape'

Memorial service for Mark tomorrow, then a quiet at home weekend. Most of the new plants are planted out, only a few dozen to go.

Shirley, Cindy sent me Demetrius and it's a huge, amazing yellow-gold. Stunning flower! Good taste, that Cindy has.

How odd your tips about Jap iris dying from lime. And needing to be divided often. Do these occur in nature? (Ooooo Rhett:) And your later group of pictures - how beautiful! I can't decide which is lovelier...

Angie - I'm trying to air layer my Will Goodwin. I've had it since we built the house in 1989. It grows against a south wall, out of a hole cut for it in the deck, so it's feet are always shaded. Blooms its head off twice each summer. If I get one rooted, it's yours - remind me...

What's a ding dong game?

Sharon - love that Tropical Experience! I love to hear about your summers at the cottage. Such rich menories of my favorite grandparents and their lake cottage - water lilies and herons, canoeing, fishing for bluegills, swimming under the old dock and getting scared by wolf spiders, pennyroyal and bergamot by the water's edge...I grow those by the deck still so that their fragrance can take me back thru the years...

I wonder why your iris don't bloom...we just stick ours in half sun/shade in our rocky clay, and they take right off. Except one Chinese roof iris that apprently wishes it was still on a Chinese roof.

When we get around to a trade, I'd love that Tuscawalla Snowdrift, too - that's as nice a nearly white as I've come across.

Paged on down, and wo! What a gorgeous dl!!!!Reeeely niiice!

Karen - if my blue hosta (canary -in-the-mine in slugland) survives this summer, my next Hosta will be Sum and Substance. I plan to get me some Ligularia too. Did you put it in a boggy place? You have porcelaine vine? May I trade you for a start?

Cody - If I took some of your pollen I'd have no idea what to do with it..you are lightyears ahead of me on plants and gardening...I just read your posts in awe.

Marea - your pot ghetto plants look so lush - what do you do to them? I can imagine you getting them all into the truck. Why do plants have to be so heavy? I put a Borage in a biggish pot on the deck, but it keeps trying to climb out...Georgia, Georgia, it moans softly...sun and heat are not to be had here.

MaryEllen, great to hear from you! What a road trip you had! Aren't they fun? Thank you for your warm words about my Sara. You have your children's in laws to get to know, too, I see. It's good you like them.

Dawn, I miss you. You sound soooo busy...just send us 1 picture a week...I just transplanted hundreds of T. hirtas...if they keep on doing well, you let me know when you want a bundle...it'll be Aug. before they're ready. New house! Home of your own. What a thrill.

That variegated Jap. iris you sent me bloomed. I love it!

Maryanne - your grandbaby will come at just the perfect time and will be perfect and you will be the BEST grandma. That's everbody's prayer. It is so fine to have a baby around again. It goes so fast - already Marie is one!

Ooooh Debbie! What a daylily fix!! Wonderful picture! Doesn't that Marea have the best taste in daylilies? (grin)

It'll take you a week or two to plant all that came in your 3 boxes! When will you eat and sleep? What fun this trading is!

Ellen - your purple Jap. iris seedling is beautiful! Just grand! My Japs are just done. Lilies taking up the parade. I'd love to trade you something for that one when you have enough of it.

Wow, Diane, what a box from Karen! And MaryB what a great box from Jo.

Deni - 2 of the tiny fans you sent last year are blooming - Black Eyed Stella and Cinderella's Dress. Funny, these were the ones we put in quite a bit of shade.

I'm so sorry you've been so sick. Hope you are home now. Hugs (gentle ones)

Jo - you're right about the bananas for the roses - it's the potassium, but if I put dogfood in my new daylily garden I don't even want to imagine what the raccoons would do!

Cats wiped out my newly planted Dianthus. Misery. Your Head Turner sure is!

Cindy, I like your Ottie's Magic, too. I just discovered Ottie. Does anybody have any Yosts?

Jean - Gull's Wings is so simple - just perfect. Loved all your pictures. I like the rose-like peonies like your Glowing Candles.

Paul's gardening sounds so exotic from here! But the hidden gingers from Meghan are up just fine (took me some looking up to figure out some of those hot climate plants. Oh my goodness that canna, Paul! That's a perfect photo, too.

Starting to understand the Holy Smoke! Googled it and it is "a hearty Scotch ale!" Just no end to surprises...

Carol - it wasn't me you sent your hat to - please do post some photos - I'd love to see what all of you are crafting!

Holy Smoke! MaryB has wished for a spider~~good call! The growing list is such fun!

And have we established that mamabear's daylily is ...tada!

HOLY SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?


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bourret(z5a Maine)

Gloria and TD's,

The Holy Smoke Swap is for me! I would like to trade with my friend, Anita. Please!!


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Ladies---I got my first trade box of PLANTS since joining this group that was an official swap thing (cody's) and Let me tell you!
Jean has sent me:
2 cool heuchera- these are so neat but never on sale so a special thing indeed- 'silver scrolls' and 'purple petticoats' I put these next to each other at my arch garden enterance... THANK YOU!

a dwarf iris I'm VERY excited about you will have to look it up soooo prettty
iris 'dwarf boo' I put this in my purple/orange garden

TB iris ( which are now at the mailbox for all to see) 'celebration' (white/peach)
gypsy queen (purple/ orange)
supersition (black)
and 2 NOIDs that have purple in them

and then I've had so much trouble with the plantings on the North side of my house so I now have:
a very small leaf- almost lily of the valley like hosta called 'clausa'- like the symmetry and shine of the leaves.
also a corydalis- yellow blooms- so if that can't take lots of wet soil and harsh N winds LMK so I move it. I've never tried this plant before. Delicate foliage.
buttered popcorn ranunculus- should I put this one in a pot so it doesn't run wild? New to me. The blooms look pretty.
geranium lancastriense!
So quite nice! Thx Jean. I like all of it . what a nice way to start a weekend.!!!

Yesterday one of the ladies from my garden group showed up. We are having a garden tour here at my place on thurs. NEXT thurs. She said. "Am I the first one?' Well she was being she was a week early! She was so embarrased. Sounds JUST like something I'd do. I made her stay and have a private tour. The rest of you are welcome NEXT thurs!

I almost forgot. I have that vine as many a seedling. LMK if you want some seedlings. they all are variagated. Seedlings from last year are 2' tall and bushy this year- however i don't have extra of the 1 yr old seedlings just this years tikes.
ok boys want this computer

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bourret(z5a Maine)

Oops! Almost forgot I'm wishing for a double daylily in the Holy Smokes Swap.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Well, OK Lisa, i THINK, i have a double left to do this swap right... i just can't see what you guys like about them mutants, wierd huh? Maybe it was my 25 years of kwanso exposure as the only daylily anyone planted in MN...

I bet you made a new garden buddy for life with that private tour, Karen. I'm grateful from here. *grin* What joy that Jean sent you all those gorgeous perennials!

I need help, please, with an ID on this daylily:

It came from one of you with a plastic fork label...it might have been MaryB, but she's out of town for the 4th.

Deni, happy you are active & buzzing with ideas again!

And, MammaG: before I go carry big pots around in the heat, here is the preview of 'Gloria's Angel'. My camera doesn't "get" reds or purples right, but it is burgandy with a dark purple eye:

Remember to wave sparklers, eat watermelon, sing the national anthem & repeat after me: One nation, under God, with liberty & justice for All. ~m'

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I finally made it.
I came to post last night, and even though the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky, the electric went out, and stayed out for hours, sooooo, no way to post.

On Thursday I got the most wonderful box from Deni,Betty and Meghan.
I am getting tears again just thinking about it. Inside was the cutest card, has a cat climbing a tree after a nest of baby robins, down on the ground are the mother and father robins, one is holding the hose and the other is turning on the faucet, toooo funny and cute. They sent me on a vacation, and listen to all the wonderful things I picked up on my travels.
First the plants;
*Gloriosa Superba-Climbing Lily-from want list
*Red Wave Petunia- from want list
*Daylily Francois Verhaert-from want list
*Echinacea Sundown-from want list
*Echinacea Harvest Moon-from want list
*Daylily Small Gesture
*Daylily Jordan Verheart-from want list
*Daylily Soul Food-from want list
*Daylily Spacecoast Bold Scheme-from want list
*Lamium/deadnettle Anne Greenway-from want list
*Daylily Tet Elfin Etching
And as if that wasn't enough, I also got;
*Bath oil with rose petals in it
*A shot glass from Mississippi (hope you don't mind, but, I will give this to our son, he collects them.)
*A yellow flower shape votive holder
*A parsley grow kit
*mini pinwheel for a plant pot
*A plant hanger with a cute dragonfly on it
*pocket wall planter looks like a pretty envelope(have some ivy to put in it)
*A pretty butterfly "wobbler"
*a terracotta planter (was absolutely adorable, but unfortunately it didn't survive the trip)You will be pleased to know we gave it a good christian burial(smiles)

Deni,Betty, and Meghan,
I have no words to express how wonderful that box was. You went to such pains to make it special, and to put in plants from my want list. Thank you isn't nearly enough to express how you have made me feel, but it is all I have. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Big, big hugs.
Also, Deni, I hope you are doing better now. I am so sorry you have been ill. Please take care.My thoughts and prayers are with you.

My "free for all" box finally came today. I was so worried, we checked Thursday, we checked "twice" yesterday, it was there this morning, thank goodness. I was sure they had gone and lost it, and everything was gonna be fried by the time it surfaced. But, everything looks wonderful. Even the DL you packed so carefully. It looks as if it was never moved at all. Nice and crisp, and straight, with all buds intact. You can be sure it will get to bloom.(big smiles)
MaryB sent me an awesome box of goodies, it made me smile from ear to ear.
She sent me;
*daylily Spacecoast Pink lady-from want list--and not to be outdone by my sacrifice on her behalf with the dead mouse in the jug, she managed to dig up an ant hill in the process of getting this DL for me, and to get bit several times.Thank you Mary for your sacrifice on MY behalf, and thank you as well for not sending any of the ants with it, what a great friend.(big grins)
*LA iris Rhett-from want list
*Heuchera Stormy seas-from want list
*Pulmonaria Mollis Samobor-from want list
*Dahlia Thomas Edison
*Dahlia Cafe' au Lait
*Hosta Titanic YESSSSSS... this one gets HUGE -doing the happy hosta dance
*Hosta Abiqua moonbeam
*Hosta June-Mary says this is her very favorite hosta, even though she has over 200, it is still her favorite.
*HOSTA PEACE- When I read what she said about this hosta, I cried, I have tears now, trying to write this. She said she looked and looked for something for me for my family garden, she finally came across this hosta, and she told me that this is what she wishes for me: "for our sons to be home with us again, safe and sound".
Thank you so much Mary. You sent me something very special, and yes, it will be going into the family garden, as near as possible to my DL "Dreams of Hero's". For without our brave young men and women of the military, we would never have any here at home. Again, thanks seems so inadequate, but, once again, it is all I have. Big hugs.

And you are correct, we have never traded other than at my plant swap. We may have to do something about that.(more smiles)

For your iris, try amending your soil with a bit of sand(for drainage), and lots of leaf mulch, well chopped up, and decomposed, then get the bonemeal(or dog food) in there as well. Iris are heavy feeders, especially during bloom.

Everyones boxes are just awesome. Love seeing all the great plants you all are getting.

Well, need to get back outside, working on "another" bed for all my special daylilies. Once this one is done, it will bring the number of "beds" to 23, with 4 water features. I am loving it being home. I haven't been able to work in my gardens like this in over 6 years, it has just been hit and miss. Boy did they look it. I still have one bed that is in "critical condition". I need to get all the grass and weeds out, and get newspapers laid. That is the next project. Still working on cleaning up the lumber from the old barn as well. Lots to finish there too. YIKES, better get moving.
Have a wonderful day everyone.

Jo,(still doing the happy hosta and daylily dance)

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well.. I am cryiong over jos post..

you all are just to sweet to each other.... mercy yall stir me up....

yes, Paul.. I know I know... we have just dne the babybear talk for so long its natural... oh, i have news for you... she does it back.... its so dang cute... but i do forget when I am in public..

she has already called me... shes not with us now... we came to the races with out her. But amber and kitty needed her! grin.

Yes paul you may have miss deni... and good grief Ill add that to the list soon!
We are really growing!!! HOLY smoke.....

Oh, an yes lisa you may have miss anita... shes still reading post... email her thjo to just make sure ok???? Lisa are you listening...

Marea??? Glorias angel???? Marea.... have i messed soemthing??? Is that named by you.... heart beats faster..

I have a photo to show you... i have 65 taken... i have my directions printed out and with me.. have the laptop and the camera.. i LEFT THE CORD HOME TO DONW LOAD.... HEAR ME SCREAMING...

i CANT KEEP UP WITH ALL THIS INFORMATION AND REPLY TO ALL LIKE BARB DID... MERCY ME....AND YES, AGAIN THAT BABY OF YOURS IS JUST AWESOME!!! THAT PHOTO IS TOO PRECIOUS...i WANT ONE..(grandbaby!!!!! Oh, babybear.... grin) no no no, not yet! her bo says 5 years!!!!!! you know how old ill be in 5 years????????????????????????????????????????

I have surprises for days for this wedding.. ill email photos or put them up when i get them... I am doing something specail with our barbs daughter but i cant say now... i will tho.. its awesome! Im not sure if jennifer ( babybear) reads these... shes sneaky when she wants to know what i am doing... we are havinbg such great fun with this wedding..... who needs money....

ok .. ill post about new lists now...

one nation under God.... oh Marea, how you pull on my heart strings....!!!!
God Bless you all on this just another day of HIS blessings....


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heres the present list updated

#1 Gloria HAS BARB
#2 Debbie HAS sharon
#3 Shirley HAS JEAN
#7 Mary S HAS JO
#8 Carol HAS angie
9.sharon has debbie
10 angie has carol

12.Marea has.... MARY
and MARY....has marea... way to go!!!! grin
13 deni has paul
14.paul has deni
15 anita has miss lisa
16 and miss lisa has anita!

now for the updated want/send list

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bourret(z5a Maine)

Gloria, Yes, Yes I'm listening. Could you repost what this Holy Smoke Swap entails? Do I send everything on the list to my swap partner? OR just what she wants?


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HEReS THE DEAL.... EVERYONE SENDS WHAT EVERYONE WANTED TO EVERYONE... TOO COOL HUH so.... ill send barb one each of everything on this list!!!!!!!! HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!!!


9. something purple

  1. somethng pink

  2. something for a bird... or birds...( guess who..grin)

  3. spider daylily (cool... I only have one... its bloomed mso i'll have to go shopping! oh gee..... grin!

  4. angel something another cool idea!!!

  5. something wearable for the garden.. gloves ect,

  6. a dayliy which is a double....



holy smokes!!!!


TOO FUN!!!!!









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Lisa... the holy smoke swap is we are to send all the items listed in one box to our partner.... thus the name.... HOLY SMOKES!!!!!

As the list grew grew i KNEWm i had picked the correct name for this swap! Its alot I know.... if anyone cant pull it all off im sure your partners will be ok.... well... some partners... lol!

I have extended the date untill july 30th... whew.. we need that much time in this heat!!!!

( went shopping just today...... grin!)

anymore questions just ask.... anyone?????

im thinking yall are out eating potato salad.......

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

I'm here


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

*giggle* I just made a BIG ol' bowl of potato salad for the festivities tomorrow, in fact!
SIxTEEN things in our box! Sounded rough, but thanks to my traveling daylily swap boxes and a few inspired prior impulse buys - i got it covered already! Except one substitution. But Mary will agree with me on my alternate choice, i betcha... *grin*
4 more days until i get to meet john peat & ted petit!!!

Here is my love of the day, 7 inch 'Through the Looking Glass':

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Help, I only have two spiders and they are both noids the yellow is at least 7" across. Red is big but not as large as yellow one, I need one for my july box but need name so she will like it help

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Just wanted to add that I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th

Be careful everyone.

Ok, DD has the cakes done, I need to go and make the macaroni salad and baked beans.

big warm hugs to all,

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Carol-Check out daylily Firestorm, Scarlets Web, Chin Whiskers, for your first picture and Cats Cradle for the second one. They may match. I love them both and am sure your partner would not mind no name. I love those spiders and doubles.

Gloria-Love the picture of your DD Jennifer, she is just beautiful. She will be a beautiful bride no doubt. I want to see all the pictures of the wedding.

Paul-Sure hope you have received your box by now. Gee I mailed it last Wednesday. If not it's probably cooked by now. Here's hoping you have.

Barb-Thinking of you....Love your GD's picture, she should be in commercials, what a little doll. Love the daylily Mimosa Umbrella.

What great boxes everyone is receiving. This group really knows how to pack those boxes.

Marea-Are you still moving...I know moving is a tough job.
Love your daylily Through the Looking Glass. Very nice.

Gloria-Hope to dig your irises and mail tomorrow.

I guess most of you remember back in February I hurt my ankle playing Volleyball. 5 months later it is as bad if not worse than when I did it. I had a test done last Monday and they said I have Osteoporosis. I have been in alot of pain the more I walk and work outside. Definetely going to have to downsize my gardens. Just way too much to take care of now.

Oh it's my Anniversary today, 37 years. The whole Country celebrates my Anniversary. LOL

Asiatic Lily Netties Pride


Honey Bee




Oriental Lily Barbarosa


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cody_mi(z5 MI)

has everyone recieved their june swap boxes?

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)


Hope you're all having a fun and safe holiday.

Happy 37th anniversary Shirley! That is just wonderful. : )

Cody, I got my fabulous box from Lisa and have yet to list the contents w/pictures. Will do so soon when I am not so pressed for time. Hate to rush a good thing. ; )
Thanks for hosting the swap!
Also, I will have a total for you from the co-op soon. Looks like we are getting everything we wanted.

Barb, you have been in my thoughts. I'm really sorry about Mark. I can tell he was a special person in your life. Been sending prayers your way.....hope you got 'em. HUGS too.
I just love looking at your pics. I promise more pics soon. My very first website is almost ready for viewing. It is quite elementary, but maybe someday I can build a "real" one.

Loving all the pictures. Really brightens my day to see them when I have only a few moments to myself to sit and read your posts.

Gotta' get back to work. DH and I are working on blueprints for the house. I have one word to describe the whole mess......nightmare!! I'd much rather be out carrying something heavy in the hot sun than sitting in the A/C working on these things. Really I would. Poor DH, he's not a happy camper right now. Definately not the most fun 4th we've ever had.

Hugs and smiles to all of you and i'll do my best to get back to catching up soon.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Good morning everyone,

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th.

I am so sorry to hear about your ankle.Wish I lived closer, I would be glad to come and help out. I don't have osteo, but I sure do know how the ankle hurts. I injured mine very badly several years ago, and it never healed right. Have many problems with it yet. I will keep you in thoughts and prayers. hugs.

So sorry your 4th wasn't a fantastic one.Keep your(and DH) chin up. Soon you will be seeing the house in reality instead of those nasty blueprints. And then it will be all worth while. Hugs to you too.

You are still in my thoughts and prayers as well.

Gloria and Angie,
Do you need pics of lilies for your bulb sales? I have several in bloom and lots more on the way. LMK, you will be more than welcome to use them.

Hope you are all mended and back out in your gardens.

Thinking of you. Hope your 4th was a lot of fun.

Well, 2006 just keeps getting better and better. At 1 AM, we heard this gigantic CRRRRRAAAAAACCK! out back,(woke us out of a sound sleep) we go out to find that the HUGE horse chestnut tree by the back door split in 2 and is down. "Just" missed the neighbors classic car.(WHEW) Caught the edge of my small greenhouse, flattened the arch my honeysuckle and variegated porcelain vine is on. Is lying on several pots of hosta from the hosta shuffle, as well as many of my potted DL's. Flattened my peach rose bush, knocked down the rock wall around my one garden. Ripped up the "entire" bed where the roots came out of the ground. Smashed my hummingbird feeder, but didn't damage the shepard hook it was hanging on (go figure)I will have to eventually move the bed all my natives are in, because now, I will have no shade for them.(several trilliums, twin leaf, ferns, Jack in the pulpit, etc, etc.)We will have no shade back there at all now. I am heartsick over this, but I guess I am most upset over the nest of robins in the forsythia, the tree took out most of the bush, the nest is there, but no sign of the babies, the mother robin keeps flying around. I feel so bad. I kind of looked around last night, but i was so afraid I would step on them in the dark, even with the flashlight, there is so much foliage laying about, you can't really see the ground. So, no babies. I feel horrible for them.
All because of "ants". The whole heart of the tree was infested. I wish we had known, but we never saw anything. No sawdust, nothing. There were some dead branches, but we thought it was because of the close proximity of the black walnut tree causing it. I have dozens of photos taken, we will call the insurance company as soon as they open, and then we can start cleanup and really assess the damage to my gardens. It managed to hit 5 of them. But, at least it missed the house and cars. So, we are very lucky in that respect.
All I can say is, I will be so very glad to see the end of 2006, and the beginning of 2007. This year has not been good to us, and I will be glad to put it behind me.
I will try and post a few pics later on.

At least it is supposed to be nice today, so we can get the cleanup started.

Have a great day everyone.

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Oh, sister Jo! Death & destruction.
And I am having the best year ever.
And our different weather is like that, too...
There are underlying causes beyond the pale of perception, i think, and also think is karma.
How i see it is that what you give you get, eventually. I paid ALOT this time before i learned to curb my thoughts. Now i think and am thought with care & love, mostly, and am sure that will be your story too...

Cody, my 'Wild Horses' hasn't bloomed again this year, either!!

"Gloria's Angel" today" -

"Raincolor Sunrise" today -

Back to the packing & watering ~m'

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

I in NO way intended to sound like i thought you needed bad things to happen! Very much the contrary. I was just mumbling my way to wanting only the best for you - you have given me so much & need some payback!! ~m'

victorian lace

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Oh those pics are soooo pretty.
Mareas Nice!
Shirley- love the asiatics! I see you do too! menorca is a nice one- those splotchy ones are cool too.

QUESTIONS! I have questions- now don't leave me hanging ladies.
I know some one here likes those p- touch labels. How do they hold up outside?? The back of the package says protected outside use. Protected my ---!
I need unprotected outside use- so LMK

oh what was my other question...

ALLIUM- ok deni has that fall bloom coop thing going on and I was considering the allium called MT EVEREST> It is a white one. Anyway- my limited expereince with this one is that my menards bulb died. So what has this one done in your garden??- and what zone are you? Also when does it bloom- does it bloom with e purple sensations - or later with the globemasters....

This is the first time I've seen california blue bell. It bloomed at 2 inches tall!! I thought it would be at least a foot tall. So cute!

Oh and teh downward facing citronella lily is blooming- very cool- yellow with freckles.


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Hi all, darn it Jo, I was sure things would get better for you now, maybe it is losing a tree is much better than another personal illness or accident. Shirley loved the asiatics, I seem to be getting lots of orange this year. here is a pic of my third seed from the three yr old mix
from sharon I think. All my ones with eyes are opening now, I am trying hard to get names this year, working on my smokin box
hugs to all, Gloria did you send the movies by mail donkey?

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Great photos everyone.

I received a great box from Shirley for the Smile/Anything Goes swap last Saturday. My apologies for not posting this earlier... I'm having some personal problems lately and haven't been on the computer much. I received
Irises: Amain, Blushing Pink, Classic Look, Feedback, Janie Meek, Leprechauns Delight, Next in Line, Orange Flirt, Villain, Wildcat Pajamas
LA Irises (not sure if they'll grow here either but I'll give 'em a try): Bob Ward, Clyde Redmond, Little Rock Skies, Professor Ike, Voodoo Rite
Calla lily with a great white bloom on it... reminds me of my wedding, which is appropriate because I married a Shirley :-)
Orchid: White Fairy
Daylilies: Caprician Fiesta, Elegant Touch, Firestorm, French Pavilion, Holiday Delight
A Chinese coin windchime
this great gourd birdhouse:

I just love it... thank you Shirley.

Hope everyone is well.

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi everyone!

I have about 2 minutes so I am typing fast, LOL.

Just wanted to tell Jo that I am so sorry to hear about the tree crashing into your gardens. If I was able you know i'd come help you clean up. I hope the baby birdies were okay. I thought about that all day.......that's the kind of thing that just gets me so worked up.
It's a blessing that the tree didn't land on your house or vehicles. Things will turn around Jo, don't worry. Hugs to you.

Marea, your DL pics are always so pretty and brighten up my day. 'Raincolor Sunrise' is lovely!
I can't wait to see pics of your new place. Are you almost all packed up?

Carol, nice seedling! When I first looked at it I thought "Firecracker!!" That's what it reminded me of.

Paul, you are one lucky duck! I looooove your new gourdhouse. Hope things start to look up for you.....

Shirley, great idea! Loving that birdiehouse....but one question??? Where is mamabirrd????? LOLOLOL

Look at Paul's first pic.......can you see the birdie looking out???

Karen, use the laminated tape (Brother TZ Tape).......great indoors or out. I just starting using mine in my new Brother P-touch, but everyone i've talked to says it lasts forever in the garden. Years at a time. And it looks so nice.

My dad is digging a 200' long ditch today for our electricity, and DH is ready to lay the conduit and get the meter box installed. Probably only a short while before we have power up there!! That will make things much easier. You gotta' give the Amish alot of credit, lol. Hard work when you don't have a nail gun.

Would you like to see my new garage? It will appear to be detached from the house, but actually will have an underground "tunnel" connecting the two. Pretty cool design by DH.

If you look through the man door, you can see the opening for the "tunnel" on the right wall. Really it's just going to be an underground hallway, but I think it's cooler to call it a tunnel. hee hee

We still have to pour the floor, complete electric work, install glass block windows, garage doors, man door, do brickwork, soffit, fascia, gutters & downspouts, then it's done. : )

Here's the back.....see our crew hard at work.

I think I have a brick picked out, but not completely certain. We are hoping to do some stonework too, so everything needs to match. It's too hard to make a decision.

Well, I think my two minutes is up. Back to work! Have a happy day.....

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Dawn-Love that hidden tunnel from the house to the garage, good thinking. I should have put mamabirrd on that gourd birdhouse. I was in such a hurry to get it finished and mailed. I had a time with the names. Wish I had bought a paint pen. I was using a paint brush. Couldn't get the flowers to look right????

Jo-So sorry to hear about the mess caused by the tree. I had a weeping willow tree come down in a storm one time. Missed the house though.

Paul-I saw on Daves Garden some La irises grown by someone in California. He posted tons of pictures. Hope they live for you. My things are doing great.

Karen-I have a brother P-Touch labeler and love the labels. They stick and hold up great outside. I have put them on plastic blinds and metal plant markers.

Deni-Sure hope you are on the amends. Miss you posting. Take care of yourself, you are the only Deni we have. LOL

Marea-It's tomorrow when you meet John Peat and Ted Petit, right? Tell us all about it, lucky you.

Gloria-I have the irises dug and ready to ship tomorrow. Hope they get to you Saturday.


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)


When was the last time anyone heard from Canna? Does anyone live close to her? I've sent emails without a word back.

Canna, if you're reading this, please respond.

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I got an e-mail from her two weeks ago. She was supposed to have come to Franklin for the Lotus festival at Perrys Water Gardens. I e-mailed her back but never heard back from her. Was going to get up with her if she came.


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

I thought MamaG had spoken to her????

I got an email about a week or two ago from her....

I'm pretty sure she is just busy right now and hopes to be back with us soon.

We miss you Rebecca!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)



I am alive and well. Didn't know there was an APB out on me until Anita called me.

"Rebecca?" "Yeah?" "This is NYVOICES" "Huh?" "NYVOICES" "Oh...Anita!"

6 hours later, I think that I conviced her that I was ok, LOL! She gave me so much HE**! Just kidding, love ya Anita!

I have so much to catch up with you all. I think I am about 300 posts behind is all :).

June was an extremely busy time for me, a good busy, except for the beginning when my great-nephew past away suddenly. After that, I volunteer with my DS cub scout district for a week of day camp. I took care of the little ones of the parents that also volunteered and needed to bring the younger siblings of the scouts with them. Basically, I ran a daycare, and about ran myself ragged.

After that was done and over, I concentrated on our Daylily club activities. Our daylily club hosted the Regional meeting for Region 10 (Tennessee/Kentucky) on the weekend of the 17th. I really wasn't involved that much, but did serve breakfast for about 100 people. That was fun (not!). With me being the treasurer of the club, I was running around paying everybody that we had hired. Plus, our garden was open to visitors during the regional. We were not part of the garden tours, but we felt like it. Doug and I had about a week to get our property in shape. Weeding, mulching, painting, cleaning up, etc. But, it was a joy to have folks come over to visit.

After THAT... the next week, I was in charge of a daylily sale for three days at a the Trial Garden at the University of TN. It is a festival called Bloomsday. Vendors from all over the southeast get together and sale their beautiful crafts and flowers. That week, I had to dig around a thousand daylilies (with some help) that were generously donated by my inlaws. I had to clean, trim and tag all of these myself, and haul them over to the festival and then set it all up to sell them. I also got plant donations from the Oaks Daylilies, some of you may be familiar with. All of the proceeds went to our Daylily club. Thank goodness, because the Regional just about broke us at the bank. We were able to raise over $1600 for our club but had the potential to raise more. We were selling them dirt cheap. If I had my way I would have sold them for higher and would have made a ton more. People were hoarding us for hours wanting our daylilies. This was our first year participating and we have been invited to come back next year.

Last week, I was finally done with everything I volunteered for. I just wanted to crawl into bed and hibernate for a few days. Then last weekend rolled around and I spent the entire 4 day weekend spending time and catching up with my Doug and the kids.

This week I have been helping prepare beds and direct sowing daylily seeds out at the inlaws. This is the first time we have tried direct sowing and we are crossing our fingers that they will do well. Included was the crosses that Doug and I did last year, so I am so excited about that!

Alrighty, I think I have you all caught up with me. Now I need to go catch up with all of you!

Have a great day!


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luvmybulbs(Z6 IL)

Evening all.

Cool birdhouse Shirley. I have about 12 gourds in the garage that I was going to paint but I haven't gotten around to it yet. And the lilies are very pretty.

Dawn, you guys are moving pretty fast. Good job.

Karen I have had the brother labeler for about 3 years now, so far everything is holding up great.

I have to brag, John Peat shot up a stem this week with 4 buds. I hope he opens. My Craberry Kid came with buds but they died off!!

Debbie, about 4 of your daylilys have bloomed for me. Right now Black Eyed Susan is going strong. Thanks again for all those DL.

Well got to go.


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bourret(z5a Maine)

Hi Angels,

Just checking in. Is anyone here going to The AHS National Convention next week?


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)


Canna has been found safe and sound. Whew!

Glad you're back, Canna, obviously you were quite missed.

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Canna, Nice to hear from you:)

OK I will put the P-touch on my shopping list. thx for teh advise. Will see if I can find the laminate labels.
I just got 100 labels from everlast label co.- this time the minimarkers which can't blow apart like their cheaper ones.

The last of the ladies from my garden group came by for a tour. Half remembered to bring me a plant and all went home wiht a box full or two. My new additions from these ladies are:

a variagated solomen seal
a pansy/johny jump up/ viola that comes back every year.
an aster-ish plant
unnamed artemisia
verbena bonarescense (sp) oh yes!
a cordyalis

My son and I just had a nice horseride together. My 7 yr old dtr is out on a boat for the first time. She is afraid the mississippi might have a shark in it!

My glads have some buds- first time for me to have glads:) I'm so Glad!

Giant drifts of blue larkspur have kept my garden beautiful now for weeks. Soon they will have to go so my perennials can have some sun again.

Anyone know their amaranthus? One of my patients gave me a superior type he had named "purple sh--" Well I had planted some from seed incl. intense purple (white seed), burgundy( black seed), polish red -must be a dwarf type,
anyway purple sh-- looks much better having no green anywhere and having so many leaves where as intense purple and burgundy- look like a lonely stalk with a " not as purple"-- leaf here or there. Any idea what the real name of 'purple sh--' is?? For those offended at my language you may substitute the word p--p. LOL!


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well m im back... and im in.... and i did nothing different???ok.. whos trying to trick me!
well hey canna girl... nice to see yah!!!
please please alert me next year and i will come to that daylily sale at the craft show.... its hard to find good ones anymore.... i am on the garden hunt now for things....

ok... ellens box came... yall know that correct??? did yall get an email form me....
oh wat.. heres photos...

no box today shirley... but thats ok.. my maillady takes good care of my stuff...

carol../. did the movies come?????
please let me know??????
off to load 65 picures here!!!!searching for ellens paper list that was sooo cute!!!!!

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hey my first daylily bloomed from seed! i should say my first one other than stella. Yippy!!- it looks just like it's parent. A cantalope color.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Hope you two are posting them photos!

Just home from my whirlwind 700 mile trip to the Region 8 AHS summer meeting in Portland - two of my new friends will be going to the Nationals, Lisa!
The meeting was like going to heaven!

There were so MANY incredible moments, like when John Petit talked about the meaning of life & "The Little Prince" (I wept)... and I was just cracking up when me & John Peat were hanging out smoking cigarettes down wind from everybody else, talking about daylilies & cats & being too well fed... marea

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Hi all!

Lisa I am just green with envy! I want to go to the nationals soooo bad! We had Melanie Vassallo down in Chattanooga for the Mid-winter Symposium and she did a great presentation for the nationals.

Marea, we just hosted the regional summer meeting for Region 10. My first regional ever attended and boy was it fun! (except for the breakfast part :).

Question: How long can TB iris be out of the ground?

Gotta go!

Peek a boo!

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Ok, a mystery for you.

The following events were not related, I don't think, they just happened 1 after the other.

We have a row of blueberry bushes and the birds stole every one last year, so we put berry netting over the whole row. It barely fit; we draped it over. Dark netting. Not tied down.

OK, DH mowed the grass - berries coming along nicely.

Big windy 3 days in a row; netting in place but wind knocked off lots of berries; also action from below - coons?

Nice weather; berries ripening.

Torrential rain, wind. Many berries knocked off, netting in place.

Tonight DH goes out to pick blueberries; netting GONE. Not off the bushes, not anywhere around, just gone! It was like 8' x 20'!


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as the queen of noids I have a new oriental or ornipet frargarant iin need of a name yellow with reddish maroon center, looks like it should be named susset something. any ideas. I need a questionair for angie anybody got one? I guess I am just needy this month, hugs carol

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Carol - that is a beauty! Hope somebody recognizes it for you...

Canna - you sure do grow them fast & big down there! I am keeping that photo - looks like heaven, too, with that red headed angel...

Barb, my guess is that a coon or two got their feet caught in your netting and struggled it off to the woods. Weird! The cuttings you sent me are going gangbusters - thanks again.

Shirley, here is my "mystery plant" in bloom - a Monarda!!

Thank you!! ~marea

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Its such a thrill when i GET IN!!!!! grin

mystery plants all a mystery to me too... awesome lily carol...

ok help..
packing boxes.. getting ready...

i have no spacecoasts... i dont think.. i have one or two in my side main yard... i think i owe one or sent one to debbie??? gave them for gifts? who knows but... now i need two.... if anyone knows anyone of US who has two they want to sell so i can put in my holy smokes swap let me know...

amber ran thru my side bed and down the tags went and they were metal.... bUT alas who can yell at amber.... not me! poor thing does not know she is a ....whisper (DOG)

please email em about the spacecoasts if you can help....

holy smoke host having holy smoke issues!!! BIG BOX!!! BIG BiG BIG grin


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Hi everyone, Back from vacation at the lake. Family, Frinds, Food and Good Weather. We had a wonderful 4th of July.

Barb, That baby should be in modeling!

Marea, I would love anything that was 7 inches. LOL
Seriously,'Through the Looking Glass' looks great!

Shirley, I'm so sorry to hear your ankle is not healing. Even with the Osteoporosis shouldn't it be getting better ... or are you constantly hurting it by being so active?
Loved the Cappucino Lily picture. I bought Center Fold from Angie this year, it looks somewhat like cappucino.
Oh, and congrats on the Big 37th Anniv.!
OMG - the Gourd Birdhouse is such an orignal! LOVE IT!

Dawn, love the idea of the 'tunnel'. Right away I thought of the 'Nancy Drew Mystery books'. You have a 'secret passage' in your house. LOL

Jo, what a mess that must have been! I feel for you. We have been having a lot of trees down because of the Emerald Ash Bore ... but they haven't been messing with my gardens.
I just love the Horse Chestnut trees when they are in bloom!!! Near the cottage there are tons of them and when they are blooming my head is hanging out the car window as we drive past. Candles on their branches is the perfect description!

Karen, I use a Brother P-touch 1180. I choose that one because it was on sale. Very easy and I love it. I bought my tape off of ebay, got a ton of it, but we use the labels for soooo many things. It is 12mm 1/2 Laminated. White with black print. My labels have only gone through one winter but they look great.
Alliums - I bought a Mount Everst Allium bulb several years ago. Seems to multipy slowly, so buy as many as you need, don't think they are going to multiply. After 3 years, we now have 2 Mount Everest Flowers.
I have to think back to spring now ... I believe my Purple Sensations bloomed First (but they are on a different side of the house than the rest of my Alliums, so that can change bloom times), then the Gladiators and the Globemasters bloom almost together, then the Mount Everest and Ivory Queen bloomed together. There is some overlap with the Gladiators and Globes and the Mt everest and ivory queens. I'm zone 5b and they do well. The Gladiators and Globemasters have been multipling ok. Purple Sensation is new to me, just planted them last year. The Ivory Queen now has 4 bulbs after 3 years.
Hope that helps. :o)
I know nothing of the AMARANTHUS. I planted some seeds for one called giant orange, they grew to 15 inches, went to seed and died. :o(
Now the Love lies Bleeding plant that Marea sent me last year did beautifully.
I love my Glads, but have to replant them every year here. But they remind me of funerals ....

Carol, I wanted to thank you for posting pictures of some of the seeds I sent. I know one year I had a TON of seeds from red parents ... Red Loveliness was one of them.

Gloria, I belive the Holy Smokes Big Box will be 2 boxes!

Went to the Wyandotte Street Fair and found some things to put in the box. So many of you are crafty ... you put me to shame ... so I thought I would buy other peoples crafts and pretend they are mine (hope you aren't listening Debbie).

Did I mention our air conditioning isn't working this year. We will probably get it fixed in Sept knowing my hubby. Looks to be a very WARM weekend here.

I will hopefully be posting a few pictures later today.


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Hi Everyone,
Just stopped by real quick to say "I am still alive".

We have the tree cut and moved, most of the wood we have given to a friend who burns wood. We still have the HUGE pieces to get loaded and taken to him. We also haver all the little pieces/kindling to go as well. I am keeping several chunks to make garden seats and one long piece to make a bench. We also kept the largest piece to cut into slices and make small tables out of. i figure if i can't have my beautiful tree, at least i can use some of it in my gardens to remember it by.It totally squashed my peach english rose, not a speck of green showing anywhere now.Even if it comes back, I doubt it makes it through the winter. It will use so much energy trying to grow now it will most likely winterkill. It also whacked my huge white OGR, but that one will be fine. We planted a Saucer Magnolia in place of the horse chestnut. (Magnolia Soulangiana) She gave us a great deal because my DH saved her delivery van from burning up one day in May, while it was out delivering flowers. The girl driving stopped in our neighbors drive and was yelling "It's on fire". He ran over and got it put out, and our neighbor came with the hose and sprayed it down to make sure it didn't restart. So, she is happy and so are we.

I have some awesome pics of the DL's blooming today. I had my first seedling I got from e-bay last year bloom today. OMG it is gorgeous.

I loved my tree, your right, they are so gorgeous when in bloom. We had one all the years I was growing up, and when we saw this one when we were looking at theis house, it was just perfect. I am going to miss it so much. I do have one consolation, I found a small seedling growing in the bed, when we were putting in the magnolia. We will move it up in the hedgerow. At least I will know a part of it is still alive and well.
All the seedlings from the seeds you sent me are doing great. They have been happy little things and I will be so excited to see them bloom.

I think your lily might be "American Spirit".

How is the move coming? Hope all is well.

The pic of your DL's is wonderful. I especially like that one with the bright red petals. (smiles)

Well, off to get some more done in the gardens.
Hope everyone has a great day.
hugs to all,

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All my pollinating is done ... I was taking pictures too,
so here are the pictures I promised.
Click on the thumbprint to see a bigger picture:
All About You - I love this one! A big bubbly gold edge.
Marea, I pollinated it with Magic Lake, hope I get some seeds.

Mamma's Cherry Pie - thought I was sent a wrong plant, but now the flowers look correct. The early ones didn't look like this.

Century House - finally got a picture that is almost true in color. Maybe now you can see why I love it.

Debbie Smith - I'm still a big fan of Debbie Smith. Just love how these muted colors blend!

Destined to See x Born to Late = a new seedling this year.
I wanted to show you the difference between a first and second flower. I'm sure lighting had something to do with the color difference, but I love the pointed tips of the blooms on the second flower.
First Flower

Second Flower

Word of Love - I'm so happy this one is really looking nice this year. It really looks like the picture from stamiles site.

Voodoo Dancer - had to post a Double for those Double lovers!

Lily pictures coming next.


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Here are the lily pictures:

Yellow Turks Cap


Triumphator - bought from Angie

Rosy Dawn - bought from Angie

Silk Road

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Oh Sharon!!!! Stunning!
I have these big black clumsy bees that are up before daybreak stumbling into my daylilies. I've let them do that pollinating work this year in defeat.

...views from here today. ~marea

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

We gave ourselves an extra few weeks for this moving thing, and to give my last job time to find someone to replace me. I've bowed out of all the others already. My brother-in-law is a professional mover, so am gonna wait for that huge Allied moving fan to have some free time to let me hire him to carry my garden. Got volunteers for loading & unloading already - it's working beautifully!
Hope there is better & better going on for ya'll, too! ~m'

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canna- cute kid!

sharon- thx for the info. You sure know a lot! Yes I did buy the ptouch and yes it was even on sale!
BTW the voodoo DL has a cool un-DL look that is interesting.

Marea has confirmed my first dbl to be kwanzo. Nice pics too.

I need to get to bed.

My first black sunflower bloomed, as well as first gladiolus:)- ever!

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One Day late
but not forgotten!

Hope you had a Happy Day!


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Carol, I am so sorry,


did you check to see about your lily? Mine bloomed and I am positive yours is American Spirit too.
Also, I sent you the list you needed, did you recieve it?

Sounds like you got it all under control. I am so Happy for you. That will sure make your move so much easier. I have told my DH, I refuse to ever move again. I have taken root and refuse to budge.(grins)

It is to be another scorcher here today, and they are saying even worse for tomorrow. Later on we are heading to SIL's pool. Think we will just lie there all day.

how is the weather over there in your neck of the woods?

Your still "it".(grins and giggles)love ya girlfriend.

Set down that bottle and step away from the baby.(just long enough to stop by and say hi) Then you can go back to the hugs and kisses.

I will be sending you more lily pics in just a bit.

I have pics loaded, now need to resize to post. BBL to post them,
Have a great day,
try to stay cool everyone,

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Happy Sunday everyone,

This must be the slowest moving TD thread ever! I think it's time for everyone to take a quick break, come in from the garden and say "Hi". : ) We've all been a bit absent lately and it would be great to hear from everyone.

My turn first..........

Happy Birthday Carol!
Hope you had a wonderful day. Did DH take you out for something good to eat?

This is long overdue.....my list of goodies that Lisa sent me for the "Make your partner smile" swap hosted by Cody. Strap on your seatbelts and get ready........this is one amazing box:

*Lisa's favorite plant: Daphne burkwoodii 'Carol Mackie'
Her favorite plant because it stays evergreen all winter and has the best smelling blooms in the Spring. Even better than Lilacs or Roses she says! I'm loving this...thank you Lisa. Awesome variegation.

*Iris ensata 'Lace Ruff'
*Hosta 'Sea Fire'...woo hoo! This was highly wanted.
*Campanula trachelium 'Snowball'
*Tricyrtis hirta 'Variegata'
*Hemerocallis 'April Dawn' : ) Yippee!
*Hemerocallis 'Strawberry Fields Forever'
*Hemerocallis 'Mort Morss'
*Hemerocallis 'Peacock Maiden' Yippee woo hoo!
*Hemerocallis 'Francis of Assisi' How did you know I wanted that one??
*Hemerocallis 'Ed Brown'
*Hemerocallis 'Beautiful Edgings'
*Hemerocallis 'Morticia' wanted that one too. : )
*Echinacea 'Mango Meadowbrite' Awesome!

*Green Prints "The Weeder's Digest" summer 2006...This book is so cool and I will definately get a subscription. Thank you for introducing me to this, Lisa.

*"Trowel & Error"..Over 700 shortcuts, tips, & remedies for the gardener, by Sharon Lovejoy. I LOVE this book and am thrilled to add it to my collection of gardening books. I've already used a few tips. : )

*The cutest lady bug moisture meter...will get you a pic..

*A "Chorus Line" coffee mug......no, not from Broadway...

Love it!! Love it!! Love it!!

*Cute little garden statue of a frog sitting on a leaf...he's already over at the new place.

*Wee little garden gnome mini lawn gnome and 32 page book. Just adorable.

*Palm sized water garden w/ book....wait 'till you see how cute this is. A pond on my desk!

*2 big packs of metal plant labels....can never have enough of these : )

*Environmenally friendly permanant garden marker...perfect!

*The cutest froggie book marker....can't believe it! I just started collecting frog book markers of all things!

*Udderly Smooth Udder Cream......This stuff is awesome on my udders......oops, I mean hands. ; )

*Yard Glove protective barrier for hands. I haven't tried this yet but can't wait. It's supposed to help prevent penetration of dirt, fertilizer, etc. I need to buy this stuff in a 55 gal. drum, LOL.

*Soil Moist Granules....these are awesome

*Transplant 1-Step for planting & transplanting....this is perfect for all the transplanting i'm doing this year.

*An absolutely beautiful, nautical themed birdhouse that i'm saving to put in my new bathroom. It's really unique and I don't have anything like it.

*And last but not least, the coolest T-shirt that has Pansies & a watering can on it and says "Maine". I will get DH to take a pic of me wearing it. I love it!

I sure hope I didn't forget anything. Lisa, thank you so much. You went above and beyond making me smile. Thank you and BIG HUGS!!

I'm working on my HOLY SMOKES box and having such fun. Holy smokes...I think I need to find a bigger box, lol.

Marea, how convenient that BIL is a mover...perfect! I'm so glad things are working out well for you. Do you think all your helpers will giggle when they see your plant collection, or do they already know what's in store for them? I've had a few chuckles already when people see me moving my plants, even BEFORE I have the house. They just don't understand, lol.
Lovely views!

Karen, I love the dark Sunflowers. And congrats. on the Glads....they make such nice cut flowers.

Sharon, thanks for all the pics! I LOVE, repeat LOVE 'Voodoo Dancer'!! Very cool.
Nancy Drew tunnel is exactly what I was thinking. : ) I keep talking about the secret passage and DH says, "It's just going to look like a hallway" and I have to tell him to play along.

Jo, glad you have been able to recycle your tree. And the Magnolia will be nice in place of your favorite, dear ol' tree.
Someday i'll get a package out to you, LOL. I have a whole bunch of stuff with your name on it. HUGS

Anita, still buying Daylilies, huh? LOLOL Your yard is going to be like a canvas painted with the most beautiful colors. How is your pond doing? I know you can't post...but you can email. : )

Barb, I have things like that happen to me ALL the time and it just drives me crazy!! The mysteries of the night. Any updates?
One question....Did you get any Blueberries?? LOL

Canna, that picture is a prizewinner! She is a beauty. What a summer you've had so far. Hope you get a chance to sit down and drink a good micro. Not sure if you heard this all the way down there, but our local Rolling Rock was sold to Anheuser-Busch. Alot of angry folks here in Latrobe, PA. It's really a shame.

Dianne, have you given the new mom a chance yet?? ; )
I'll bet that baby has been kissed and hugged a million times. Got any pics???

Shirley, my Iris are all doing great at the new place. They really seem to like my strange, sandy soil.

Speaking of the new place, work continues.....We have completed our work to put in the electric service. Now we must wait for an inspector, then our power company will come out and hook us up. My Dad & DH dug a 200' ditch, laid the conduit, backfilled the ditch, installed the meter box and service panel, and voila'! I'm ready to plug something in!

I also made a friend at our new place this week.....

I found him when I was mowing. Sweet, little thing. I took him for a short ride on the the mower, then put him right back where I found him. Hope to see him again sometime. : )

My sister, the bride-to-be had some practice work done on her hair yesterday in preparation for the big day. Lookie how beautiful....

Any my other sis, the mom-to-be has been working on the nursery. It is turning out so cute. She gets to have another sonogram on the 28th and has invited me along. : ) Due date Aug. 25th.....approaching quickly.

I have a few more things to share but will do so in another post....

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Our water well drillers arrived the other day and drilling began yesterday. I took this short, 7 second video when they were at 50 feet deep. They stopped for the day at 100 feet. Let's hope they hit water soon! The deeper they drill, the emptier my checkbook becomes. : )

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

Here is a link that might be useful: well drilling video

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

guys, i'm hurt...y'all forgot my birthday.

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Oh my gosh Cody you're right. And I think I forgot a few others as well????

Happy Birthday to Mary on the 2nd...

Happy Birthday to Cindy S. on the 7th...

Happy Birthday to Cody on the 10th...

I'm sorry that I missed all of your special days. I hope you all had really wonderful Birthdays.

Cody, I think we should be punished. What can we do to make it up to you???? ; )

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

CODY!! and CAROL!! HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to both of you!
You are two of my favorite people in the WORLD and I'm so ashamed that I forgot to send you presents & balloons or at least an eCard... hoping this year will be your best EVER!!

'Derby Bound'
Wishing you both huge bouquets of exotic flowers, marea

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

I owe Cindy & Mary balloons & maraca music, too! Wishing you two the same heartfelt wishes for YOUR best years ever, ~m' [going to the corner now & awaiting Cody's answer....] ,m%*#@

a 'Forbidden Desires' flower for Mary & Cindy.

Dawn - i LOVED your video [funniest home videos?] & I just love watching your dream manifest like this, thank you! I will try to show a video of packing my plants into the moving van. That ought to be a hoot, too, but not so charmingly noisy...m.

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Marea....i'm sure by the time this project is finished I could have a grand prize winning video.......probably of me falling off the roof or something, LOL.
Can't wait to see yours. : )

Angie, I forgot to tell you that my H. 'John Peat' (from Deni) bloomed 2 days after I got it in this pot.....I didn't even have a chance to trim off the dead foliage yet! It's bloomed a couple more times since. : )

I also wanted to show you all my new neighbor......can't remember if I already showed you or not. If I did, sorry. : )
He lives right on my property line......the lady next door has several in a large enclosure. They are her pets.

I'm not sure what his real name is....but I call him "Rudolph". LOL
He saw me peeking through the trees. I try to leave them be, as they seem pretty scared with all the commotion going on.

Well, back to work.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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I can't believe we all forgot so many birthdays.
I am truly sorry to all of you. Can I use menopause (sorry Cody and Paul) as my excuse? Dang thing causes the braincells to overheat and malfunction.(well, thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it)

Wow, you are really making progress, it is so wonderful to watch a dream in the making. Just awesome. Love your new little friend too, he is so cute, I just love turtles. I rescued one from the middle of the 4 lane highway that is a few miles from my house. I am sure folks thought i was nuts, I am out in the middle of the road, pointing at the turtle, pointing at the cars and yelling at them, "DON'T YOU HIT THAT TURTLE"!!!!!!. I had people slowing down and going into the other lane to avoid it(and me) I got him(a very good size painted turtle)put him in the car, and drove like mad to the nearest large pond.Hopefully he had the common sense to stay away from any more busy roads.
Keep the pics coming, love seeing them.

Here is a pic for your B-day...
This is the Motherplant of that little bears breeches Anita was kind enough to send to you. You are one lucky guy, she is always yelling at me telling me not to dare to give any of them away (except to her) (grins)Sorry Anita, a few of them do have other TD's names on them.hugs

Bears Breeches(acanthus Spinosis)

Here is a pic for Mary,

My first ebay seedling to bloom, I love it, pic doesn't do it justice,
ebay seedling # 18

another pic for Cindy,

My second ebay seedling to bloom,
it has such soft pastel colors, just beautiful
ebay seedling #9

And last but not least,

a pic for Carol,
this is "Lady Louise", I got it last year for my mom, it will be going into the family garden as soon as it is done blooming.The blooms are huge, 6-7 in. I love it, and cream was a fav color of my moms, she loved to wear cream, had tons of clothes in the color, so it is very fitting.

lady louise

And this one is for Marea and Anita,thank you both again. I was so thrilled when this opened, I just love it.

Dreams of Heros,

To all the B-day Peeps,


have a great evening,

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Hey Cody,
I almost forgot,

The mother plant is approximately 4ft. across and nearly that tall. It will take a couple years to reach bloom size, mine was about 4 before she bloomed, but i think I set it back because I moved it. Beware once it does bloom, below each blossom is a thorn(hence the "spinosis" part in the name)(grins)




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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Gad, what fine pictures! I especially like the variety! Flowers, hairdos, home construction, deer - it just gets better and better!

Holy smokes!

DH blew up my wc tires so tight I had no traction outside, but, idiot that I be, I went out right after another deluge, worked my way with the usual difficulty up our gravel drive, up, up, up a whole story higher and more to the sodden new DL garden.

Then, coming back, all wet and worn out, I got entirely too close to the bank, tried to power myself up the small rise by the Double Tree Bed (they have NAMES, you see) only my wheels slipped on the wet grass. I flipped hard over backwards onto my head - blackbrace of course preventing any self-protective body curl - then the whole works, wc, me and all, tipped SIDEWAYS, dumping everything down the rocky bank.

Nothing seriously hurt. I can tell you where every muscle in my neck is located, and the whole back of my noggin is one big lump.

That's what I did on Saturday.


Rusty foxgloves

Monardas have the most fascinating blooms

After the poppies, Ammi

Sovereign Queen
This one is BIG, too! Munson.

Ruffled Vintage Burgundy

Marianne Cox

Cinderella's Dress
Deni, it bloomed from the little guy you sent last fall. So did Black Eyed Stella.

Tall Orange NOID
Any ideas on my NOID? It's really tall, has big foliage, probably an old, old one, but double and curls and has stripes that are cinnamon. I couldn't get the color right for you. And buds on a scape! I stopped counting somewhere
around 40.

Cindy, your daylilies just took off and are blooming so well. You sent me such classics - I love them.

Jo - Your woodland plants got here very parched but after a good soak, look like they may just make it. Do you think you could have found a BIGGER hellebore to mail?!! Good grief, it's a TREE. These'll fit right in - thanks so much.

I'm reading all your wonderful :) posts - will respond after you all get over Barb's DUH DL pix. These are new to ME and I'm having such fun with my new flowers!!!!!!!!!


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To Mary, Cindy and Cody!

Wishing that you
have had
the most wonderful
July Birthday!

Now I have to admit that I saw a post on another forum saying it was Carols Birthday, that is why I caught her BD and not all of yours!

Friend had a crisis last night and I got 3 hours sleep ... I hope I can make it through the day at work ... zzzzzzz....


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OMG Barb,
I am so sorry to hear about your spill. So glad you are alright. At least the bump will go away and all those muscles will slowly stop complaining. Big(extremely careful) hugs.
Love your pics soooo pretty. Esp sovereign queen and marianne cox. Your NOID is "Kwanso" I do believe. At least it looks just like my kwanso.

I am SO EXCITED. You remember those cuttings you shared with me last year. Well, all but the "hibiscus red hot" shriveled, and now IT HAS ROOTS!!!!! Too cool. It took nearly an entire year of watching it and babying it, and changing the water in the glass, but, I finally have roots on that little guy. It has some new growth as well. YIPPEE!!!

The DL's you sent me are doing great. I was a little worried about 2 of them as they were totally brown by the time they got here. But, I potted em' and watered and babyed , and they are beginning to send out some new growth. So awesome, thank you again.

I agree with Dawn.....


It is just too hot to be out in your gardens, you need to be inside so you can post. (smiles)

where are you? You aren't anywhere near those wildfires are you?

How about you? I thought about you when I saw all the flooding in the Jersey area.


Well, i need to get some more pics of DL's blooming today, before it gets any hotter,

hugs to all,

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

marea i'm expecting really, really big, really, really expensive presents...and i want them now!! lol

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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

Hello, Mary Ellen here. Long time no hear again. I have been admiring everyone's pics.

Sharon/TMA, I had some Triumphators bloom this year, too, but was too late to get pics. They are huge and stunning and smell delicious, don't they?

Jo, I've heard of bear's breeches, but I have never seen pics. How beautiful!

Barb, You know you are very, very lucky you didn't get hurt even worse than you did. How are you today? Your foxglove picture looks like a postcard! I love the colors of the Cinderella's Dress, but my first thought was it looked like it was sticking out it's tongue. lol

Cody, a belated Happy Birthday to you. What did you do on your birthday, anyway?

Dawn, I always enjoy reading your posts. I feel like I am really there! When we built 3 years ago, we had the opportunity to hook onto rural water which we did. We had a well at the last place we lived when we farmed. We lived in a house on the farmstead which had a well. It was an old system so we had problems sometimes. There would be times we would be without water. Grrr...I DON'T miss that at all! No doubt with your new well, you should be just fine! Do you plan to have a back-up generator for your place? Or is loss of electricity not a problem there? Keep your pics and posts coming!

We are incredibly hot and muggy here, too. It's been going on since last Wed. or Thurs. now, I don't remember which day. I get out in the morning to do my gardening then am inside or out and about in the car doing other things.

A friend and I did go visit a couple of gardens last week. The two of us belong to the Central Iowa DL group. There was a garden tour a week ago Sat. which I was able to go to for 1/2 a day, but my friend was unable to go. So I called a couple of the people, and she and I went to their places on Tuesday. One of them is an elderly couple who collect both daylilies and hostas. They have over 300 different varieties of hostas and about that many daylilies. They live on a regular size city lot so they have a lot packed into a rather small space. But, oooohhh, is it gorgeous. I did get pics, but they turned out on the fuzzy-side. The other place we visited was an actual dl farm. This place sells any DL they have for $10, no matter what it is. This place is on about 5 acres. Instead of having it all plowed and the lilies in rows, it is like a park. Grass covered with oval plots of dl's planted here and there surrounded by rocks. Again, got pics but on the fuzzy-side. I can post what I have if you want to see them. After we were through there, we went to a greenhouse that was selling their 6" perennials 10/$10. LOTS to choose from!

I was given directions on how to post pics by another GW friend so I'm going to try a some of them here. This is my very first summer having DL's besides the so-called "ditch" lilies. Although I like them, too, in their place--in the ditch by the gravel road.

Well, I will try to post some pics. Have a beautiful rest of the day, everyone. Mary Ellen/Mellen

This is Condilla.


NOID cross from a daylily society member.

False Sunflower

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Hi everyone. Yes, it is really me! Did you miss me? I have been away for awhile! I never realized how much time having a place at the lake would occupy! We have spent nearly every weekend up there, and I was there about 10 days over the 4th. When I get back home, the weeds have taken over and the house is a disaster. Most of the week is spent getting those problems fixed and it is Friday again. We also are in the middle of a heat wave/drought, so I have to water. It is only a matter of time before the town imposes watering restrictions here. Till then I am watering everything!
My hostas are looking a little sad, but most of the daylilies are blooming like crazy. I'm afraid I lost my Tatoo hosta and a couple of smaller daylilies while I was up at the lake over the 4th...Snif! I am trying to take some pics of the blooms to keep me going all winter.

Barb, sorry about your fall!

Mary Ellen, Dawn, Barb, Jo, Marea, Carol Great pictures!

Canna, What a little cutie your DD is!

Cody,Carol....Happy belated birthday! I was gone over my bday and sorta wondered if everyone had forgotten it since nothing was said! OK, I forgive you all since I have forgotten some too!

I am working on collecting all the items for the Holy Smokes swap. I had to go shopping as my partner (Jo)has a huge list and our tastes must be similar....Hmmmmm (smile)

Sharon...I still hope to send you some of those hostas, but perhaps we should wait till the weather cools down. It has been around 100 the last few days here. I imagine it is out your way too or soon will be???? Hate to stress those babies any more than they are already.

Well I wanted to post some pics but could not make it work. GRRRRR!


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Happy Birthday to all those I missed, Sorry all I am senile. hope you all had great ones, is cody the baby of our group? would someone please e-mail me the list of items for the holy smokes swap please thankyou carol

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Carol-The items we are to send in the Holy Smokes Swap is on this thread. Closer to the top. Hope you had a great Birthday and lots of cake and ice cream.

Mary Ellen-Love your Zagora asiatic lily. I have really grown to love the lilies.

Barb-My Ruffled Vintage Brugandy Dalylily you sent me is blooming. I just love it. Glad you did not get hurt with the fall you had.

Dawn-Irises do love sandy soil. Wish I had some. The couple I got those from had sandy soil. He had it trucked in though. Had red clay to start with.

Sharon-I need to e-mail you about this osteoporosis. I don't think that is my problem. Need to find out more about it. I think I need to find a specialist that knows more than my family doctor does about it. Love your daylilies ALL ABOUT YOU, CENTURY HOUSE, & VOODOO DANCER.
I am one who loves those doubles. Also love your ROSY DAWN lily.

Gloria-I mailed your daylilies yesterday. Be on the look-out for them.

Spider Wind Frills


Spider Carrick Wildon

Eskimo Kisses

Navaho Princess


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bourret(z5a Maine)

Hi Everyone!

I'm back from The National Convention. The gardens were incredible. No thrips damage, no leaf-streak. Just perfect looking blooms. My thrips damage has become so bad that I've resorted to using Bonide. Yes, I'm embarrassed but I didn't know of any other method. Since my daylily collection is over 1350 I can't go spraying with dishsoap and water everyday. It's a logistical nightmare when you think about it. Now, that I'm starting to sell them they have to look good.

The food at The Convention gardens was out of this world. Every garden we went to had a banquet laid out. In Paul Limmer's garden there was a fountain of CHOCOLATE! We were dipping strawberries, marshmellows, cake, even daylily blooms in the stuff. I've had so many Pina Coladas(non-alcoholic) I think I gained 6 lbs.

The auction went OK. It was surprising that the daylilies went for such low bids. I was able to get a double fan of FRONT PORCH SWING for $50! Frank Smith has it for $125! Also, I got SACRED GROUND which was a 4 fan clump for $40. I split it into 2 double fans and gave one away to a good friend. My husband got a 5 fan clump of LEDGEWOOD'S BLUE CRYSTAL for $100. A double fan on Gunda Abajian's site goes for $125! I also got a load of other daylilies from gardens too. Finally, I was able to get 1 fan of LOVELY PINK LADY. It's just the most beautiful daylily I have ever seen.

Happy Belated Birthday to everyone I missed.

All of your pictures have been outstanding. How do you post pictures here? I'd love to show all of you photos of the convention. I have tried copying & pasting a photo but it doesn't work.

I'm still exhausted from The National and I'm going to bed.

Good Night Beautiful People,


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hello all!

Lisa, convention sounded awesome. We need pics. : )
You need a photo-hosting site, such as Photobucket (www.photobucket.com)(it's free) to upload your pics to. After uploading pics, just copy and paste the "Tag" line (which is the 2nd line under each pic) right into the text of your post. That's it! Let me know if you need more assistance.

Cody, our co-op plants are in! I think they are going to be shipped Mon. or Tues. I saw pics and they look fantastic.

We have water!!!!! The drillers hit H2O yesterday at 205 feet and we have a 100 foot resevoir which I think is really good.

Have a great day!
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Good Morning. I think the heat wave has finally passed by! It is actually pleasant working outside today!

Here are some pictures. Thanks, Dawn I think I figured out what I was doing wrong!

Bayou Bride

Hey, it worked!

Lady Fingers

Siloam Little Girl

Lisa, We want pictures of those daylilies!!!!!!

Where is everyone, lately?

Since it is so nice I am going out to dig and divide some plants for the Holy Smokes Swap!


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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

MaryS, As of 1:40 it is still steaming here in central Iowa. Waiting for your weather to come through. HURRY UP!!! :)

Mary Ellen

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coty.. too funny.. gifts from Marea!
Barb.... whoever sent you that orange daylily also sent me one..... whats its name.. anyone... i dont do orange.. but that one is really pretty!

Sharon... your gardens are beautifullllllll i mean really! and i LOVE the daylies you all take great photos! great!!!







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I want to post really fast that I did get my
HOLY SMOKES package from Debbie.

Debbie, I got it the day I was leaving for the cottage again. I had to take a few minutes to make all the plants happy, then up to the lake we went. Just got back last night. Will post what I got when I get back from work today.

Love it all!

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Good Morning All,
Two words - HOLY SMOKES!!! Our Ms. Marea has really outdone herself. I received a most awesome box from her. I am just thrilled with all that she sent me - so many from my want list. Okay, here we go:

1. (Windchimes) Marea substituted a pretty little hinged porcelain jar with painted lilies.
2. (Decorative) A very old looking little rusty brass frog that I LOVE!
3. (Garden Mag) - A "Country Living Gardner" - just flipped through so far but you can be sure I'll read this front to back.
4. (Iris) - Japanese Iris 'Chitose Himme' (My first named Japanese!)
5. (Daylily) 'Indian Giver' (From my want list - 5 fans!)
6. (Something dear from her garden) She has shared with me a double fan of 'Marea's Angel' given to her by our beloved Mama G.
7. (Spacecoast) 'Spacecoast Hot Topic' (Loving the reds this year!)
8. (Flower bulbs) 'Pink Pride' Daffodils
9. (Something Purple) 'Forbidden Desires' (I fall in love with this one every time I see Marea post a picture of it. Was on my wants list - almost just ordered it! Marea, can you dig out your picture of this and post it soon?)

  1. (Something pink) 'Light Years Away' (Another from my wants!)
  2. (Bird gift) - A new hummingbird feeder (Much needed as mine are getting pretty old!)
  3. (Spider) 'Alter Ego' AND 'Cabaret Star' (Yaaayyyy - I got not one, but two!!!)
  4. (Angel) Daylily 'Guardian Angel'
  5. (Wearable) New garden gloves - (Well you all know how much I love getting these in my boxes!)
  6. (Double) 'Transylvanian Cocktail' AND 'Country Pride'
  7. (Plant Markers) Another substitution - Marea sent me 'Derby Bound' instead!

Now, could anyone have packed a more loving and thoughtful box than that??!!I was just so happy as I pulled out one after another of all these great daylilies. Many thank yous again My Marea. You know I love you!

Got to run for now, but will try to get back later this afternoon to catch up with everyone. Never enough time in the day!

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

It was my pleasure to share those with you, my Mary!

Forbidden Desires

I am still trying to figure out - fast - what i can send Cody that is really big, really expensive & easily packable...

Lisa, please do write us a blow-by-blow novel about the nationals!!??

Mary Ellen & MaryB - so happy to hear from both of you!

I am having to water twice a day in this dry heat. Getting quite tan & quite ready for a huge shadecloth tent over the yard! Stay cool everybody, marea

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Marea what a nice holy smokes box you sent MaryB. I can't wait until my Forbidden Desires blooms. It's just beautiful. Wow the mystery plant was a Monarda. Fancy that. I do have Monarda everywhere.

Lisa-You really got some nice daylilies at the convention.
Take lots of pictures next year when they bloom.

Gloria-glad you got the daylilies so soon. It has been so hot here. It finally rained and cooled things off yesterday.

Jean-Sent your Holy Smokes package yesterday. Don't mail mine until after the 29th. I'M GOING ON VACATION.

Some of us ladies are taking campers to Pigeon Forge Tenn and spending the week there. The men get to pull them over there but then they have to come back home. NO MEN ALLOWED. Only on the week-end. I really need this vac.
I have trained a girl all week and it is so STRESSFUL.
Driving me crazy.


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luvmybulbs(Z6 IL)

Hi all, just want to post I might be late on the holy smokes swap. I am in the mid west where we have had major storms and power outages. I have power here at work but not at home. The St. Louis are has over 500,000 people without power. It has been off and on since Wed. My power came back on yesterday morning, we had another storm hit today and it is off, just got a phone call they are shutting off the water in out town, something about the local mill has contaminated it! Sheesh! So now I get to go home and see if there is anymore storm damage!! I will get back on and let you guys know the deal. I feel for anyone else if you are in the middle of this crap!


    Bookmark   July 21, 2006 at 6:04PM
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I'm not sure how what areas they belong in, but I will try to place them ...

1. (Windchimes) Beautiful wooden windchimes!
2. (Decorative) A big green frog birdfeeder ... you put the birdfeed in his crown.
3. (Garden Mag) - One I can't remember the name of it... it is at the cottage and she sent me a bunch of older ones I was looking for. :o)
4. (Iris) - Walking Iris
5. (Daylily)- Rainbow Eyes Daylily
6. (Something dear from her garden) A Traveling Daylilies Birdhouse Gourd ... I just think this is the greatest!!!
7. (Spacecoast) Spacecoast Carnival
8. (Flower bulbs) Pregnant Onion
9. (Something Purple) - Substituted with 'Mr. Murder' by Dean Koontz?

  1. (Something pink) - Naked Lady bulbs
  2. (Bird gift) - A new hummingbird feeder. I gave up last year, but will try again with this new beautiful one!
  3. (Spider)- substituted with Daylily Meadow Sweet?
  4. (Angel) - Angel Whispers Glade Candle
  5. (Wearable)- Substituted with cute 'potted candles'?
  6. (Double) - Substituted with Daylily Clincher?
  7. (Plant Markers) - nice ones!

Debbie - hope I did a good job matching these up.
Thanks for all the goodies!

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I wanted to post a quick note to all of you~

I'm leaving the group for personal reasons.
I hope to have time to read the posts once in a while.

Debbie, I have your box almost ready to go ... I will get it out early next week.

Sorry to make you change the TD emailing list again. LOL

I'll miss you all,

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Sharon, I'm so sorry to hear you're going on hiatus for awhile. We'll all eagerly await your return. Check in every once in awhile and just say "Hi, I'm alive," okay?

My bassett hound, Maizie, died last weekend. Acute peritonitis from something she ate (a chicken bone, we're pretty sure). She threw up Friday morning, again Saturday morning. I took her to the vet at 10:30 am and she was gone two hours later before they could do emergency surgery on her. The peritonitis was diagnosed on autopsy.

Walt and I are lost without her but we both said no more pets. We have Baby Benjamin to love and we'll eventually get our balance back. It's just so very sad right now.

Sorry I've been distant. Work is busy, weather is steaming hot alternating with torential storms, then the dog--just haven't had the heart to chat.

Sounds like everyone's hanging in, that's good.


    Bookmark   July 22, 2006 at 8:40AM
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I am so sorry to hear you are leaving us. You will be sorely missed. I second what Di said. Please stop by and say Hello once in a while. And come back as soon as you get whatever it is straightened out.

I am so very sorry to hear about Maizie. I know how much you loved her. I can totally relate to the "no heart to chat" thing. Know you are in my prayers.

We lost one of our kitties this morning.(only our old girl left now) He came as a kitten, and he was nearly 8 months old. We had planned on getting him neutered,but the money just wasn't available, due to first me taking time off, and then DH heart attack. Well, now we don't have to worry about him. He is gone. He was such a sweetie, we will miss him tremendously.

It has rained all day here, and after the record high temps of this past week, a high of only 67 today is a bit difficult to adjust to.

I have been doing daylily crosses all week. Quite a few have already set pods. I am so excited.

I did one cross with you in mind. I know how much you love "blue". So I did a cross with 2 blue eyed cultivars.
We shall see what happens.You will get the first increase if any turn out great.

I have almost everything for my "HOLY SMOKE" box.Just need a couple more items and it is good to go.

Well, my little granddaughter is here, so, gotta go and play.(smiles)

Hve a great night everyone,
hugs to all,

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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

Sharon/tma, I am so sorry that you feel you need to leave the group. I have been in many different robins and groups with you, and you are such a nice person. I DO hope that sometime in the future you will come back.

Dianne, I certainly feel your pain. Those of us who have lost a dear pet know exactly what you are going through. And Jo, your kitty? Darn it all! My heart hurts for both of you ladies.

We are having cooler temps here finally. The heat and humidity broke Thursday. We have had temps in the 70's and 80's without the humidity. It's been wonderful working outside! I have finally gotten through all of my flower beds and pulled weeds so everything is looking pretty decent. FInally!

My newphew from TX is staying with my parents for a week so we(my immediate family) is getting together for lunch tomorrow then going to a waterpark. Should be a fun day!

Blessings to all of you,
Mary Ellen/Mellen

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Sharon, i'm really sorry to hear of your decision to leave our TD family.......I hope it's only temporary. I sure will miss you. I'm really sad. : (

Dianne, big hugs to you and your DH.....I'm really sorry about Maizie and I know what you are dealing with right now...wish I could take away the ache in your heart. Truly sorry for your loss.

And Jo, i'm very sad to hear about your kitty. I'm so very sorry. I think you've suffered enough losses this year and dealt with one too many hardships.

Angie, hope you are doing okay. I read about all the storm damage and power outages in yesterday's paper. Please check in as soon as you can.

Mellen, have a great time at the waterpark!

Shirley, have fun in Pigeon Forge.......I just love it there and can't wait to visit again. If you see Dolly, tell her I said HELLO! ; )

Marea, shade cloth over yard sounds good! It sure was a sticky week. Finally a little cooler here this morning.

Barb, hope you are feeling better. So sorry about your tumble. I'm really glad it wasn't worse.

Big day today......not only is it my sisters Bridal Shower, but my 12th wedding anniversary as well.

I am getting ready to head outside and cut flowers from the gardens for centerpieces on the tables, and I still have a few presents to wrap. Gotta' figure out how to scrub all this dirt off myself so I look presentable, LOL. My sis is very excited and I hope she has a wonderful time.

After the shower, DH is whisking me away to Wheeling, WV for an overnight......we took the day off work tomorrow. Gonna' go watch the sweet Greyhounds race. There is also ballroom dancing tonight, but we will probably only sit on the sidelines.

My HOLY SMOKES box will go out next week sometime.

Have a good rest of the weekend everyone,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Sharon.... you come on back girl anytime... i always enjoyed you!
Di.... oh man,,,,, I am so sorry.... nuff said sweety, i have no words..but hear me when i say i understand!

wow at the holy smoke boxes! yall are terrific!
mine are going out tuesday....

i have worked so hard today that i cant sleep... how dumb is that?

I recieved this in a email so i thought id post it for all to read...or say... or pray...
its a prayer for all the soliders...

Dear Father in Heaven, Holy is your name, we come to you in Jesus name, petitioning for your grace upon the troops that are in Iraq. We ask that you keep them in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Please help them to make it thru the weather extremes. We pray also that you will give each leader wisdom. Lead them not into temptation but deliver them from evil. Please heal the broken-hearted and encourage the downcast. Please bring this war to a quick resolution. I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen."

The part that said.. protect them as they protect us REALLY got me... so true and somehow so forgotton by some...
not us huh?

ok back to work... still listing.... if you didnt get an email from me today please email me.... hugs to all
im roasting.. its killer hot here... mercy me!

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Wow, I'm tired! Just got a new body brace fitted which is better than the old, but hurts enuf to keep me from sleeping. A few adjustments from now, it'll be fine.

Today I shipped Gloria's HOLY SMOKES! box - DC# 0305 0830 0003 2090 6322. Heavy sucker! Hope she enjoys it - I had fun!

More another time - had a routine dr. appt. today and tomorrow, all the way to the probate lawyer in my deceased friend's town, almost 3 hours away. It's a beautiful drive I always enjoy, but I'd better lie down in the van on the way or I'll be a mess at the lawyer's. I'm executor of his will, in case I didn't say so before.

Love to you all -


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Barb, lying prone for 3 hours to honor a friend! You make my heart sing!

Cody, This weekend's Moving turned into a rodeo, culminating with us loading the Harley on it's trailer at midnight last night & breaking mirrors& daylily pots, so I did NOT get your box mailed as planned. But LOOK what I found I have an extra BIRTHDAY fan of, after all, for your Box:

Ancient Wisdom

And this is my flower of the day:

Magic Amethyst

I just love Sharon & she has promised me that she will still talk daylilies with me. So she is not all that far away, just on the other side of her screen, you know...~m'

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Debbie, your Holy Smokes box was mailed today.

Paul, let me know about the next mailing of the DVD's. I've already sent the 24's on ahead.


    Bookmark   July 25, 2006 at 11:52AM
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Hi everyone.... I'm still alive... bearly. I'm slowly melting away from the heat.

Yes, please mail the dvds to the next person. Thanks.

I need to catch up on reading, etc. Also, I received my fantastic Holy Smokes swap box from Deni... I'll post about it tonight. I gotta get going on my end of the swap box, or the Holy Smokes you see will be from my butt after receiving Gloria's wrath... LOL.


    Bookmark   July 25, 2006 at 12:04PM
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First off HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAYS ALL..hope you all had a good time and cake..lots of cake..smiles

Loving all the pictures..beautifull..just beautifull.
That little red head sure is a dolly.

Now down to business...I got the box of all boxes yesterday.
I'm tellin you...WOW..I still can't believe it..its just WOW
Ok Shirley sent me most of her gardens..lol
Amy Michelle-Double
Border Sentry
Eves Forever
Frankies Fantasy-spider
Laveder Bonanza- spider
Ruth Griffin
Spacecoast Sweeteye
Wind Frills-spider
Double Decker
as if that wasn't enuff to keep anyone happy she sent more

Bearded Irises
Bubbling Angel
Chickasaw Sue
Cloud Ballet
Franch Rose
Janie Meek
Tempting Fate
Waltz across Texas
Wildcat Pajamas

Milk and Honey


Asiatic lily
Connenticut King

Oak Leaf Yellow Hibiscus--need to tell me about this one,as being in zone 4..should I put in pot and bring in house in winter? Or plant it out in the yard? Oh help...plz

Japanese iris

Louisiana Irises
Freddie Boy
Gerry Marstellar
Voodoo Rite
Winter Encore

and then
an Home interior angel...so pretty
Backyard living-garden Mag
Patriotic dishtowels and ornaments
Dragonfly Windchime--went outside instantly..lol
Metal Plant Markers,use everyone one of them already and
Purple Lavendar Soap..smell like heaven

Then she write ...hope you can use these plants..LOL
not a one did I have..to kewl..someone plz coming over and planted all of those please...smiles.
THANK YOU,THANK YOU...I'm still doing the happy dance..=)

Need alittle help here ...as I lost the tag for this one.
And I'm sure someone from D.T's sent it to me.Any ideas

Altanta Moonlight in the daisies

Chicago Voilet

This one was from Cody....Double Firecracker

Just want to share this with you all...its been putting quite the show all week

Hugs all..Jean/Dirtpig

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Sharon you will be missed, here is a pic of another seedling, I received from you, it has a ruffled edge, you sent me a variety seed pkg, I got an orange, peach and this one Angie my box may be late also, my trusty car died and it has been in the 90's here, I am a 70's girl. hugs to all stay cool carol

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Hi Everyone,

I am having a wonderful summer. It has been very busy for me as I see it has for most of you. I will tell and show you more about my summer through later posts and pictures.

Happy Birthday to our July people.

I am sorry about our member's losses. People, pets and plants:0(

Sharon, is there no way you can stay? You guys know how I am about members leaving...I hate it. Can we beg you into staying? I always feel like I did something to make people want to leave...did I? I hope my guilt complex is just working overtime...Especially since I was your partner this time. I will post when I get your box. I'm just so sad.

More later...Glad to see Canna and Jean posting.

    Bookmark   July 26, 2006 at 11:52AM
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Hi Everyone,

glad to see you are still with us. I agree with you about members needing to leave. It is always sad when they need to leave us. Sounds like you have had a really "good" summer. Can't wait to hear all about it. PICS???

Hope you are doing good. Stop by and say hi if you can.

Yeah, you ARE still with us. Please do not melt. We only have you and Cody, gotta keep our guys, ya know?

NICE seedling. Are you gonna name it with the AAHS? Hope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to fix your car. Or, are you going to have to get another one?

You are right, WOW is the word for that box of goodies.
Can't help you with your daylily ID, sorry.

LOVE that Magic Amethyst. Ok, please explain "rodeo". You have my curiosity piqued.

Hope you adjust to your new brace quickly. Hope the drive goes quickly for you, and your time with the attorney is as easy as possible. hugs! Had to close accounts and do the attorney thing after my mom passed, not an easy thing to do. My thoughts and prayers are with you still.

THANK YOU for the prayer for the military. They so need us to be there for them. Wish I could give each and every one of them a hug, and a "thank you".

How did the shower go? And hope you had a blast on your mini vacation.

Hope you are doing better after the bad storms. Keeping you in prayers.

Did you get to meet Dolly? Hope you had a ton of fun.

Mary Ellen,
Did you have a blast at the Waterpark? Hope so.

Thinking of you. Give little Benjamin a hug for me.Love ya,

I went back to work yesterday. Wow, things have changed in 4 months. It is a bit of an adjustment, just being a regular associate, after 6 years of being a manager. But, I LIKE IT!!! ,No doors to unlock, and packages to sign in, no paperwork to do constantly, no decisions to be made, no deadlines to meet, no keeping an eye on all of the workers and making sure they are doing their jobs, no reprimmands to give out, no having to make grouchy customers happy. I get to turn all of that over to one of the managers. AND, no more 55-60 hours a week away from home. YIPPEE!!! So, I get to be home and work in my gardens, and do crafts. I will actually get to use the thousands of craft items and fabrics in my sewing/craft room now. I am soooo happy.
It is going to be a big adjustment for all of the other managers as well. While I was working yesterday, the manager on duty was on the phone, and the back door rang for a delivery, she looked at me, and i just smiled and shrugged my shoulders, "NO KEYS". After she got off the phone and brought in the delivery, she came back out and grinned at me and said "You are really gonna be a pain in the a** aren't you?" I just grinned back and said "Who Me?"
Yes, I am definitely gonna like being a part timer instead of a manager.
Well, best get moving, gotta start dinner. Our turn to fix dinner for everyone(we all take turns), we are all going to SIL pool. Have to be there at 4.

Hope I didn't miss anyone,
hugs to all,

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Can someone finish up this thread and start a new one so I can post about my Holy Smokes box from Deni? I don't want my post to get buried down here :-).


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Okay Paul....here ya' go.....

Why do you whisper in the garden????

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

    Bookmark   July 27, 2006 at 2:54PM
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