Is this plant dead?

gardnerntrainingNovember 13, 2009

Here is a picture.

Its a bird of paradise I believe. I would have thrown it away months ago if it didnt have sentimental value(my aunt gave it me 6yrs ago). Problems started after a fertilizer ruined it. Now the main stem is rotted, and in the pic is not standing upright anymore, instead is bent over backward. There are two smaller stems on either side that don't seem to be affected. There are no leaves.

I did rinse the roots and repotted in a cactus soil/perlite. I only water every 10days or so and have had it in the shade every since the fertilizer burn.

Is it too late...what else can I do? I have pretty much had it with this plant.

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No, it looks as if it didn't get enough water and went dormant. Cut off the brown leaves and let it rest. Then you can begin to water it again when you see the first re-growth of foliage.

What climate zone are you it? If you are in zone 8 or higher, plant it in the ground - it will grow much better there. Plants were not meant to be grown in containers!

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I am in SoCal problem is I live in apartments and can not plant in the groud. I would be willing to pay some one to get this plant healthy but do not know of anyone. Any one in SoCal here that can help me?

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You might be better off asking for a friend or relative to plant it for you. These plants need alot of light to grow happily and do best outside. Theres still hope though. If the roots are still alive it will come back. If you do give it to someone to plant outside make sure you tell them to give it alot of water. California can get very dry sometimes, and this plant will need alot of moisture until it starts growing rapidly and healthy again.

Good luck

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Garden, why do you think your Bird has fertilzer root burn? How much and what type of fertlizer did you use? If you tend to over-fertilize, perhaps you should start using organic...Fish Emulsion, etc.

Since your Bird has green growth, it's still alive. I really don't think 'you've had it' with this plant, a plant your aunt gave you, otherwise you wouldn't be here asking if it can be saved... :)

What part of your plant rotted? It sounds more like the soil was staying too wet. What size is its container?

For the time being, I'd place it in the sunniest window. Withhold fertilizer and water only when soil is dry. Remove dead growth.
Birds need sun, some humidity, and fresh air..if it's warm in Ca, open a window or run a fan for air circulation.

I think with proper care your Bird will do fine, but it's going to take effort and time. Good luck, Toni

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Planting it in the ground at a family members house is not an option. This plant has always been an outside container plant, no plans of putting it indoors and no place for it. I used a fertilizer that seemed like pebbles/rocks and then all my leaves started turning brown. I fertilized it twice about 8 weeks apart. It is in a large and deep container about 22" wide and about the same or more deep. The center stalk that was rotted, I pulled on it and it came out. It was soggy and brown, now there is a hole in that stem area. There are only 2 short stalks on either side that and those have brown tips. I havent cut the tips because they will keep browning since there are no leaves on it.

So you think there is still a chance?

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Garden, I hope we're looking at the same you check the pic you posted? I'm seeing what looks like two small, leafless stems in a 6" pot.
Is that the picture you posted? Toni

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Garden, I looked at the picture again..the pot looks larger than 6"..Sorry.
When I said leafless I should have said, brown/dead foliage.
Obviously, the plant in the pic is a Bird/Stelitzia, in the Banana/Musa family..which Stelitizias are.
I believe your Bird can be saved, but it's going to take time. Toni

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