Rangoon creeper from seed?

piksi_hk(9)November 12, 2007

Has anyone grown these from seed? I have a few seeds and was wondering how to germinate them. Thanks.

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Bill(z10 swFL)

Seeds that fall on the ground near my plant germinate fairly frequently, so my guess is it must not be very difficult.


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I've grown them from seed. They need constant warmth and humidity. I removed the hard outer shell (I remember it was quite tricky to do without damaging the kernel). I might have soaked them in warm tapwater overnight too, as I often do that with seed (but that's just my particular preference).

I can't remember now how long they took to germinate, but I think the germination rate was OK (not spectacular but not poor either).

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does anyone know if the rangoon creeper will grow in england. Ive heard that they flowered in some states even when covered in ice. I would sooo love this plant in my garden

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john_dr(SEQLD AUST)

I've seen Rangoon Creeper growing in the Melbourne botanical gardens in the open. I think the Melbourne gardens are frost free and it doesn't snow there either.

Maybe it may grow in the extreme SW of the UK as the climate is milder there but probably not in the London area unless you have a glasshouse.

Hope this helps.

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Cindy, My Rangoon Creeper has survived 17 deg.F, with the temperature remaining below freezing for 36 hours.


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Thanks for sharing that info Jim, I have been considering getting one of these beauties.


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