Strelitzia reginae

ourarkaNovember 24, 2012

Hi, just hoping for some advice from people who know this plant well. I am based on the coast in the southeast UK and have a fairly large Streltzia reginae in a pot in my conservatory. It is healthy but doesn't quite look right there and I had wanted ideas to fill this pot outside. I am hoping to kill two birds with one stone by moving it but Just wondered if a Strelitzia reg. would work in this pot, as the palm is now deceased!!

I assume, from various threads, that it probably would not make the winter (even on the south coast) but as the outside pot is way too heavy to move in the winter, I was thinking of sinking the current potted Strelitzia in to it .... and removing again once the frosts come? The area is in full sun pretty much all day, which I hear encourages blooming?

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Strelitzia reginae isn't a tropical plant, it's temperate, from South Africa. It would probably be a good idea to check around your area, or local nurseries, to see if you can grow it there. Save you a lot of lugging around. I know there are lots of people growing it Melbourne where there's frosts and it still does well.

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Thanks, and sorry for the misposting. I know it definitely is grown outside in the southern UK, but with winter protection. I'll try posting on the correct forum!!

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It's no great hassle really. Many of the forums here are pretty much 'dead' so people often post where they see most 'traffic'. The best forum here ideally would have been the South African Natives one, but you might be waiting a year or two for a response. That's why I was thinking your local nurseries would produce quicker advice.

Your palm looks like some kind of Phoenix. If it's a Canary Island Date and died from cold then the Strelitzia would be a goner too. But anyway, good luck with it.

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Yes, the Phoenix died last winter which was exceptionally cold. However, I overestimated its hardiness and wouldn't subject a Streltzia to the same.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I grow both the orange and the white in the ground. They have survived temps down to 27 for short periods .
of course being in a pot would make it more susceptible to cold.. I think full sun is necessary to get reliable flowers If you can protect it from temps below 32 you should have no problem.

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