SW Rancher's May 30 Yard Update

swrancherMay 30, 2010

I just took some pictures in my yard this morning. While taking them had a very nice surprise noticed my male papaya plant had turned out to be "a not a so male" plant afterall and is loaded with many small fruit!!!

Sweet Tamarind tree, had a top branch die off from the cold but has come back nicely.

Tong Bi Con Mango

Dot Mango

Rosigold Mango

Biew Kiew Longan

Carrie Mango

My Mystery formerly male Papaya

Ackee tree

Pickering Mango

Alano Sapodilla

Neelam Mango and fruit(+dragonfly...)

Valencia Pride Mango and fruit

Angie Mango

Natal Plum (Bought on Ebay last year as a single four inch cutting)

My Graham Mango that is still holding some nice looking fruit(fingers crossed I get some...)

Sugar Apple and Sapodilla in the background.

The Large Avocado tree is a Russell, the small one is a Oro Negro planted a few weeks ago.

And the newest a Green Sapote tree planted just this morning!

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nancyanne_2010(Z 8 / WA)


What type of critters are you protecting them from with the chicken wire?

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I have chickens that love digging through mulch looking for bugs. Their digging is harmless but raking it up each day gets pretty old quickly.

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Your trees look really happy, including your Biew Kiew and Valencia Pride. I hope you get some Graham fruit too. Very nice selection and planting!

Best regards,

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

All your trees are in great shape. I love the dwarf looking mangoes and the sapodilla too. The papaya is neat too. I wish I live in Florida or somewhere so I can plant all my trees in ground.

See...it was you guys with all these mango trees got me wanting to plant them too.

Did you get any flowers for your sugar apple and sapodilla? They look big enough to fruit.

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The Sapodilla now has quite a few flowers on it, I'm very hopeful it will fruit this season. The Sugar Apple had a few flowers formed and more seem to still be forming. I got three sugar apples on that tree last year and they were delicous.

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Beautiful yard -not a weed in sight!
The trees all look really happy and healthy too.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Awesome pictures and yard. The mangoes are my favorite. Plenty of room for more fruit trees :o) Thanks for the pictures.

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Andrew Scott

How tall would you say your Graham mango is? helps me to know when I can expect my 2 trees to holds fruit. It's encouraging to here that your sugar apple held some fruits. My cherimoyas are all budded up but the only thing that I would like to do is practice fertilizing the flowers so I can get the timing right.

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Everything survived your temporary lake very nicely, good luck with the fruit.


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Thanks everyone for all the positive words, I'm planning on adding a few more Mango trees this spring/summer most likely a Fairchild and a Nam Doc Mai, maybe Mallika and Cogshall. I also want to get a Grumichima and Jabotica this year.

Andrew - The Graham tree is just a little over 5 feet tall now.

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All your trees look great. I hope you will be able to harvest some mangoes this season. Good to see other people raising chickens too. I used to have some Barred Rocks for eggs but I just purchased my first home and its pretty small so I may consider raising some quail instead. Let us know how the mangoes taste if you get them to full maturity.

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Wow. Where did you get that grafted green sapote?

Are you in southwest ranches? Hows the soil there? I'm a few minutes away from there in west pembroke pines and to dig a hole is a mission. It's all rocks (landfill).

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tropicalgrower89 do you hit alot of limestone?

my forged shovel is my best friend

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Yeah. There's a lot of limestone rocks out here. The western part of Broward, especially house developments have a lot of limestone landfill. In fact, soil drainage is poor here due to so much limestone.

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Great pictures! So much fun to see what trees in various stages look like. Thanks for sharing.

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I'm in SW Ranches, got my Green Sapote from Laras Nursery in Homestead. Luckily where I'm located its only a rocky in the higher areas of my yard otherwise its mostly a mucky soil that the plants seem to love.

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marinfla(10 South Florida)

Your trees are awesome.... I am so envious of your large yard. I am in Deerfield with a 1/3 acre and the house takes up most of it. Nice job. You can have your own mango festival when they all start making mega amounts of fruit :)

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Cool. That's the foundation. The muck is fertile everglades soil. My 2 year old avocado is rooting through the rocks. It's amazing how a delicate tree can have such tough roots. I'll take pictures of my yard one day. So many trees in such a little yard surrounded by a cement patio. haha

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