mango blossoms and a few others

red_sea_meMay 5, 2010

it is interesting for me to see the differences in mango bloom colors not to mention exciting because one day........I may actually eat a ripe mango off one of my trees.


Valencia Pride

Graham just starting

there must be something to abusing mango seedlings, this one is less than 2yrs old and blooming

the whole plant, the pot is labeled simply round mango, it was a store bought that I am growing for rootstock.

cochin jak

biew kiew longan


hope you enjoy,


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the pannicles turn a beautiful bright magenta, almost reminds me some of my tropical pineapples.

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yaslan(8 WA state)

Those are great pics of your mango blooms and other tropical fruit trees. I find them to be very encouraging! How old are you mango trees?
Thanks for sharing your pics.

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OG Kush,
it is an amazing contrast to have the bright red pannicles with the yellow flowers against the green leaves of the tree. I can't imagine what Harry's trees look like in person.

Thanks Bo, most of my mango trees are grafted. I bought the VP and Lancetilla from Top 3+ years ago, the Graham about 1 year ago from PIN, I also have NDM from Nipahut but it is pushing leaves not blooms.


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