Random pics 5/2010

mango_kushMay 27, 2010

Kampong Mauve Sugar Apple

Bangkok Lemon seedling, Cheena is behind it

Monkey Pot, Lecythis minor

if anyone has more info about this tree such as soil and cold tolerance let me know, its kinda rare

Started a Bonsai collection


lemon bay rum rooting over a limestone rock

Desert Rose and guest


Japanese Juniper

ill probably post some more progress pics of my other tropicals in this thread this weekend

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Love the Pics. Your Kampong Mauve tree looks great. Mine is just coming out of dormancy and flowering. Did you do anything special like hand pollination? Or do they pretty much do their thing on their own?

Thanks for sharing the great pics!


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ch3rri(z6 PA)

You got a nice size Kampong Mauve tree. Why is the fruit not mauve color? I thought it have to be mauve from small to large. Very interesting if it just turn mauve color only when it's mature. Is it the grafted tree?

That Bangkok Lemon jakfruit is just too tall. Any plan on pruning to let it branch out at the lower end? This way it will be easier for picking the fruit, and more branches for fruits.

Keep posting please. I enjoy looking at pictures.

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Andrew Scott

Nice Pics,
What is the Monkey Pot? I have never heard of it before. Nice pics. I like that Desert Rose! Your sugar apple looks really nice! How is the fruit flavor? I am hoping to try these this summer when we go back down to Florida in August.

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I did not hand pollinate it, its still growing so i really dont want to induce fruit. the two fruit i got last year were mummified

they change from a yellowish green, green, pink to purple in color. they start glowing in between the bumps when ripe
this pic courtesy of gcmastiffs:

Lecythis Minor, Monkey Pot nut, Paradise nut, Sapuca nut, this is a smaller version of Lecythis pisonis

this is the larger version, 100+ ft tall Lecythis pisonis

they are supposed to have an excellent flavor fresh, high in oil like Brazil nut
like Brazil nuts they are upper story trees in the Rain forest. they spill nuts onto the floor. its called Monkey Pot because a greedy monkey will get his hand caught in the pot while grabbing the nuts inside. the bark is also ornamental and can be used for cigarrette paper

i just hope it isnt too tropical for down here

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

The monkey nut is interesting. The inside nuts look like walnut in larger form.

The mauve sugar apple is just so beautiful. Too bad it's not as chewy or I'll get a tree. I am planting some seeds but I doubt they will produce mauve fruit. They have to be grafted, right? My nam doc mai and carrie should be here tomorrow. So excited! I aslo ordered 2 boxes of cherimoya...hehe. Will be here tomorrow too.

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Although I have come across the monkey pot tree while browsing through online tree descriptions, I really never paid it much mind.

But after your post, now I know I want one lol. I got curious and read up on them. heck just for that funky pod alone it would be worth it. the flowers look pretty and the nuts are supposed to be great tasting.

Only negative I see is they are slow growing, oh well better late than never. now all I have to do is find some seeds...

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Did some more research on the monkey pot nuts.

One source I found states that Lecythis elliptica is the same as Lecythis minor.

This report in spanish, was a study done to find any commercial viability of the nuts.

Their concern was, that natives did not eat them often, according to them, if they eat too many, their hair falls out, ( also finger nails ).

The conclusion of the report is, that the nuts are very high in selenium. and eating a pound of nuts over a week, can cause symptoms above.

I guess a few would actually be good for you.

I read an article long ago, that stated that Florida suffers from a lack of selenium in the soil. so maybe the nuts would have a lower concentration??

Brazil Nuts are also high in Selenium also.

Interesting thing though is that the nuts are high in oil, and the oil itself has no selenium. which was considered marketable by the report.

here is the pdf link, its in spanish.


I found a source for seeds in Puerto Rico, the seeds are available May, Aug, and Sept. from Govardhan Gardens.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

AWESOME pictures Mangokush!! Thanks for posting! Love your bonsai and the monkey pot Veru cool! I've not heard of this one before.

Here's my Desert Rose...I also have a small(bonsai one)

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tropicdude, thats good to know, my hair is already a lost cause but i do enjoy having fingernails.

im not too worried, to be honest i can not eat alot of nuts in one sitting like i can mangos for example. maybe a handful and im done.

some good info

Selenium salts are toxic in large amounts, but trace amounts of the element are necessary for cellular function in most, if not all, animals, forming the active center of the enzymes glutathione peroxidase and thioredoxin reductase (which indirectly reduce certain oxidized molecules in animals and some plants) and three known deiodinase enzymes (which convert one thyroid hormone to another). Selenium requirements in plants differ by species, with some plants apparently requiring none

Here is a link that might be useful: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selenium

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Coconut, Monstera Delicosa, Miracle fruit in container

Variegated Vanilla Orchid

Cheena Jackfruit

Rabbit foot fern

Polyalthia longifolia var. pendula, Asoka mast

Fuyu Persimmon, training to be an informal upright Bonsai

Hawaiian Gold bamboo

Alano Sapodilla

sunshine blue and sharp blueberries

watering the Jaboticaba

Sweetheart Lychee


Dwarf Cavendish, Siam Ruby in the front. the back corner is Musa velutina. the black colocasia is "black magic"

Ice Cream banana

muesella lasiocarpa on the right, to the left of it is alocasia california and siam ruby. the small ones are calladiums

Manzano apple banana has beautiful pink lining on its leaves


temple orange i might just bonsai, the bugs have kept it really trim. this and the flame grapefruit ive given up on, my other varieties do better

the flame is the twig, its getting replaced by the HB pumello in the small pot, behind that is Duncan grapefruit

Samboken lemon

meyer lemon front left, variegated lemon front right, key lime rear

Meiwa kumquat budding

thanks for looking!

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uh...you may want to move in at Harry's with all of those plants.

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lol, im going to try my best to keep those bananas confined to that corner and thin whichever ones grow more vigorous.
inevitably its going to get out of control and i will need the machete to read my electric meter

everything in my yard is still juvenile but its all spaced at least 10 foot apart in the ground. in a small dooryard setting you can pay more attention to detail and pruning.
some may still consider it overgrown but to me it will be paradise.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Quite the selection of trees/plants. Thanks for the pictures. I think you'll be fine....except for the bananas. They will over grow the area provided. Fast forward about 5 or so years.....you'll have a banana jungle. Actually, they can be controlled to 4-5 pseudostems per mat of bananas. But it does take some work and keeping up with. Mine got totally out of hand. Best of luck with yours.


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i have a sharp forged shovel,
i like bananas because they are easy to trade locally on craigslist or daves garden

im actually considering moving the three edibles Dwarf Cavendish, Manzano, and Ice Cream in a different corner and leave the other ones that are ornamental there with the elephant ears.

here are what the three ornamental look like in bloom:


Siam Ruby

ok that ones not in bloom, its really rare that it fruits and i dont think the fruit are eatable

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Bryan, you're missing couple atemoya, mango, caimito, soursop, and starfruit trees...lol. If you have more room, you should add in the santol and rambutan. I think more longan and lychee is good too...hehehe.

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Evcerything looks really good, the Desert rose is awesome. Your only 20 miles from me yet our plants seem to be on different calendars. My Alano sapodilla just started blooming within the last few weeks.

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yaslan(8 WA state)

Great looking plants. Love the bananas, alocasia (or colocasia?).

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Wow, that is nice collection of plants! Looks like they are doing well too- good job!

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yaslan, i have both. the difference is Alocasias leaves can be upright, like a spear. Alocasia California is on the far right side of this pic, you can only see one leaf, but can tell its like a tip and does not hang.
Colocasia is the large green one on the far left, and the purple one. notice how there leaves hang down.
thats the largest black magic will get, eventually the bananas will grow taller and it will fill in the bottom, its a "runner" and follows water
the small pink and white ones are caladium bulbs
i also have some heliconia cuttings buried in there, lol.

nice thing about bananas is they are not like trees and will grow and bloom in one year with alot of water.

swrancher, sometimes microclimates and different fertilizing plays a part, Harrys Alanos are way ahead of mine.

ch3rri, if you click on my name it will take you to my page with a list of the anonas i am growing. no caimito.
i got rid of my starfruit, too bland. the town used them to replace citrus trees they cut them down in canker areas, they are common down here they arent as exciting as the other things i grow. maybe if i cant find a really, really sweet one i will make it into a large bonsai, they are very ornate when pruned.
Rambutan is very difficult to grow here, we grow lychees instead, usually its one or the other.
i hate to prune my Bangkok Lemon, i may have to one day. it gets very large fruit so i want it to be a larger tree. they really make beautiful symmetrical trees, especially from seed. ill take some pics of the other trees soon.

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nice collection MK,
I do like the black magic, black is such an uncommon color in the garden. It will be interesting to look back at these photos in 10yrs.

Wow Pug, what a color explosion.


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yaslan(8 WA state)

mango kush, is your yellow flowered ornamental banana the same as the Banana : Musa lasiocarpa (Chinese Yellow Banana)? I was doing some research online and came across this Chinese Yellow Banana that looks very much like yours.
'An unusual dwarf hardy banana reputed to be able to take temperatures as low as -10C (14F). This banana has exotic leaves followed by a yellow globular flower, once established. Plant in sun or partial shade outdoors or indoors in containers.'

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Yaslan: yes thats the exact one only its not a Musa, it actually has its own Genus; Muesella lasiocarpa. there is a debate whether there is more than one species in this Genus, they are all so similar and Bananas can become so variable though.

red sea me: they are actually a very dark purple, the leaves unfold green and turn darker in the sun, in the shade they actually are green on the underside and translucent purple on the front

heres what Musa daysacarpa (M. velutina) looks like in bloom since the original pic i posted didnt show. its the on in the corner

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yaslan(8 WA state)

I didn't know this particular species has its own Genus! Thanks for sharing this very interesting piece of info. ( :

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Hello ,
Read that someone might have yellow Jaboticaba seed and wonder If you would consider parting with a few seeds

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