Coffee Trees Suffering from Chlorosis, help?

abingenuiOctober 12, 2013

So I have eight or so coffee trees in clay pots, currently indoors in a west facing window. They have some supplementary lighting for when the days grow short (zone 6). They were doing fantastic all summer long with dark green growth, however I have come to a point where all of them are exhibiting signs of chlorosis. The worst case has its image uploaded. The soil is slightly acidic; I use a potting mix of peat and cactus soil. I water as frequently as the soil becomes dry. Everything points to an iron deficiency, but I hear that soils are typically naturally rich in iron.

Help? Ideas? I'd hate to see my coffee army slowly wither and die.

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that is an iron deficiency. coffee trees pull nutrients out of potting mix rapidly. I had a similar for coffee tree nutrient deficiency pics. T^he College of tropical agriculture at the university of hawaii has lots on growing coffee. Jim. PS, looking at the picture closer, leaves right center appear to be bronzing on the edges, that shows they need calcium. Use gypsum, not lime as it won't raise the ph.Jim

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