Help! How to Overwinter these Non- Hardy Plants, Tubers, Bulbs?

arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)November 16, 2012

After a few years of container growing non hardy plants, I have finally organized my huge question of how to winter store the plants I cannot leave outside in my z.5 garden. PLEASE let me know anything

you can! and thx so much



1)-- Leave in situ planted in Glazed Pots, on Risers or pedestals (covered w/ plastic shrub covers)

2)--Open Screen Porch

3)- Bury Plastic Pots in Ground Trench

4)--Shed w/ small skylight, under Mature Hemlock

5)- Tiny Cellar 60 degrees , no windows

6)- Steps under Hurricane Door leading to Cellar Door

7)- South Facing House Plant Room w/wall of windows, skylights; open to living room, 65-70 degrees;

Filled w/ pots of Amaryllis, Xmas Cactus, Queen's Tears, Ferns , so window space is precious



(And Do They Need Water; how often?):

Pilea- Aluminum plant

Breynia- Snowbush

Pennesetum Villosum

Oxalis Cabernet

Dahlia ( can I leave planted in glazed pots and store in cellar?)

Taro ( can I leave planted in glazed pots? cellar or plant room? )

Colacasia ( """""" )

Alocasia ( """" )


Clematis w/ tulips, allium, in glazed pots

Cissus Discolor

Begonia Rex (leave in soil in pots and let dry and go dormant in cellar?)

Tuberous Begonia (leave in soil in pots in cellar, let go dormant?)

Glazed or Plastic Pots Planted With Tulips,Hyacinthoides and Allium

Glazed or Plastic Pots Planted With Lilies , Allium, Tulips



Brugmansias -are stored in cellar, planted in glazed pots

Cannas -are stored in cellar,planted in plastic pots.

Abutilon - are transplanted into plastic pots in plant room

Ppl Wandering Jew- transplanted into plastic pots, in Plant Room


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the tubers and bulbs you can bury in ground and a thick layer of mulch on top, or stored in cellar in pots of soil.

other plants can be stored in your plant room or anywhere in the house; you can easily set up some artificial lighting.

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I wouldnt leave any of those bulbs/tuber in ground in zone 5 dig them all and store them in paper bags in a dark place. that cellar sounds good for them. even in a bucket covered with a paper bag will be fine. give them a slight mist in maybe feb to keep them moist and replant

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I store tender bulbs in bags of peat and keep them cool, not cold. Tropical and sub tropical plants are stored in a heated greenhouse or grow room with HID and T5 lights. Even though my GH and indoor plants are warm and well lit I significantly reduce the amount they are watered. Dormant plants like brugs, plumerias and adeniums get a small amount of water every 6 weeks or so, if at all.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

here here!

lets here it for the cellar!

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

here here!

lets hear it for the cellar!

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