Where to buy heliconia on the web?

southlatropicalNovember 2, 2007

Next spring I would like to buy...........

Heliconia schiedeana - 'Hardy Heliconia, Lobster's Claw'

Heliconia psittacorum x spathocircinata - 'Golden Torch'

Heliconia collinsiana x bourgeana - 'Pedro Ortiz'

Heliconia Lathispatha - 'Orange Gyro'

Who has the highest quality plants for mail order?

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lac1361(z9a Lake Charles, LA)

Aloha Tropicals has those heliconia and lots more. Assuming all of mine make it through the winter, I can supply you with the first three.


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Heliconia Paradise

I buy from them every year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heliconia Paradise

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I've been wondering this myself. Mostly I have gotten from trades or ebay. I got a few from Stokes Tropicals that are good plants but they don't have a big selection. I am afraid to order heliconia from AT because of thier ratings and what others have posted about the rhizomes they got. I only ordered from them once (hawiian ti)and all the plants looked good but one was the wrong one and they never sent me a new (correct) plant.

Cagary, thanks for posting that link. If I can buy from there that opens up whole new possiblilities- uhht 0h.... LOL! Are they reasonably priced? Is the shipping reasonable? I see you need a import permit too.

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Thanks Steve. I will contact you in the spring. I have that H. caribea potted up for the winter and I'm going to plant it outside next year.

I am very pleased with Stokes, they have excellent customer service and sent very nice plants. They are open to customer feedback and suggestions. Maybe if enough of us contact them they would carry more heliconia. In fact I think I'll do that right now.

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The good news is that the rhizomes are very cheap. Most are only aound $4.00. The bad news is that there is a $100.00 minimum and shipping from Thailand with a phytosanitary certificate is expensive. You also have to pay to have your money wired over there. The import permit is free and not difficult to get.

Go ahead and have him send you a price list. Maybe you can go in with some fellow heliconia lovers around your area and split the costs.

The rhizomes he sends are huge.

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THanks for the link. I emailed and requested the price list. How long does it take to get the import permit? Do I need a phytosanitary certificate for FL or is that just for CA? Could you give me a ball park figure on shipping fees? They have absolutely beautiful plants!

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You should get your import permit in a few weeks. I applied for mine online. A phytosanitary certificate is required for all states. Shipping just depends on how well you can control yourself after seeing the photos and price list. Every rhizome is going to add to the cost. You can figure shipping to FL from Thailand is going to be over $100, perhaps well over $ 100.00.

I always use escrow.com to send the payment.

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Highland Heliconia.

Also good prices and large rhizomes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Highland Heliconia

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

southlatropical, I really like stokes too. I used to live near them and went often lol! They have an amazing nursery and greenhouse. Nice friendly staff too. I know I probably asked them a million questions and they were always very helpful and gave me the tour and a free catalog when I went in :) Stokes has nice nanners and plumeria too! Never understood why they haven't got into serious brugmansia because they grow soooo well in Louisiana!

cagary, thanks for the info. Sooo, if I plan to import these I can bet on spending prob 300.00 total? I will have to look around and see what all I could get here vs. what they have etc. It looks/sounds like they have good rhizomes though- so that's a definite plus :)

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Hi Cagary,

Thank you! I'm going to see if there's any interest on the Florida Forum for a group order. Thanks for the info about escrow.com, too!

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Where to buy helcionias here in Florida and beyond
I have gotten my many plants from Montoso gardens and others. I have over 45 plants in my garden. I've seen the prices from many of the sites you all have listed, but why pay big bucks when you can get it else where cheaper. If you want to buy from over seas you take the chance of getting bad plants or none at all. It's your money and you need to make your choices. I have found by looking under Montosogardens in PR you can find a better price for the same plant. They have such beautiful photos of their garden

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Most of my heliconias are from Montoso Gardens. The rhizomes are fresh, healthy, big and very well packed. They arrived in very good conditions. I have ordered from other 3 different places with not so good results

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I think I'm in love..What do you do with them for the winter? Just bring them inside and put by a sunny window?

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I have bought many items from Tropical Heliconia's from e-bay. Very honest and great customer service. And great prices. I think he lives in Puerto Rico. Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tropcial Heliconias

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I hate to say this but buying from ebay sometimes cost more than buying from the grower. I buy from 3 growers in Fl and one in PR. Prices are better than Stokes or any other one I've discovered. Here is a match up on prices from Strokes Tropical Psitt Nickeriensis price $23.95 and from Montoso Gardens in PR same plant price for a Rhizome $4.99. So who do you want to buy from? You can get four rihzomes for the same price from Stokes. How about Stokes tropical at 23.95 for a Heliconia Guyana, but from Montoso Gardens you get the same plant for only $4.99. I buy for prices not expensive sellers

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daniellalell my heliconias are all planted in the ground in the southern half of by garden in the back. They are sheltered from the blast of cold air. If it got really cold i'd cover many of them with a teepee. But it's not gotten that cold yet

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Well, I live in NJ, 6B..and we get some cold winters here. I will have to bring mine in, and hopefully the dog and cat won't bother em too much. They are just starting to leave alone the plants I brought in for this year, after some munching and digging and lots of yelling..they lost interest. Except the cat still likes to sleep with his face in the one pot of jasmine.
I just ordered some heliconias..2 Andromeda and 2 Strawberries and cream, they should be here next week..I'm so excited!! :)

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vanessa0406 I'd like for you to email me at psabine@tampabay.rr.com There is another place in PR to buy from

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Will you post here when you get your heliconia? I saw some listed on ebay with those names--is that where you got yours? If so, I'd like to get the 411 on how they look when you get them LOL :P Was thinking of getting some if offered again and they look good.

Has anyone ordered from Brad's buds and blooms? They have heliconia and nice plumeria too.

What about The Banana Tree? It looks like they have a lot of heliconia - but I've never ordered from there...

I will have to look at the Montosa Garden web site -do they ship to AZ?

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Brad's buds and blooms and The Banana Tree have good prices and good plants. Brad;s are plants already growing in 1 gallon containers where the Banana Tree and Montosa Garden are Rhizomes. They will ship anywhere

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Good morning everyone,

I am looking for a long list of Heleconia varieties.
If you know where to get/ buy these, or part of this list, I would be very, very thankfull. It are mostly the smaller flowering varieties.
You can mail me at maurice@rijnplant.com
Thank you in advance.
Heliconia psittacorum x spathocircinata Golden Torch

.. .. .. Guyana

.. .. .. Keanae Red

.. .. .. Yellow Parrot

.. .. .. Tortuga

.. .. .. Tropica

Heliconia caribaea x bihai Manoa Midnight
Heliconia chartacea x platystachys Temptress
Heliconia bihai Guapa
Heliconia chartacea Sexy Pink
Heliconia Metallica
Heliconia orthotricha Macas Pink
Heliconia psittacorum Borinquen Midnight
Heliconia richardiana Little Richard
Heliconia rivularis Brazilian Firefly
Heliconia stricta Bucky
Heliconia Velloziana

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After spending many thousands on tropical plants, I now found by far the best supplier. The prices are 50%-75% less than anyone else. The quality is many times greater than anyone else. You have to have a $200 minimum order, but the selection is so vast it is easy to spend that. You have to go to a website in Thailand first called Plant Group. You e-mail what you want and they tell you if they have it in the Big Island Hawaii location to ship to the U.S. You can e-mail Trish at Filimoehala@hawaiiantel.net and I can send you more information to contact the manager in Hawaii directly. I was so happy with the plants from them I can't say enough great things about them and I would love to help them in any way I can. They had everything I wanted, cut them nicely and labeled them well.

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I am new to this site and did not realize in my July 4, 2010 posting that I should not have listed my e-mail address. Not sure if there is a way to change it. I am more than happy to get e-mails, but I do not open anything that could possibly be spam. So if you do not get a response, please send again in a way I can tell you are not spam or just go to the Plant Group Thailand website and contact them. I just want to help people find this great company in Thailand that delivers to the U.S. through their Hawaii location without you having to get an import certificate, because it comes from the U.S. to the U.S. Plant Group is a really great supplier for tropical plants. They are amazingly helpful and have the best prices and quality.

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