indoor, 20 foot, low light plant

antbeez6November 16, 2008

I have a space that I would like to fill in the house. It is roughly 20 feet tall, 4-5 feet wide and deep, and it has low light levels. Any suggestions?

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Dracaenae "cornplant" or "Janet Craig". Or Ficus lyrata,F.elastica.I've seen them all that tall-and with the top leaves coated in dust as unreachable....

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Thanks for your reply. Any others?

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One idea is a moss filled wire pole( a tree trunk look) and Philodendron vine. I have had them grow that much under brighter than average window light-but not that intense as a skylight or room with multiple windows.It still grew fast.

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Thats an idea. I was looking at some sort of aroid that had big, velvety leaves, but I don't know much about it/them and the different varieties. I have a variegated monstera, but it is probably too slow growing for me to tolerate the sarcastic remarks on a beautiful moss pole. I thought about timor black bamboo (is it bambusa lako?). The contrast of the black culms with the green foliage would look nice, but after I spent the $ for the monstera....anyway, I don't know much about bamboo as it is. The space in question is white walls with orange-ish (?) hardwood floors next to a black piano and a blue leather chair. Let me know if you have any other ideas. Thanks for the help.

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True bamboo will not grow indoors. You would waste your money and time finding that out. If you like that look,then one of the Chaemedorea palm species that grow large could work. Something Like C. tepejilote can grow huge. Those are the kind of plants you would have to search online for and most likely growth would take years and years to equal the Ficus and Philodendrons indoors.

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try the moss pole with swiss cheese plant growing up it. it will definitely grow up to fill the space, and it has relatively large leaves since you mentioned that you like aroids. do a google search on it since i don't have any photos.

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