Ficus religiosa (Sacred Tree of India)

subtropixNovember 6, 2010

I've had a Ficus religiosa for several years now. It tends to drop its leaves in the winter even indoors--but this may be due to missed waterings and low humidity. Anyway, I have it inside now and it's in a fairly humid position (bright basement next to a fish tank, sink, and washing machine. It still has all its leaves and looks very lush. My question is, will this tree keep its leaves all winter if conditions are to its liking or will its deciduous/semi-deciduous nature still cause it to drop its leaves in the winter (indoor growing season). Thanks in advance.

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Its always been deciduous for me as a potted plant outdoors in the SF bay area. Slow growing here because in a pot in sun it burns,in part shade it grows slow. A more delicate Ficus than most,fussy.

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