Seedless Tomato

rich_oh_gw McIntyre(z5OH)March 12, 2012

Has anyone grown seedless tomatoes. In the Burpee catalog there is Sweet Seedless Hybrid,$5.95 for a packet (10seeds).

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"If they're seedless, how did they send you a pack of seeds for them?"

Yeah yeah, I know, seedless plants are sterile hybrids that do grow from seeds themselves. Stop ruining my joke/fun. =P

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

I haven't grown it myself and don't intend to but I have seen cut cross sections of the fruits and they do have a few mature seeds when the fruits are ripe as one would suspect if it were a parthenocarpic variety.

Such varieties can set fruits in the absence of pollination and can be useful in areas where the Springs are too cool to allow for fruit set the normal way. Dr. Baggett of Oregon State has bred many of them for the PNW.

Early in the season you see just no seeds or shreds of white immature seeds and then only later do you see some mature seeds.

You can accomplish the same thing by spraying with the product Blossom Set which does induce partheocarpy.

But there's a downside as well since such fruits that form withut normal pollination can be misshapen and mealy.


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rich_oh_gw McIntyre(z5OH)

Thank you Carolyn;
The reason I was interested, my wife cannot eat any fruit with seeds.`
I will stay with the regular varieties and take the seeds out.

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If your looking for a variety with few seeds give Ashleigh a try. Red beefsteak, excellent flavor with fruits averaging over a pound. The first eight fruits off the vine when I grew it were all over a pound with a total seed count of 15!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ashleigh

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Good idea Ami, on Ashleigh or any other dense fleshed beefsteak variety, or for that matter almost any heart variety as well.

Rich, just a bit of a personal comment here about your wife being told to not eat any small seeds. And this situation has come up here at GW many times.That used to be the case with regard to some intestinal problems that they thought were due to small seeds getting caught in the pouches of the GI tract, but is no longer true.

So you can Google the diagnosis that your wife has been given to check that out. And after that she might want to consider a consultation with a differesnt gastroenterologist.

Carolyn, who has some, ahem, knowledge of these things.

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