Bat Flower seeds

daniellalellNovember 7, 2007

My hubby just surprised me and ordered some Bat Flower seeds for me. I will be recieving them in the mail soon. Supposedly they are fresh. I have never grown Bat Flowers before, and from everything I read when I googled it, it seems pretty hard. I am just wondering how hard it is and for any of you all who have tried, how did it go? I think they are so cool lookin and really want as many as possible to make it, I am getting 20 seeds. How was the success rate? I would love to hear from as many of you as possible.



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bihai(zone 9)

The one time I actually took the seeds off of one of my bat plants and planted them, none grew. Then, behind my back, some plants threw off a bunch of seeds, and they germinated without my knowledge, and suddenly about 10 baby plants sprang up. Go figure! (These were black bats, my white bats have never set seed)

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Mine are supposedly from a Purple Bat Flower, which I googled and only the white and black came up, so I am wondering whats up with that. I read that the Bat seeds can take 1-9 months to germinate under 80-90 degree temps. Are you sure your babies weren't from your planting?
Were the babies easy to take care of?
Do you have your bats inside or out?

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I also bought some seeds and tried growing them. I had them on a heating pad for about a month and gave up. It says it could take up to 9 months for them to germinate and I wasn't about to keep the heating pad on for that long. I finally bought a Bat Plant at WalMart for $16.00!

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lmao regine! I feel like I have already started a losing battle and I don't even have the seeds yet! But, I have to try. Hubby was thoughtfull enuf to get them for me just when i casually mentioned the plants were so cool. I dont wanna keep em on heating pad for 9 months either! If they dont take by spring, Maybe I'll look for a bat plant and say, "hey look the seeds grew!!" lol! The seeds were an "I'm sorry" gift so I have to do give it a shot.
Is the full grown plant easy to take care of?

I'd still like to hear more experiences tho!!

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It took 5 to 8 months on a seed mat for my bat flower seeds to germinate. I'd planted both the black and white varieties and am not sure which ones sprouted, maybe both? Unfortunately after all that I lost them to damping off : (


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O NO!! I'm so sorry to hear that! That really sux :(
I hadn't even thought about damping off!!! AAHHHH!!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

My experience with the seeds has been similar to the others. Somebody has figured out how to germinate them
as they've been popping up at HD for under 7 bucks in flower lol. There is at least 15 species in this family but the black and white are about all you can find. I did have a green type for a long time but lost it about a year ago. gary

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I just with that my local HD's would carry interesting plants. The HD's and other big box stores in this area have slim pickings, especially of tropical plants.

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Daniella, you might try scarifying the seeds and soaking them before putting them in your soil. Find a warm spot in your house such as the top of a refrigerator and maybe you won't need the heating pad. There is a "baggie" method for growing seeds and maybe that will help you. Check out the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Baggie Method

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I have never seen these at my HD's or Lowes. Maybe they get bought up so fast in the spring, I just don't dont get there fast enough.

Thank you so much regine, I think I'll try that. If only those seeds would get here so I can start, lol. I am going to start my Bird Of Paradise seeds tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

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FshyPlnts(5, 6)

I am looking for white bat flower seeds? have anyone bought them from a reliable source? How did they work for you? I have been doing propagation for a while now for the college I attend, so I have good background in seed starting, and have a lot of equipment at my disposal. All this to ask, what the ABSOLUTE best way to germinate these seeds? Regine mentions scarifying the seeds, should this be done physically or would acid work as well? Also, do the seeds need to be stratified and incubated at all prior to germination? Thanks so much for all the help everyone!

Here is a link that might be useful: Envi Sci and Fishy Plants

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neil.2353(North Australia)

My black bat flower has been flowering for about 3 years now, but i don't know where the seeds are. Can anyone help?
My white one is just growing it's first flower stalk.

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

I read that the seeds develop in pods which drop quickly. Maybe you're just missing them?

If one doesn't want to run a hot mat, one could put the seeds in a plastic zipper bag with a damp paper towel, and keep it next to one's body at all times. That would keep it at the right temp...

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Neil, the seed pods are fairly large and you wouldn't miss them. If when the flowers are spent there isn't any sign of a pod developing then they've failed to pollinate. That does happen sometimes, particularly with younger plants. Seed is best germinated when fresh so you should be right once yours starts producing..

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neil.2353(North Australia)

Thanks to all for your advice on the bat flower seeds, I will keep an eye out for the pods

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