farang9November 14, 2008

I have a couple of these pretty vines (one pink, one white) which I bought on teh basis of their supposedly richfragrance. However, neither of them shows any sign of a sweet (or any other) smell) and I am wondering if I have unfortunately got a species with no smell.

If anyone can suggest where I might get seeds of a genuinely fragrant form, I would be grateful. I have, after all, no problem with growing tropical plants - I live in Thailand!

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I have had mandevillas here in Georgia and also in San Diego and I do not recall any of them having any significant fragrance. The hummingbirds do love them however as well as bees.

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Mandevilla laxa or M. suaveolens (seems to be some dispute about the correct name) is certainly recorded as having a scent, variously described as strong and gardenia-like or faintly almondy!

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