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compostworm5(9)May 8, 2010

What do you think of this? I always look for the best in my plant care, especially my fert. regiment. I read this the other day on making your own organic fert. Here it is: 1/2 part Kelp Meal, 1 part Bone Meal, 1/2 part Dolomitic Lime, 4 parts Soybean Meal, 1/2 Agricultural Lime or 1/4 part gypsum. Does anybody see potential with this mix? What are your thoughts? How many of you out there use kelp and where can you buy this stuff in a sizeable amounts? I have the maxi crop liquid seaweed, but I think the stuff is crap.

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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

2 things, first, this is all stuff you have to buy at the store. I much prefer a simple regimen of mulch from free sources. Mulch offers all the elements that mix does and the added advantages of keeping the soil cool, buffering water from wet to dry between waterings, development of positive soil structure, and biological factors, just to name a few. If your soil is VERY deficient, you could add the lime or gypsum with the mulch, but it probably will not be necessary unless, again, your soil is really short. The mulch, as it decomposes, will bring the soil closer to PH balance and release minerals that are not available without mulch, so often lime and gypsum are not needed.
second, if you do choose to do a mix like this, I definitely don't like bone meal (or blood meal) in the mix as these can cause health hazards. Also, the soy bean meal could be replaced with something free, like coffee grounds from Starbucks or the church social.

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