Cherimoya from seed with 1st and only flower

tydiggy0628May 28, 2014

Woohoo! My cherimoya finally has its first flower about 2 months ago after 4-5 years (from seed). It took a few weeks for the flower to be at the female stage. using a pollen from a full grown cherimoya tree, i hand pollinated that flower and guess what? look...success!!! i am really excited to see how big the fruit will get and to see how it taste like. i will post some more pics once it starts to grow bigger.

bad thing is, so far, it is the only flower that the tree produces. i am hoping that it can produce more flowers so that i can get more fruits. anyone know what i can do to get more flowers?

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Congratulations!!! It's a Boy!!! Really it's a fruit, not flower. It looks so healthy I would bet it will stay and you will have a delicious one in October.

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Nice, how big is the tree at that age?

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i think it has been 4-5 years. the fruit is getting slightly bigger now. i am just wondering what i can do to get the tree to produce more flowers!

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One fruit is not enough and now you want more?

Ok here I would do: just before a new grow flush after the cold Winter, cut off about 6" the tip of all horizontal and pointed down branches and strip off all the leaves. Cut off all the vertical branches since they rarely produce any flowers and fruits. The tree will send out tons of flowers in the Spring.

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Thanks sapote, i will try that next time around Feb/Mar. do u have any pics of your tree? Please share

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