Dracena Plant Dropping Leaves

psgsgarden(6)October 10, 2008

I have a Dracena plant that is about 7'tall which in the past 10 months has been continually dropping his/her leaves...(Most of the exisiting leaves are pale green with browned edges),but still producing some leaves......

..The plant was originally in a more shaded 1-window space when it started dropping leaves persistently,so about 5 months ago I moved it to a corner 2-window sunnier lighted area..he/she then started losing his/her color and is dropping 2X more leaves...(he/she has been fertilized,and watered regularly)....

He/She was a Healthy, Brilliant Dark Green Leaf Plant when he/she was purchased 12 months ago..and now he/she is a very SAD :( Dracena.....

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The browned edges could be from too much salt build up in the soil. In which case it needs to be repotted.

Or it could be too dry in the house for it. These plants love humidity. And now that the weather is cooling and heat coming on the air is likely much drier in the house than is was a few months ago.

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Is there water collecting in a saucer? If so, get rid of the drained water immediately and prop up the pot so it never sits in drained water again.

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