Poinsetta damage - leaves

jody(7b - NC)November 15, 2008

I had two big poinsettas on the deck all summer. One of them I've had three years, the other only since last Christmas. Now that I have them indoors they are shedding leaves. The leaves curl, change color and then fall off. The spine of the damaged leaves have what look like little sand grains. Egg cases I would assume. Anyone who can give me an idea about what is causing the damage and a methodolgy for dealing with it, I'd be grateful. These two poinsettas will have red leaves by Christmas if I can keep them out of trouble.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Jody,

I also have a few poinsettias ranging from 1-3 years old, not saying this is what might be the problem with yours, not seeing it...hard to tell. But mid summer one of mine was infested with mealies/aphids, one of them? I am always getting them mixed up,lol...I sprayed mine with a little neem oil mixed with a couple of drops of ivory soap. I sprayed the leaves on both side real well and kept it in the shade for a couple of days, I live in FL, so mine is ourside 95% of the time. But be warned...the leaves did end up browing, so I went ahead and trimmed all the leaves off and hoped it would re-grow...which it did. But since yours is so close to winter, I wouldn't suggest doing it now. Maybe you can spray with a very mild ivory soap/water solution, wait a few minutes and rinse the leaves very well with plain water to remove the excess soap. But this is no guarantee that the leaves will not be damanged or fall off? Maybe others will have a better solution...good luck with yours!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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did you suddenly move them indoors to lower light levels without acclimating them. the sudden change in light can make the leaves fall. it's like sunburned leaves but the reverse. adjusting them to life indoors over 1-2 weeks is ideal to prevent leaf drop.

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