Billbergia brasiliensis seed pods

karyn1(7a)November 23, 2012

This is a repost from a few days ago from the bromeliad forum. No responses there so I'm hoping that someone here can answer this for me.

"Hi. I have a Billbergia brasiliensis that has several seed pods. They've been developing for about 4 months but aren't yet ripe. I've opened a couple pods over the past few weeks and the seeds are a light orange color and sticky. When allowed to dry they've just shriveled up. How can you tell when a pod is ripe? TIA"

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Karyn, because I love you, I did some research and came up with this information - hope it helps:

Billbergia produces seed berries. They remain the
same color in most instances. Some, such as Billbergia
viridiflora, will change color. When the berries
become soft to the touch (perhaps I should say
squeeze) and remove easily, the seeds are ready to

Here is a link that might be useful: Billbergia seed pod harvesting

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Thank you so much for the info. I looked online and couldn't find anything. Now I just wish the damn things would ripen. The pods are still rock hard. Do you want any seed when they're ripe? I'll have loads of them. It's a beautiful brome when in bloom and the foliage isn't bad though I'm not the biggest brome fan. It doesn't get as messy looking as some of the others.

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Thanks, Karen, but I have one of these - it hasn't set in pods, though.

Have you thought of/tried putting the seeds in a small paper bag (still on the plant)and put a cut apple in the bag with it? Ripening fruit releases ethylene gas, which hastens ripening fruits/seeds.

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The stem is long and the weight of the apple might break it. It's just sitting in the GH with everything else. I shouldn't be so impatient for the seeds to ripen anyway because I don't plan on starting any seeds or cuttings for several months.

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Karyn, get a plastic bag, such as a newspaper comes in. Drop the cut apple in the bottom, rest it on something to relieve the stress on the stem, put the seed-bearing limb in the bag and lightly tie it shut.

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If the pods haven't ripened by the end of Feb I'll give it a try. I won't be starting seeds until early spring.

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Let us know your success!

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Somebody did a good job waiting til they were just ripe because, all of em germinated!

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