Philippine Plant ID

kaktuskrisNovember 3, 2013

This plant is growing in the southern Philippines. The plant looks familiar to me in a much smaller size, but can't remember what it is. Anyway, this is the largest one I have seen. Any ideas? Thanks.


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Commonly called Dragon Tree, it's a species of Dracaena, probably D. draco. They get up to about 10 or more metres tall.

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Ah, I was thinking maybe a Dracaena, thanks for the confirmation!


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Dracaena but definitely not D. drago...

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That's a really big- huge,D. marginata. The same houseplant that takes dim light all over America.
In soucal and Florida they reach a good size. In the bay area I've seen some so far about the size of a large branch on the pictured plant outdoors.

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