Night flowering jasmine in containers

carolinmex(11)November 26, 2012

I want to put the night flowering jasmine in containers to grow up a fence on the side of my patio. What size container should I use?

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Just pass by and saw your post. Are you mean the Night Bloom Jasmine ? My neighbor has one in 5 gal pot for 15 years. Heavily root bounded but it flowers every year. I have new cutting in 1 gal pot this spring . The plant is about 4' tall now. So it depends on how large plant you have and how often you want to repot it. It grows pretty fast.

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This helps...thank you!!!!

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meixue(10 CA, Bay Area)

These plants really do well and grow when they are super root bound. I had mine in a 5 gallon container and it still got as tall as me at 5 ft 6.
I think it you want nice and full and bushier maybe a bigger pot? Thing is mine lose leaves every year so looks kind of scraggly.

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