Newbie question:

wbonesteel(7)June 4, 2013

I'm interested in trading and exchanging seeds, bulbs, etc.

But, while this 'round robin' thing sounds intriguing, I have no idea how it works.

Anyone willing to teach a newbie the basics, so that I can make an informed decision?

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A "real" round robin is a swap where one person sends the required items to the next person, who takes what she wants, adds it's equivalent to the package and sends the "robin" on to the next person.

You don't see a lot of real round robins. They can get tricky.

What you will find, mostly are the "partner swap" round robins. For this type, you will join a swap, get paired with a partner and send the required items to your partner and she sends to you. These swaps are mainly in organized groups, such as Friends of the Earth-Simple Swaps, Our Best Friends, Making New Friends and the Incredible Edible groups, to name a few. FOTESS and OBF require a membership to participate. ALL of the groups are peopled with really great ladies! You would enjoy any of them.

There are a few variations on each type of swap, but basically, that's pretty much it! Hope you find one that you would enjoy!

And hopefully, if I've missed anything, someone else will fill in the gaps!


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Thanks,. Shirley. I appreciate it!


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Hi Warren, just wanted to say that there are many men who are GW members, and I know that anybody in any of these groups would make you welcome! So don't let that deter you! Come on in and join in the fun!

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Hi, Warren, and welcome! There are also seed swaps throughout the year (usually fall to early spring) in which one member is the host. The participants send their seeds to the host, and the host redistributes. Some of the tried and true ones are Back to School Fresh Seed Swap, What's Left On My Wish List (WLOMWL) Swap, Theme Garden Swap, and I know there are a few others I've forgotten. These are a good bet for newbies, as many of the "vets" send in more seeds than they want back. A great way to expand your garden!

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This is all very, very interesting. I'm honestly intrigued.

...and grateful for the responses and information. Thank you, Ladies!

I'm going to think this over for a bit - and lurk around the forum until I feel comfortable with jumping in and getting my feet wet.

I've got two or three intricate and complex little swaps to finish up, first, anyway. (No worries. The negotiations have been friendly and fun!)

Sounds like a Round Robin is where everyone benefits along the way, for one reaon or another. (Non-zero sum games can the best games to play.) I really like the idea.

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Also, if you're into veggies, the Incredible Edibles swaps will start up in the fall. These are hosted swaps that have a theme (tomatoes, peppers, beans, etc). Everyone sends their seeds and a wish list to the host who sorts and redistributes.

I like swaps like this that have specific categories, because there are certain types of plants I don't really ever grow from seed (flowers...).

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sguanzon(z9 AZ)

Hi Warren,

My name is Sue and I am a long-term member of OBF (Our Bloomin' Friends). To be a member you need to have swapped already with one of the current members so I would be happy to do that for you. To join, you just contact Brittneysgran (Shirley) or Veeja11 (Carol) and tell them you'd like to be considered a member and that you are completing a swap with me. That is, if you are interested. We do swaps every month and what we send varies on the time of the year. You are not required to swap every single month (although it is tempting to do so!) but they ask that you try to do, I think it's at least four or months out of the year.

Let me know if you are interested! And welcome!

Sue G

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Sue, you have one item, in particular, that I am interested in. Paw-Paws. Seeds will do, if you have any. Two trees would work, but they'd have to be very young. No more than three or four years old. I need to prune them into an open/vase shape in order to fit the space and the design. Shipping bare root trees will have to wait until this fall, of course.

From your list, you must have quite a garden, there. Impressive. What do I have that may be of use or interest?

We are very interested in edibles and mebbe a few flowers. At the moment, we need a bit more summer color in our front flower beds. Perennials preferred, but 'self sowing' will do.

Plus, a pic of what we've been working on, here, in our two year old garden.

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Hi Warren....I am the Shirley- Sue G. spoke of in her post. Please check out the OBF swappers if this is something you would be interested in. I noticed on your trade list you have over 300 bearded irises are they named? I would be interested in an iris trade if you like.


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The irises aren't named. Best I can do is colors. We separated and transplanted them last fall.

We didn't keep track of which was which when we planted them. About a third of them bloomed this spring. Mostly violet, a few white and one or two purple. We're keeping the white bearded irises (we know about) for the front flower beds. Going to make a bit of statement there next spring, if I can pull it off.

These irises grow three to four feet tall, in good soil.

We've got about five or six dozen irises to trade. Might do more, depending on how well I can fill the beds they're in now.

At the moment, I can't even share a pic of them. My computer crashed and burned five minutes after I made my last post, here. Gonna be a week before I get it back. (This one is a loaner)

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There's a pic of two of the three types of tall bearded irises in our little garden

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