Setting up grow room for Mango/Lychee in basement

alphapenguin(5)November 2, 2009

I currently have 3 mango saplings, one 3 gallon Mango and one 3 gallon Lychee from Pine Island and a Guava tree in my basement, which is next to some large windows in my basement which are also south facing. I did this last year (i didnt have the plants from pine island yet), and my plants were able to survive well enough for the summer to be put outside I live in ohio and we get some crappy winters. Anyway this year I wanted better supplemental light so I bought a 600W HPS/MH Grow light. I also purchased some mylar online and will be walling off the plants, but my question is:

Should I try to utilize the natural sunlight and also use the grow light as well? I would just wall off 3 sides and have one side open to the windows, or should I just forget about the natural light (i mean i did buy a 300$ ballast system). I was thinking by utilizing the sunlight as well, it would be cheaper on the electric bill, since i would run the light for shorter periods of time.

As for the humidity, i am not going to worry about that right now, since I do not want to cause a mold issue in my basement.

Any ideas? Maybe if I drew a picture of what I had in mind, it might better frame my question for you guys.

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Here is a pic of my idea. no dimensions, but I am planning on a 6'by 6' area.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Lamp will likely throw off a lot of heat. Warm temps will encourage mites, so be warned. Yes, I would utilize existing windows for natural light. You might also be able to crack the windows to allow fresh air on milder days, as long as you are going to 'wall it off'. It might keep temps cooler too. You may want to eventually set up a small humidifier and a fan to circulate air.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Alpha, check out this link from the tropical fruits forum...might help you out a little? Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread from the Tropical Fruits forum

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I know this is a fairly old post, but I'd like to add a bit of my knowledge.

I would suggest buying a Mylar enclosed grow room. IT helps trap heat, and keep bugs out.

It also allows you to monitor the exact temperature and humidity within your own container.

I also live in the snow and grow tropical plants that need approx 70� with 60-70% humidity. Without ruining the wood or walls in my house, or making my room smell like a butterfly house.

Also I went one step further and I use 2x quad band 90watt UFO lights, and 1 tri-band UFO in a tri-force configuration all piled into a 5'x5'x5' grow space. I got a pretty substantial harvest, and my power bill increased approx $30 a month.

You can pay the extra for the HID bulbs and my buddies swear by the increased watts that your harvest also increases. So it really depends on the $ ur willing to throw down and to what extent.

To me. Let's say 6 months to fruit.. If you have that setup you're probably looking at around 500-600 for a hydro, HID,

and depending on your light, you're probably looking at a couple hundred more in power.

Is what you're planting worth the investment?

Or if you went LED's, it dramatically drops the amount of power consumption and makes that level even more affordable.

Also with Led's since they use such a low power. @ some point in the future I want to set up a parallel 12v system tied to a Gear bike generator. So I go and workout in the morning and it powers my grow box. In which you could easily set up for another $200.

Enjoy, and any questions or schematics you may want just hit me up.

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