UPDATE: 8300! Traveling Daylilies

mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)June 8, 2006

This round robin is an extention of a wonderful group of talented , generous and spirited traders, the Traveling Daylilies, who when at all possible trade daylilies. The way into this group is to have traded with at least one of us and to be recommended for membership by one of more members of the group. We are not snobs, we just want to protect each other and you from any game traders... should there be any. If you know any of us, email privately and they will be allowed to get you in on their recommendation. We'd love to have you!

Hope everyone had fun on their Vacations! Deni, thank you for hosting. I can't wait 'till next year.

Cody will be hosting the July swap, and it looks like we'll all be smiling. : )

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi everyone,

I just want to take a minute to thank Marea for stepping in as our Mamabear while MamaG works on getting well. I'm not sure how things are going to work out, but please know you are loved, appreciated, admired, and such a dear friend to all of us. Not to mention the best darn maraca shaker that side of the Mississip.......and probably this side too. ; ) Love and hugs to you!

I'm so behind, but what's new? I've been reading posts but not taking notes......I will get caught up soon.

Jo, thinking of you. Hope DH is doing better every day. I'm so sorry about your fish. When I read your post, I was just devastated for you. If you were closer i'd bring you some babies. I hope things are starting to go smoother for you. Prayers have been said. HUGS

Speaking of fish, thank you all for your sympathy regarding the big pond mishap on Memorial Day. Still haven't heard from FIL, and that's just fine with me. I'm still upset. Fish #3 found dead last night. My whole pond is out of whack due to some residue that was in the container they were using. I believe a combination of chlorine and suntan oil. Not good.....
I am working to restore normal readings and hopefully I won't lose any more fish. I have been ponding for over 10 years and hardly ever lost a fish and NEVER had an issue with my water chemistry.
Normally I wouldn't expect something like this from my FIL. He seems like he has more courtesy than to come here with strangers and start digging around in my shed, trample plants, and take fish without asking. I guess not. I feel like a changed person now. I'm done getting stepped on. No one will tramp on me, or my plants, LOL.

Angie, I believe I owe you some $$$$, right?

Boy, i'd pay money to only have poison ivy between my fingers, lol. But seriously, I really feel for you Angie. Unfortunately, I have it on every square inch of my body. It is finally on my face and i'm just about ready to go over the edge. I've been battling it ever since we started working up at the new property, about 3 months or so. My doctor is a jerk and won't treat me more than twice a season.
My new place is infested with it, and I mean infested. Now that I have the grass (weeds, lol) under control, I will be using a commercial product to treat several acres. Mainly the areas that i'm in the most often. It's my only option. I prefer not to use chemicals and believe in living an "organic" life, but there's nothing I can do in this situation.

I've looked hysterical all week. DH is laughing at me 'cause I look so silly, but i've been coating my entire body in IvyBlock to help. If you're not familiar, it's a lotion and when it dries on your skin, it turns white as a sheet. Unfortunately, it only helps a little. My neighbors house is for sale and there were prospective buyers there last night. When I hopped out of my truck, all white and alien looking, I think I scared them off. They gave me a strange look and i'm sure were wondering what sort of problem I had, LOLOL.

One of many, lol. Now i'm sick too. Bad cold. Ugh.

I have been taking lots of pictures at the new place, but I don't want to bore you. It's all dirt and gravel. : )

The good news is that my driveway base is finally done and the garage is all marked out and the footer is ready to be dug. Yahoo!

Deni, i'm a total dummy and forgot to put the Lysimachia in Meghan's vacation box. I also realized that I forgot a few things that were supposed to go in there. Sorry Meghan, i'll save them for you. I'll send the 'Firecracker' maybe on Saturday or Monday.

Dianne, er, should I say Granny D., how did the quilt turn out?

Canna, you know, I really did plan to put a few cold ones in your Hosta box. I remembered after I packed the box. Too much on my brain. They'll be in the next one. : )

Well, i've got some invoices to do so I better get busy. More to say, but i'll check back later.

I hope you all have a great day,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Dawn, and everyone, thank you dearheart - i very much appreciate your friendship.

Scapes everywhere & no shade cloth yet - off to water, marea

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Hello all.
Here's what I gathered regarding our swaps:

May Dahliah Swap - should be completed.

May Vacation Swap - should have mailed or have contacted your partner regarding delay.

June Hosta Swap - currently running.

July Swap - Cody to post rules.

On-going DVD Robin - more than 1/2 way through.

Beautiful flower Marea. What are scapes???

Thank you,

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

June Hosta Shuffle Update:

As soon as we hear what treats were received by these angels:


we will declare the First Annual Hosta Shuffle completed and a Hands-down Success! Hoo-Rah.

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" TANSY " Is the best to rid your body of poison
IVY :)) I Have lots of it all you do is steep it like tea them dab it on the IVY it drys it up & is better that calimine lotion .

I grow it just cause :)) never Know when some one
might need it . .

Angie I got all the Bulbs Planted today along with
the Hosta's .

Mellen : I also got all the hosta planted :)))
they all are looking good .

Cathy : Would like to know if your box arrived yet :))
sure hope so .
gloria : Hope you are feeling better & better each day .
Hope the Birthday people have a great month .


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cody_mi(z5 MI)

ok one more time for clarification...was the june swap one in the same with the hosta swap? or do you want me to do the 'smile swap' free for all? i need to know so we can get everyone signed up. i'll still do the july swap too. just needing to know.

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

howdy one and all

another rainy day. yesterday too and my niece graduated in it. you would have thought the school would have made alternate plans and had the ceremony inside -- not even a canopy over the graduates. it's not like the place can't afford it. 6 million on a new stadium and soggy grads and fans.

so, it's tansy that dries up poison ivy? i get it every year, this year nothing worked in drying it up. i must have built an immunity to everything. i get it where the sun doesn't shine due to first getting it on my wrists. don't realize i have it until it hits the netherland. quite uncomfortable to say the least.

oh by te way, mary ellen/mellen, is on vacation, she returns around the 14th or 15th. she has someone taking in her mail, so if her package is there, i'm sure she left instructions, in light of the fact there would be plants sent to her.

marea, beautiful daylily. what's the name? i love those type. i have two blooming...rococo and i believe the other one is orchid corsage.. my asiatics are just popping everywhere.

i'm so blown away that it june 8th already. where did time go?

wow! i guess no one had any vacation suggestions? such a large group with no opinion.

paul, my dvd's will get out this weekend.

be well all, happy blooms

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I got my hosta shuffle box today from Dianne and it was packed with mini/small hostas from her garden! She sent:
Silver Kabitan....my new favorite, has whitish narrow leaves with green wavy edges
Lemon Lime
Fair Maiden
Cheatin Heart
Platinum Tiara
and some Lotion...something I really need after a day outside in the garden
Thanks again Dianne for the lovely hosta box and for hosting the swap! If anyone wants to trade hostas let me know. I really like sending to the TD group because they are good honest traders!

I sent Mellen a box on Monday. She was to leave on vacation the day it would probably arrive (Wed) and I did email her about it. She has a gardening friend checking and doing chores while they are away so this friend will "babysit" her hostas till Mellen gets home. I did check with then usps DC #, and the box was delivered Wed afternoon. That is probably why we have not heard from Mellen. I hate to "spoil her fun" by telling what was in the box. Hopefully there were lots of hostas she did not have.

I also got a supersized box filled with iris from Cindy O. She says iris grow good in Ohio....I guess so!!!!!! I now have another addiction!

Marea, Beautiful DL pic! It will not be long here....only Stella D Orro is blooming here. Can hardly wait!
I spent the day outside and after Cindy's box arrived had to enlarge my iris area. That was HARD work as the ground was hard as cement! Where there's a will there's a way! We need some rain here! I also watered my hostas for the 2nd time this week.

We have been spending almost every weekend (Fri, Sat,Sun)at the lake so keeping ahead of the weeds is harder this year! During garden season I also seem to have less time on the computer. Please forgive me if I do not post much! I'm still thinking of all of you. MaryS

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Scapes are the flower stalks that daylilies put up, Paul. You...

The photo in my above post is of my beloved 'Finding Blue' that I bought from Grace Stamile this Spring. She sent me a blue mini blooming FOOL. I sent her a thank you card about the dozens of flowers FB and her bonus gift 'Broadway Jazz' have been giving me.

OK - pressure OFF about checking in, guys.

CODY - I think YOU are the June swap. I want a smile swap free for all thats exciting! dahlias, hostas, vacation are over & i think all ARE cleared??
Like Susie says, REMEMBER ONE OF OUR RULES IS you have to post about what you get!

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Planted Gaillardias,Catananche, SAF's, Scabiosa, Marigolds and roses in our sunny garden. I should have divided the Amsonias this year - if I do it this fall, anybody want some?

Dawn, you never bore me with your news of gravel, mud and poison ivy! Our land was wild like that, too, and much of it still is. We kepp a touch me not hedge because it cancels out poison ivy juices if you rub it on (the fat juicy stems) where you've contacted the stuff. We puree stems in the blender and freeze the juicy pulp in ice cube trays for use before and after the poison ivy season. Works so far here.

Our DD Eve is here. She and her dad are playing with the terriers and their new toy from Meghan. Possum plays it like a harmonica - squeak squeaky squeakkk!

A scape is the blooming stem of a daylily or iris, Paul. They are fire selling orchids at our Lowe's - they look ok - should I buy some? Or are end of season Paphs bad news?

Mary - I smile every time you mention your lake. My favorite grandparents lived on a lake - what memories for us kids!

Maryanne - What's with this monsoon weather anyway? We've been pulling our seedlings in under cover and again today there was hail and a 20 degree temperature drop. We do sure need to finish the greenhouse.

While DD Jess and family were here last week, the wind and rain brought down an enormous aspen and tore down our power line to the house. We should have listened to the Pileated woodpeckers - they'd marked that tree with their big rectangular holes that mean bugs and rot. We are getting wood boring bees in our shed and house siding. We'll go after them with diatomaceous earth first. The woodpeckers show us where they burrow, too, by pecking big holes to get to the bee larvae.

Cody - what 'smile swap'? I missed something...

Sue, I never used tansy. Must try that. How do you use it?

Dianne - Thanks for the hosta swap. My young hostas from seed are coming right along but way too small to trade. There is only one streaky Dorothy Benedict so far and if it stays that way, it's Jean's. 1 out of over 30. The Noah's Arks look good too and I'll have extras of both when they grow up some. Another hosta shuffle next June...

Dawn - you are just the nicest person. Fish are loved, too, and losing them feels very sad. Koi have lots of personality.

What has become of Tana and Annie?

Karen, will you show us some summer horses?

I have new baby pictures to post tomorrow - Marie's so cute!



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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Dawn, here's the finished quilt. I'm going to start making another one. Just found out a friend's DIL is expecting her second.

Marea, how's Brian Lee doing for you? I've got lots of leaves.

I'm impressed that some of you have blooms already, I don't even have scapes yet. But rain, I've got plenty of rain. My backyard looks like VietNam--everytime Walt goes to mow, it's raining or too wet to try.

MaryS--as my collection of minis grows, I'd love to share. They're just so dang cute, aren't they? Wish I had more Tiny Tears so I could share, that one is too adorable.

I'm hoping my motivation and energy level improves come fall--my hostas are planted inappropriately. 4 years ago I THOUGHT I had them spaced correctly by size and color. Now I have some hidden, some smashed against the house, 3 blues together, etc. Didn't help that some were mislabeled at planting time and are now clearly NOT who I thought they were. Think I'm going to do some serious size/color research and redo the whole U-shaped bed. I'll probably have lots to trade at that point so check out my list and see what you're interested in.

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Has anyone noticed that with all this talk about poison ivy the ad at the top is for poison ivy? :)

Merea, I know you want to forget the other day but I have to say that I am glad you are staying. I was shocked when I seen your e-mail. Now I shall never speak of it again.:)

Diane, I love that quilt. To cute. Lots of love and talent goes into those quilts.

I have scapes everywhere but only two blooming aside from stella. Butterscotch ruffles and Louise Mercer. Would love to hear what everyone started with. Need some early bloomers.:)Sherri

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Sorry I haven't posted much either. Right now I'm doing my 'Mom Job'. Right now I'm helping once child study for ... horror of all horror's ... Final Exams!

So I will come back after he has left to take the exam... and after I've stopped pulling my hair out. LOL

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Happy Belated Birthday June 7th Tana (Tanarae)

Debbie knew I was going to be late on the Hosta swap, so she asked me to wait till she gets back June 17th to send,
Now baby David is the cutest, smartest, best-smelling, softest baby in the universe,
How Fast We Grow

You are killing me with your LA's, I want some of each PLEASE????????

I still need that list of the rest of the Dl's you got the last time you came???????? I had some planted & I don't know what you already got????HELP!!!!!
This is supposed to be Painted Pictures from Wild's!!!! I knew it would not be:(

Now how am I ever going to ask of you, what I was going to ask??????? I thought I could get Dawn to do it, but she don't have time:(
So glad you are staying with us & I am sure we can ALL relate to being ignored & feeling like we are not really wanted here at time's, I sure know I have gotten & given that feeling, as Dawn said in the last post, S-L-O-W D-O-W-N!!!!! She was talking about herself, but boy did I see myself in that statement:)

A Few Shot's Of My Iris This Morning, As I Don't Have Any Daylilies Blooming Yet!!!!

Note all my annuals still sitting waiting for me:)

I did however get ALL of my Daylilies planted till the next 2 orders come in:)
Missing many of you that have not posted,
Have to switch over laundry before Baby David wakes up, which by the way THANK you still for the prayers & whatever it took to get Susan to let me have him more than just the court ordered crap:) I have had him for 3 day's now:) ONE HAPPY GRANDMA:)Anita

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

ok the swap for june is a free for all. you must send at least five plants that will make your partner smile. at least one of them needs to be a favorite of yours and you need to send them a little note about why it's your favorite. sign up by monday at noon, eastern time. i'll post partners by midnight on monday. you may send any extras you want. the plants can be anything!!! i'll post about july later.

what is the name of the iris in the pic second from the bottom?


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ANITAAAAAA--I think you are holding out on me on some of those irises. I really like the looks of some of those. Do you know the names? I'm saving the La's for you. They have almost quit blooming and the japanese have started. Oh my they are gorgeous. I just go from one to the other taking pictures. Little David is so cute. He's really growing.


Diane-Love the quilt, you are so talented. Who are those diapers for stacked up in the picture? Glad you are enjoying that little bundle of love.

Cody-Count me in the next swap.

Dianne-Gloria sent me an e-mail that she did get her hostas from me.

Marea-I always enjoy your daylily pictures. Finding Blue is just beautiful.

Gone to lunch.


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Cody, did you get my email about the epi's?

Diane, the quilt if fabulous. What talent!

Anita, that boy is too cute. Love the irises.

Happy Birthday Tana!!!!!!!!

Marea and Barb, thanks for the education on the anatomy of a daylily. I hope to have many scapes next year. I'm not into paph's so I'm not sure about buying orchids at Lowe's. I assume they don't have names with the orchids? Maybe Canna or Cody will give you some advice.

Sign me up for the Anything Goes swap.


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Bar & Mary ann YES "TANSY" I Have loads of it if you Need it grows as a Bush Very pretty up till fall then it droops just cut off a few leave and boil or steep it like tea . they say you can drink it also to help rid the IVY ,
Myself It is to bitter to drink so I pat it on
with a cotton ball onto the spots of IVY.
about 2-3 times a day till it drys up.
takes the itch out also .
Anita : If we ever do a trade I would love a few Irises NO NAME Is Fine with me :)))

Cody : SIGN ME Up For the free for ALL :))) .

well Lunch Break is up better get back out side , Nice cool day to work . :))
have a great day all

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Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I logged in but I'll try my best to catch up with everyone. I'm sorry I missed out on the vacation swap and the hosta swaps - everyone put a whole lot of creativity into the vacation swaps and they were so much fun. As for the hosta swap - hostas are a new love of mine but most are too small to divide and unfortunately, I can't really go shopping right now. The other problem is that some of the hostas I bought last year are not true to name :( and I've lost all the tags in my main hosta garden.

My first daylily started blooming but I have no idea what it is. It's yellow but the back of some of the petals is brushed with bronze color. seems like it could be a species daylily. It's kind of small too. Anyone every heard of it.

Dianne - that quilt is adorable but not as adorable as your new grandchild! Congratulations!

Paul - I've got a couple of epis that haven't bloomed for me yet. I can't wait to see what they look like. I can't even be sure what color they are. Aren't they gorgeous!

I know people have asked, but Tana's still around. She's been real busy with her nursery and still working her old job. I'll ask her to check in.

Marea - I'm glad you stayed. I know what you mean that people don't always comment on posts. I think that this is a good reason to keep the group from growing to large. It's hard to respond to everyone and keep track of what's going on.

Cody - I haven't done a swap for a while but I think I'll sign up for the next one. When will it need to be mailed by?

Anita - keep posting those iris pictures and I'm going to come steal some in the middle of the night.

Jo - Sorry to hear about DH. I'm glad to hear that he'd come back home though. I've got your Louise Arni LA Iris but I wanted to wait till it finishes blooming. The flower just started opening today. I'm not looking to do a trade right now for it, so you'll have to accept my gift for your mom's garden.

Dawn - Does your FIL drink? What an awful thing to do without asking. I'm sorry to hear that he would be so thoughtless.

Gloria - Hope your doing well. Sorry to hear that you had to have surgery. Let us know how you're doing.

In about 2 weeks, the New Jersey Daylily club is going to have the Stamiles come and talk! I haven't joined the club yet, but I plan on joining and seeing them talk. Should be lots of fun!

I know I've missed lots of you, I'm sorry for that. I'll try to catch up some more next time.


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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Grrrr...raccoons got in my new daylily bed -- 2 torn up, one missing altogether - tag and all. They dig for earthworms and slugs in the enriched soil we plant the new plants in. June is their magic month for some reason.

Wonder if tansy works there too - I think we need a rottweiler.

Love that iris Cody likes, Anita. Lovely.

And your David may be the cutest baby yet! Give him a smooch from us.

How are you people getting your lawns so nice? All it does is rain here - hail yesterday!

The peonies Cindy sent are perking up nicely; the daylilies look like they were never moved.

Meghan, looking up the new daylilies you sent me, I am just delighted they are such cute minis, most of them! Jason Salter will be fun to see, and so many you sent are just the nicest of the classic ones - I so appreciate you sending these!

Ellen, could you report back to us the high points of the Stamiles talk? I would love to hear.

I'll skip the next trade, tho it sounds fun. My garden plants have to grow.

The Lowes orchids are about 2' tall and blooming, Paul. It's tempting - $2.98 each.

Today DD and I poked around the antique shops in town and had lunch - beautiful weather! Then we drove along the Mohican River, south of here, where it's really wilderness-looking - saw a red fox, campers along the river bank, lovely flowers (roses! huge blooms this year!), sat quietly on an old bridge crossing the river over an island where swallows flew amid birdsong, and below kids floated by on inner tubes. Very relaxing.

Now I'm really tired, so I'll lie her and knit, have a little soup and call it a day.


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Any blooming orchid is worth $2.98. Go get an arm full :-).

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Our Marie


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Ahhhhh...David and Marie what beauties.

Cody...Sign me up for the swap please.

Leaving for vacation in 5 and 1/2 hours. Sun, sand, sea, margarita's and me....


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luvmybulbs(Z6 IL)

Hi guys it is late and just got home from my sons baseball game, they finally won their first game to the undefeated team. And there was a huge box of daylilys from Maryott's. Those who ordered from me will be in for quite a surprise on the bonuses. There is plenty for all of us! I will try to mail in the morning, if not it will be in the morning. Whoo Hoo!!!! I just sent you all an email!

Barb and Anita, beautiful babies! I miss the baby stage!!!

Cody I emailed you about the extra Heuchera haven't heard back from you!!

Dawn I have been trying to keep the poisen ivy off of my face the fingers is killing me. I haven't called the doctor yet, if it gets on the face the I will call. Pool water dries it up also, I will going to parents house and hit the pool Sunday!

Well of to bed

take care

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Well, well, well. Looks like each of us has the cutest, smartest, best-smelling, softest baby in the universe in our own family. How blessed we all are!

What a stunning collection of lovable and gorgeous children in this group, just delicious.

Keep those baby pictures coming, folks. I love them all.

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Why is it that by the time I log in I've forgotten what I was going to say to whom? Gosh I hope my memoery doesn't get any worse. I'm only 40 something!

Liked teh flower pics, baby pics and quilt pics!!

Yeah Mareas/ Marea is staying put!!

Cody I'm quite tempted to join the free for all. Let me sit on it for a few more days. I'm not an impulsive type.

Anita you sure are an iris fan! Do you have many dwarf bearded types?

We are having a real soaker of a rain. Won't make for good garage-saling today but my garden was thirsty!

I bought an annual yesterday. A new green house opened here. Those are 2 things that just NEVER happen! It is AAS winner 'zowie yellow flame' zinnia
you will have to look it up. It is stunning! See what I mean? I hope it seeds true. The price of the 4 pack was less than the packet of seed!!

I am so excited about my porch furniture find. I bought a glider with washable cushions and swivel matching chair for $25 total at a garage sale yesterday! I can now seat the whole family on my porch garden room!!
My 10 yeart old was saying yesterday, " I'm sure glad you made the porch and garden. It is so much nicer now that you did." A real heart warmer! It is anice place to get buzzed by hummers, watch the robbins/ sparrows feed their babies, and listen to the water trickle in the water feature while being in the shade with a glorious view. I have one of those nice outdoor carpets from target out there- so the kids bring the kittens out and play with them on the carpet there too.
You really should come for a visit!

Barb, My horses are fat! Too much green grass. I don't have fresh pics. Ryan, and I went for a ride at dusk last night. He just clunge to the mare's neck and made no attempt to steer! The mare followed my horse. We had a nice trot. Smiles all around, even the horses!. Ryan turns 10 today!
was it you with the amnsomnia- not the sleep disorder- the plant! Is it really that lovely gold color in the fall? How long do the bloom lasts? I've never seen one in person. Looks dreamy in catalogs....

Brittanysgran- thanks for the 'comet' advise on the blue eyed grass. It clearned right up! Now what do to about aphids on my honeysuckle? I can't reach that hight with a sprayer and the hose on jet setting does not dislodge them that well. And why do they have aphids? My younger honeysuckles nearby do not. This sick one is 6 years old. Is that too old?? Does anyone know?

More hard rain! Yeah!

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Good Morning My Fellow Angels:)

Hope you are feeling better:) Miss you!!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure what I am going to do about any DL'S yet, when I decide I will let you know, I was thinking about putting some on eBay after I have seen them bloom, don't no yet!

Hope all is well with you, Thinking of you:)

I have no clue, I have very few named ones left, a few years ago my dog's decided to use my flower bed as a playground when I was gone camping, at that time I only used plastic name tags, MANY got busted off, It may or may not have a name, sure is pretty though. I WANT IN YOUR FREE FOR ALL SWAP,

Mary B,
What do you think about this crappy weather? Low 40's at night, Give me a break, don't mother nature know it is JUNE!! This is not helping our DL'S bloom any faster, or is it?

NO, NOT ME!!!! I thought you only wanted ID'ed Iris, If you are interested in no names, thanks to my dog's, I can send you some, Baby D is growing up soooooooooo fast:(
Thanks, I am not conceded I am convinced he is so cute!!!!!

Thanks on the Iris & my Grandson:)

So glad to see you back again, missed you, Your Daylily sounds pretty:0 I only have Lemon Lily & Stella De Oro blooming, SOON, I will have them puppies bloomin:) Jo could get past my 2 big dog's in the middle of the night, but I think you might have a hard time:) You better bring her with you for safety, Plus she can show you the right yard, as it is mighty dark here at night:) I wouldn't want you poaching in my neighbors yard!!!!!

You & Cody have great taste, that's one of my favorite ones:)

His little checks I'm sure are sore from all my smooches on him, I got him Tuesday, sad day today I have to take him back home:( Lawn nice,,,HA,Ha,Ha, I don't touch the lawn, a few years ago I caught the lawnmower on fire, so DH say's I can't mow, Oh how that breaks my heart!!!!NOT!!!! I can think a 100 things I would rather do, than spend 6 hours mowing this stupid lawn once a week. Marie is absolutely beautiful, They grow so fast it is scary

Dirt, Yes we want to see dirt, we want to see every step!!!! I know I do, STAY OUT OF THE POISON IVY!!!

Hope you have a wonderful time, I would ask you have a margarita for each of us, but that my not be good, so just have one good stiff one for us all:)

I will be excepting them list's when I get home from Salamanca today!!!!!!!!!

Great going for your son's team, YAAAAA!!!! Thanks on baby D:)
Maryott's OMG, I about fainted when I got a look at my bonuses.Bill sent me, hold on to your seat:) 3-DF's Playing With Shark's, 2-Df's Spacecoast Cotton Candy, 1-DF These Eyes, 1-DF Impressionistic, 1-DF Villa Del Sol, 1-DF Marauder & 1-DF Latin Rhythm, THAT'S $510.00 in bonus plants, almost 100% bonus, He also made a mistake, I ordered 2 sets of John Peat, should have been 6 DF's of John Peat & he only sent me 3, SOOOO I have my fingers & toes crossed when he sends my other 3 John Peat, he said the first of this coming week, that I get another bonus for his blunder:) I can wish right??? You stay out of the poison ivy with Dawn!!!!

I totally agree 100%, Jo & I talked last night, she said something about prejudiced, I said NO I'm CONVINCED as we all our:)

Sorry if I missed you, baby d is waking up, have to run, Have a great day all, :)Anita

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Good Morning All,
Have lots of catching up to do with everyone. Life here is so hectic - the days are just flyinng by. Seems I never have time for ME!!! Soccer starting for my kids next week so that will take 4 nights a week in addition to everything else. I am glad school will be coming to an end soon. I'll take more time off from work to be home with the kids. I'm very envious of Debbie right now with her sun, sand, sea and margaritas....

Jo, so sorry to here about DH, but am so thankful for you that it all turned out good. I know that you will take such good care of him and he'll be good as new in no time. Oh, and your poor fish! That makes me so sad for you. Hoping that things are turning around for you and it's nothing but GOOD from here on out.

Gloria, glad your surgery is behind you and you are on the mend. Take it slow and do it right. It was so good to see you in the emails. Can't wait till you're back with us. We miss you!

Barb and Anita - Marie and David just get cuter with each picture! Thanks for sharing.

And Dianne - What a beautiful grandbaby! You sound like you're on cloud 9! I have a ways to go before grandkids, but I hear the feeling is right up there with having your own!

Oh poor Dawn and Angie with the poison ivy! I've had it twice and it ain't no fun I know. I cannot even imagine having it on my face! I have never heard of treating it with tansy or what was it you said Barb, touch me nots? (Is that the same thing as Jewelweed?)

Barb, sounds like you had a wonderful day with Eve. Bet it's so hard to let them go again when they come to visit. And I agree with Paul (he is the King of Wisdom after all) - $2.98 for an orchid is a steal. I've bought bargain ones at Lowes and they have done fine. Only thing is usually the tag is missing, or if it is tagged, it's wrong, so you're basically getting a no name.

Angie,so happy to hear that the Maryott daylilies are here! I'll be waiting for your email to let me know how much to paypal!

Deni too, ditto on the Maryott's! I'll email you when I'm done posting. I think I still owe you for part of my order with you.

Thanks to both of you - Angie and Deni - for combining orders for all of us!

Marea and Cindy, glad you both liked your hosta boxes! Marea, I meant to put a note in yours about the 'Hadspen Blue'- that was from a trade I did with Dianne soon after I joined Garden Web probably at least 4 years ago- back when I probably only had about 20 hostas and just getting into them. She may not even remember trading with me then. I always think it's kind of cool when we can send a trade on to someone that is from another member and further connect our gardens.

Shirley and Anita, you guys are killing me with all these iris pictures. I am resisting full blown addiction there. REALLY love those LA though! I was supposed to be in line this year for Joey's pink 'Mr. Man' iris. Did anyone have it increase enough from last year to share with me?

Dawn, what a very strange thing to happen with your FIL. You must have felt like you were in the twilight zone to be watching all this happening and then to realize that someone you knew was involved! I would still be MAD! Sorry to hear you're still losing fish. Hope you get the chemicals balanced soon.

Ellen, was nice to see you post again!

Cody, Thanks for hosting the next two swaps - I'll be in for the June free for all.

Marea, so sorry to hear about your paypal troubles. Thank God they caught it is time to cancel it out. Have they caught who did it to you? Thanks for the heads up on changing our password - I am going to do that today!

Need to get a move on and get ready for work, but wanted to leave you all with the details of my vacation that Sherri sent me on:


"Candy Land"

When only "In Your Dreams" (daylily) you can travel, it's a magical place where Plumpy the Gingerbread Man (cookies) offers you more plums than you care to eat.

Down the way, he will direct you to the Peppermint Forest where "Peppermint Lady" (daylily) will freshen your senses with peppermint puffs (candy).

Then it's off to Gumdrop Mountains where everyone tries to get stuck in a gumdrop (candy) so that Jolly will find you some "Blueberry Candy" (daylily) from her selection of "Elegant Candy" (daylily).

With any luck at all she will zap you straight to the Peanut Brittle house where Grandma Nut picks fresh peanuts for her peanut brittle (candy - yum this was the first thing gone!)

Her favorite past time is visiting the Lollipop Woods where Princess Lolly grows Tootsie Pops (candy) and if you are really nice to her she will share her "Fanciful Cnady" (daylily). She also has the secret to get past Gloppy in the Molasses Swamp (cookies). This takes you to your last stop a the Candy Castle where King Kandy shares her "Candy from Heaven" (daylily) and puts on a fireworks display which looks like a "Violet Explosion".


Want to say a big thank you again to Sherri for a very fun and imaginative box. Nothing better than a box full of daylilies and SUGAR! Also thanks for a trip down memory lane - it's been a long time since I played Candy Land with the kids!

Okay, guess I need to get to work! Have a good day all!

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namso(Z5 OH)

Good morning all,

Marea, glad you back. is it my imagination or is Finding Blue getting more blue with time? :). ive got one of graces (new) Little Peter Piper blooming here. Outstanding branching and bud count. hoping the color brightens up though, although it could have been affected by a late frost. looks like its going to bloom forever :). Love that Broadway Jazz too.

Cody - oh love the idea of no rules :). wish i could get in...but im so far behind already. probably havr to wait until july.

Barb - oh glad to hear the peonies are well. was hoping they would.

Debbie - those peonies you sent me a while back bloomed and were beautiful. loved them.

Sherri - just small yellows & golds in full bloom here now. Bitsy, Lemon Lollipop, Clementella. Stella and Happy Returns are just starting....many more getting ready though.
hopefully get a better look today.

Anita, Barb, Dianne.....beautiful grandbabies!!

boxes - Shirley & Jo....hope you got. dc says there. let me know if not. Susie.....worried about yours....DC 03060320000481697739 says its sent in Columbus. No update!

Dawn & Sharon - still have your Boo iris in pots. was hoping to find something else to throw in there but no time to look yet. You guys are up next....but might be next weekend.

MaryS- got your awesome hosta box. Thankyou so much!. off to get them in the ground this am. im loving all of them!

Hope to be back in the next couple of days to catch up more.

Cindy O/namso

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namso(Z5 OH)

MaryB....posting while you are. Cool CandyLand Sherri!

all...meant to say that all these vacations boxes have been fun to listen too!


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Hi Everyone,

Ohhh it is COLD here. only 40 and the wind is blowing, makes it feel even colder. I just got my brugs out of the basement day before yesterday. I hope the poor things don't freeze tonight.

it is so good to see you back. Thank you for the wonderful contribution to moms garden.

Yes, the box got here, and THANK YOU SO MUCH. All I can say is WOW. I will be getting your box out on Monday.

Your box will be going out on Monday too. What an awesome idea for a vacation. too cool.

Oh she is just so adorable. And growing so fast.

thank you. So great to see you post too. I want to give you another big thank you for sending the hosta out in my name for me. I will never forget that. big hugs. Wonderful vacation box, bet you had to fight the kids for the candy.(smiles)

Hope you are on the mend. Hurry back, we miss you.

You are so right. EVERYONE has the most beautiful and most cuddley and sweetest etc,etc, baby. No prejudice whatsoever. (grinnin big)

Awesome deal on your gargage sale furniture. You go!

List is in your in-box. Hope you have a ball in Salamanca, win big.

Count me in for the "anything goes" swap.

Dawn and Angie,
My friend Deb got a bad case of poisen ivy last year. The pharmacist recommended a lotion,(wish my brain could recall the name)But if you go ask your pharmacist he can tell you. He said it is 10 times better than calomine. She said it started working by the very next day, and she was cleared up in a matter of just a few days, and she had it BAD!!!!
good luck to you both, and NO SCRATCHING!!

Yes, post pics, we want to see.

Ok, I got pics of my family garden,
I did them as thumbnails so they won't take so long to load for some of you.Not quite in perfect order, but you get the idea. Our oldest DS came out for a week to help out while his dad is unable to work. He went back to Chicago yesterday. sniff sniff. We miss him so.















We got all the paths covered in black plastic and the mulch layed. I still have to get pics of the large Urn water feature we put in a few weeks ago. It turned out great. But, we are so pleased with the family garden. It has turned out so well. you can hear the water splashing when you sit on the bench we put nearby. A small tiger frog has already moved in. The wild ferns I put in the waters edge are doing well. we added several large moss covered rocks and they are also happy. It looks like it has been in our yard for years. We love it. IU can't wait till it warms up a little so I can start to get all the plants moved in. We have my Japanes maple "bloodgood" in a huge pot so it won't get too big(I have made it into a 5ft. "bonsai")the pot is set into the soil and a small rock wall around the edge of the pot so you can't tell. I also have the red laceleaf Japanese maple at the other end and slightly of to one side. It will take a looooong time to get any size to it. And i have a small evergreen that I "spiraled" set in there as well. Plus a couple of special rocks from my moms rock garden. There is a large rock slab we put across to make a small foot bridge. It is about 7in thick. It is just wonderful.

Well, I will be back later on.
If I missed you I will try to catch up more later on,
big hugs to all,

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Just real quick tonight - I'm so worn out.

My Amsonia is A. tabernaemontana - that's the willow leaf. I started them from seed last year and they are too close together - big hefty things already, blooming now and should bloom into July (weatherman willing). They do turn bright gold in autumn. I want to spread them out and maybe split the bigger plants - not enough bed for all - sooooo, a few need to emigrate!

Touch me not is jewelweed. Works well on our poison ivy. Cheap, too!

Sherri - What a fun idea you had! I bet that was fun to put together, too.

Paul, I must decide if I really want the paphs...We get cold in winter, really cold.

I planted my Rexes out where we always do, and a bird has decided to perch directly over my Escargot and now it is variegated! Hah! : )

This morning Strange Eyes showed me how she blooms. Very nice!!! One more DL vanished last night - Phil is out there spraying state of the art critter repellent on the DL patch and placing a 3' wide layer of plastic around it - theory is that raccoons find plastic tetchy to walk on. Stay tuned...local raccons testing theory around midnight tonight...

Isn't Marriot generous with bonuses? They sent me some nice ones, too, and I didn't order a single pricy plant. Nice people, I think.

Have a good Saturday night, and give your family a squeeze!


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RainbowLake(z7 OK)

Dawn, I am not a member of your group but I do like to read all the entries. I read about your problem with poison ivy and could relate. I had a very bad case a few summers ago and even with shots from the doctor it did not clear up. A lady at my husband work told me about a home remedy that really really worked. You take some epson salts and mix it with water to form a paste. Put it on the outbreak and leave it for a minute or two. Then soak the area in water as hot as you can stand for a few minutes. It takes a few days but it clears the rash up. Then whenever you see a new bump coming up do this as soon as possible and it will not get worse. Hope this helps.


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My Japanese Irises are blooming
Stranger In Paradise

Southern Son

Ink On Ice

Chitose Hime

Flashing Koi

Edens Harmony


MaryB-I have the LA Mr. Man that Joey sent me. I will check and see if I can send one.

Diane-Love that quilt. That is just beautiful.

Dawn & Angie-I don't want to even read that word POISON OAK. I get it all over me. I have never had it on my face but everywhere else YES. I now take poison ivy extract pills. You can get it at your drug store MAYBE. You start out taking 4 a day for several days then 3 a day for several days then 2 a day and then down to one a day. It works for me. I can be in it and not get it if I have taken the pills like I should. They are tiny white pills that you let disolve in your mouth. Tastes like sugar.

Barb-Little Marie is just beautiful, what a face. I could squeeze her she's so cute. Yes orchids for $2.98 is a killer deal. I find them at Lowe's sometimes half off.

Cindy-Got my daylilies and they are all planted in their new home. Wow they were so big. Thanks so much. Mailed your hostas Friday. Meant to put Diana Remembered in your box but left it out. Duh.

Karen-Glad the comet worked on your blue eyed grass.

Sherri-GOOD JOB on Candy Land vacation for MaryB. I love reading all the posts on those vacations.

Jo-send me some cold 40 degree weather. It was very hot here today. Your gardens are coming along great. Please post on the finished project.

Anita-I would like these irises even though they are unnamed. I really liked them.
1st picture of all the blooming ones--Love the dark purplish falls/off white standards
2nd picture-dark burgundy one by post
3rd picture-pinkish standards, purple/white falls

Carmen-Got my hosta swap box today. Thank you so much. I planted them and now can't remember which ones you sent. Will get the names and post them later.

Dawson playing in his pool


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bourret(z5a Maine)

Hi Everyone,

Well, lucky me, I'm on the official "inactve list" at work since I've been out on medical leave for 3 months. Actually, I'm very happy!!! I get to garden a lot.
We're supposed to get sunny again this week. It's been raining for what seems like 2 months.

Jo, I love the way your new garden looks. It DOES need plants! Is your want/wish list up to date? Hmmm.

Anita, You're a plant addict just like me. Your irises are lucious looking. This season I bought $1156.70 in daylilies at Maryott's. Not all at once. I started buying in November and everytime I got paid I bought something else. It just snowballed. Bill Maryott called me earlier tonight. Bonuses came up during the conversation and he said since I have so many daylilies he was just going to send me his introductions as bonuses. Wow, I nearly fell off my seat.

Cody, please include me in your swap and thank you so much for doing it.

Jo, I'm happy to hear your hubby is doing better. I hope you're doing a little better since your mom passed on.

Dawn, I would have fed my father-in-law to my fish(if I had any).

Marea, FINDING BLUE is just beautiful. How I wish Grace's daylilies would survive up here in Maine.

Dianne, Your quilt is adorable! If I could only sew. At least I know how to garden.

Gloria, Hope you're doing better. Talk to us more when you're feeling up to it.

Barb, Marie looks just like a Gerber baby. She's so beautiful.

Angie, Congratulations on your son's victory!

Karen, What an awesome find. Why would someone throw out perfectly good porch furniture? Beats me.

Please keep posting pictures of babies and animals. I love looking at them.

I attended a 2 year-old's birthday party today! You all should have seen how cute they were. If we could bottle the energy those children have we could garden 18 hours a day.

Talk To You All Later. I'm off to bed.


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

MaryB--sure I remember trading with you. I also remember how impressed I always was by your hosta knowlege when you posted. How wonderful that Hadspen Blue can do some cross-country sightseeing.

MaryS--try lasagna gardening for your hard-packed soil. I did about 4 years ago and now it's the only way I can deal with my cement-like dust/rock combination if I want to expand a bed.

Barbara--thanks for talking about your woodpecker. I have one that's just gone to town on my wisteria arbor. I'll ask Walt to check for bug infestation. Your granddaughter is dangerously adorable, how do you keep yourself from kissing her 24 hours a day? How did the raccoon experiment pan out?

Ellen--glad you checked in. Still moving to Branson? We vacationed there in '99 and it is a beautiful area. The Ozarks, right? Which flowers will go with you or are you planning on starting over?

Angie--congratulate your son on his big win for us. Poison ivy can be maddening, have you tried the epsom salt paste yet? Let us know how that turns out.

Jo--your family garden is incredible! What a change from first picture to last. Make sure you post your progress as you post. Going to make some painted rock markers for it? So much work, I need a nap after looking at the pictures!

Sharon--how'd the kidlette do on finals? Are you free to garden yet?

Anita--your iris beds are mind-bogglingly beautiful. So much effort and love apparent there. Wow. And Baby David--just precious. Is he babbling yet? How I love that stage.

Hope I didn't forget anyone, if I did, it's unintentional. The sun is out for the first time in 2 weeks. Like a mole emerging from it's hole, I'm going to go squinting out to inspect the gardens.

Dian57 out.

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Morning everyone,
How is everyone today?
Dianne is right, the sun is shining and I HAVE to get outside, just wanted to stop by and say hi.

Yes, we were very tired, there are 106 wheelbarrow loads of specially mixed soil(combo of the topsoil mixed with tons of manure from a farm that had to have their ditches cleaned out(free to us),and loads of rotted leaves from the piles we have been composting)Had to do it by the wheelbarrow, cause not enough room to load the trailer up and take it in by garden tractor. Plus all the rocks, had to hand carry those to the truck up at my moms, and then from the truck to the new bed. There are well over 100 of those too. And 38 wheelbarrows of mulch. Plus another 28 loads of mulch on all the paths. Whew, I am tired all over again(grins)

Please girl, you are killing me here. Those iris are absolutely gorgeous. The few I have are getting buds on them. If you have enough of "mr.Man" would you consider sharing a tiny piece. The piece I got from Joey is just sitting there, no green, nothing. Not even a sign of life. It isn't rotten, it just isn't "doing" anything. All my other iris are up and doing well,some in bud, some in bloom, but not that one.
Dawson is just too cute, and i love his pool.
Trust me Shirley, you do NOT want that 40 degree temp. We froze. It was in the 90's a week and a half ago for cryin out loud. What is up with this weather? Plus, Gene is feeling the cold badly, we think it must be because of the meds he is on now.

Yeah, I have my list pretty up to date, but it is an ongoing thing if you know what i mean.(smiles)
So, you are off work too? Don't you love it? Not much money coming in, but the pace is much slower, and you can get so much done. I worked so many hours a week, it was like I just stopped by the house once in a while, and work was my real home. I love being here, I am off till Aug. 6. Hopefully everything will be calm now so our lives can go back to normal.

I meant to tell you how precious your quilt is. I love it.

On the baby note, we still do not know what she is having yet. She had the ultrasound on Wed, and the baby was busy doing calisthenics(sp?), but refused to cooperate as to if boy or girl. No clear shots. She has to go back for another one next month because they were unable to get all the shots they needed,baby jumping around way too much, so we will get a second chance to find out.

Well, been sitting here wayyyy too long, gotta get out in the sun.
hugs to all,

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Hi all, what beautiful flowers and the baby is beautiful too. What a busy place this is!
I'm still not a member though I read the thread frequently and keep saying I'm going to ask to join "someday" when i finally get ENOUGH daylilies. Does one EVER EVER get "enough"
Here is my main question for the East Coast members of the group. Has anyone ever gone to the Open House at Woodland Nursery in NJ? I was planning to go for that and while reading discovered that they have a big clearance sale after the open house. (Starts July 6th I think.) I sure can't afford (time or money) to go to both so I'm looking for suggestions ideas feedback.

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Good Morning Everyone,

It's a beautiful day today - not too hot... yet... and sunny. I've been taking a walk every morning before everyone gets up for the last three weeks. This is the first time since my son was born that I've been able to do my exercise of choice and it feels great!

I think I'll be the first one to try the espom salt paste. I made the mistake of trying someone's advice and pulled out poison ivy in my new, not yet tamed, woodland garden instead of just spraying it with Brush-be-gone and I've got some. I should have listened to DH and wore the longer gloves, not the short ones. I now have poison ivy up my arm :(

Shirley - Dawson's a cutie! Love those Japanese Irises too! I've got only 1-2 kinds so far. I say 1-2 because I have a second clump I don't remember planting. It's going to bloom soon so I don't know if it's different from my one large clump. I bought a couple new ones last year that never made it out of the pot for the winter and they died. I had a tiny clump planted that seemed to make it through the winter that also died. I'm very bummed about that. Your collection is gorgeous! I'm determined to get more. I'm jealous that you got a fan of Mr Man from Joey, somehow, I got forgotten and never got a fan :(

Jo - nice new garden! Looks like lots of work. Glad to see that you have something to smile about.

Diane - My Brian Lee is doing very nicely this year. Seems to like its new home - thanks! Definitely a sentimental favorite. We're still talking about moving but we want to do some - no lots of stuff to the house to get maxmimum $$ for it. If we didn't need to do that we would have already put the house on the market and put a bid on the other house in Branson. My quandry right now is that if I can find a good job, we'll stay, if I can't we'll leave. The thing that really makes me hesitate on moving is my parents. They are in their mid-seventies and although they don't need it yet, I want to be able to be there for them when they do. Oh and they won't move with me anywhere - asked that already. What do I want to do with my plants and gardens? I want to take everything! That's not realistic though. Some stuff is just going to stay in pots until either I get a job or we move. Some stuff will get divided and put into a pot until this decision is made too. I can't resist though, I'm still working on my gardens. I love them too much to stop. I'm just not buying as much as I usually do.

Marea - I'm glad you decided to stay. It's hard to respond to everyone's post. I think it's good to keep the membership limited to a certain number because after a while it's just hard to follow everything if it got too much bigger.

MaryS - try raised beds with good topsoil. That's worked really well for me with my heavy clay soil. Much better than just amending the soil. Lay down some newspaper to kill the weeds and just put the topsoil on top. Best to make the good topsoil at least six inches deep.

Well - the rest of the family is getting up. Gotta go.


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Beth - where in Jersey is it? You might want to post that question on the New Jersey forum. I think at this point, I'm the only member from Jersey. I've never been there.


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I don't remember who complained about not being able to post twice in a row when they forgot to add something but I thought I might as well tell you how to get around this problem. If you change the subject of the posting each time you post, you can post several times in a row like I did just now.


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Good Morning Everyone:)

I don't want to talk about Salamanca, DH won as usual:(

Mary B,
I also have Mr., Man, Mine is not big enough yet, I will see what it does over summer.

Dawson is SOOOOOOOO handsome, & Growing so big.
Are these the 3?

Hope so they are the ones I have tagged for you.

You better go to the bathroom before you open your box's from Maryott's, Seriously, I spent half what you did & I got blown away with my bonus's. Bill is going to knock your socks off, I was very disappointed with spending almost $2000.00 with BLUERIDGE on eBay & Bob only sent me about $200.00 worth of bonus's, I realize a bonus is a gift not to be expected, but darn last year I only bought 1 Daylily from him for $20.00 & he sent me a $45.00 bonus Daylily. I just don't get it?

Thank you, Thank you, Hard work will pay off in the end:)


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I have tried telling them how to do it also:)

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meghan_in_ms(z7/8 MS)


Bill has always been very generious. I had talked with him about a few of his seedlings i wanted to add to my breeding program. Well I got several of those which will be future intros. I received several others that where on my list and I had him take them off. I did get 2 of his 2006 intros but I can not split either of them into a single fan to share right now. I am going to pot them up and hop I can split them up in the fall so i can share them. I have several nice things I bought for my garden and I will be sharing those since I got mostly seedlings of future intros along with a note not to share till they where registered. I could not believe to 2 huge boxes I got from him. He and Marylyn are the most awesome people. I look forward to ordering from them every year. Its toooooo HOT here to go out and do anything. It got to 100 here yesterday and I bet it will do the same here today.

Stay cool everyone.

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Hi everybody! I LOVE seeing more Iris - thank you for sharing those photos Anita & Shirley!! And Anita, I am always happier when you get to have your beloved gandson stay with you - the world just FEELS better. Here is the last of my iris blooming this Season, this is one i shared with you, Nancy, CIRCUS WORLD:

Ellen - I put everything into pots to move with me 18 months ago - i could not choose! But this year I've had to repot hundreds of plants into larger pots since we didn't go anywhere...here's hoping you get through this intermin ALOT faster than me! About my PP: it was simple password & was just guessed! I've learned that lesson now.

I was blessed with 'Brian Lee', too, & it has turned into a HUGE 6 fan clump this Spring - scapes are coming - so excited!! (lol - "you & your tiny fans", Dianne!)

Cindy dear, 'Finding Blue' has had that deep blue in every flower - my camera doesn't always see it, tho. I didn't know how much I was gonna love those mini's! How can they HAVE so many flowers & still keep growing? How tragic that Beth can't grow them in the snow country!!

Hosta help, please? This blue-green beauty came from Mary B or MaryS last year & I managed to loose my label already:

It's biggest leaf is @ 8 inches across.

Cody - a special thank you for the exquisite hosta 'Thumb's Up' - it is my favorite today! I'd like to join the swap, too, please. ~ marea

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Marea, I can't wait until that blooms. It is so gorgeous! My little frog bride is still sitting on my computer desk and is so cute. ;-)

Jo, I know that your DH will feel much better quicker now that he's home. I hope things are easing up for you and that you will be able to enjoy your time off with him. I love your new garden.

Debbie, be careful, you'll be doing the hula at least 3 nights a week if you show that to your DH. Too cute!

Veeja, I love your now bloom pics. Thank you for sharing them.

Barb and Tana Happy Birthday ya'll!

Dawn, don't mess around with that Poison Ivy. If you have it that bad it could be in your lungs and that's why you have cold symptoms. You may want to go to the doctor just in case if it doesn't clear up soon.

Angie, hopefully yours will go away soon. I know how miserable it is. I think I had it all summer each year when I was younger from picking berries with my Grandmother.

Dean, your quilt is just precious. I know it will be well loved!

Anita, David just keesp on getting cuter. I love your gardens and all of the pics.

Barbara, your little one is adorable. It makes you just want to pick all these new babies up and smother them with kisses.

Angie, I'm sure if you miss the infant stage there are lots of people you know who would let you babysit and gladly! lol

I love all the stories that go along with the vacation trades. You are all have such wonderful imaginations. And the boxes you are all packing! My gosh! I think everyone is very lucky. It's a good thing you aren't voting on that one or nobody would win---you all would!

Hi to everyone I missed and ya'll have a great Sunday! It's in the 90's here too. Ugh!


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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

For Lisa:

Tiger, who just loves Marie, too. He so wanted her baby toys, but understood right away that THIS pup was not to be stolen from...


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He is just adorable. And SMART too, knowing he can't take the babies toys. How cute.
We shall see how our little chi does once the new baby comes. She will most likely smooch the dickens out of her/him.

Hi Nancy,
Yes he does feel better being home, but he is just champing at the bit to get "doing" again. His doc appt is on Tues. I keep telling him he needs to see him first. He did a little bit with me out in the yard today. Not much, but enough to keep him happy, and out of real trouble. I could tell though when he started to slow down, and I had him quit and go do some sitting, and relaxing. I think he now realizes he does need to take it real easy.
He is ready for bed now and it is only 8:30. So, we will be going up shortly.

I really like that hosta, but i can't help you identify it. Wish I could.

Now YOU have poisen ivy. What is it with you gals and poisen ivy this year? Actually, they just had something on TV about it. Apparently it LOVES global warming. It is becoming very invasive, and in areas it has never been before. And when you DO come in contact with it, it is twice as toxic, so much more difficult to get rid of. Hear that evreyone?, you really need to use a lot of care out there.

I got all your goodies ready, will pack and mail in the AM.

Got almost all of your goodies dug, will finish in the AM, and yours will be going out too. Will let you both know once they are on the way.

I will be getting back to you to finalize our trade. I am sorry it has taken so long. But, I think things are finally gonna start acting normal now. Please God, let them be normal.

Hope I didn't miss anyone.
Hugs to all,

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi everybody!

I have lots to say and lots to type, but I can't do so this evening. I will be free tomorrow morning after work for a bit, so i'll be back then.
I just wanted to quickly thank everyone for the poison ivy tips.
Karen (rainbowlake), how nice of you to stop by with that advice. I am going to try it right now. Thanks so very much!
I actually have been "scalding" myself, as the hot water is supposed to bring the histamines to the surface and stop the itching. Seems to work pretty good.
I have a few more things to get done before going to bed and i'm not sure I can make it with all this itching. The method i've been using has been getting me through most of the day until about now. Then it gets just unbearable.

I will be seeing the doctor tomorrow sometime. It's starting to look like it may be systemic. I am totally covered and in such agony.

The good news is that I ordered a commercial boom sprayer that will mount on my mower and hopefully by the end of the week I can begin destroying that evil weed, lol. My new sprayer covers a 12' path, so hopefully it won't take me too long to get most of the grassy area done.
Normally, I am a pretty organic gal and prefer non-chemical ways to deal with pests and weeds. But this time I have no choice.

Oh, and Cody, please count me in for the swap. Sounds like great fun.

What great pictures everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I'll be back to catch up tomorrow, including posting the mile long list of things received from Deni and Marea in the past two swaps. : )

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

ok, so far for the june swap i have these people signed up
did i miss anyone?

i didn't get an email from you. don't go through gw, i don't get them. my email is stycboe@hotmail.com.

i'll take one of each please and thank you.

i'll email you later tonight.

it's a good thing you stayed, i'd hate to have to come out to oregon to box your ears! lol

i think it's time for another valium...better yet make it a round for the house, lol!

i need to start taking pics soon or i'm not going to get any! i've already missed all of the tree peonies and half of the iris.

was there anyone that need a bit of harrassing that i missed?


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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Hi everyone,
Just have a minute to check in and say hi.

Shirley, what? Now you're gonna start with the Japenese? You are such an enabler! Love them. Oh and that Dawson - what a gorgeous boy! Talk about wanting to smooch cheeks. Thanks for checking on the "Mr. Man' for me - I can wait till next year if it's not big enough yet - just keep me in mind please.

Marea, your hosta looks like Frances Williams to me. An oldie but a goodie. Still one of my favorites. Mine is HUGE this year. Love your "Circus World'.

Barb, what a cute pooch!

Dawn, hope you follow through and see the doc tomorrow. You really shouldn't let that poison ivy go on any longer. Now Nancy has gotten me worried about you. I didn't realize that it could get into your lungs.

Jo, love your new garden. I'll say it one more time - I have never in my life seen anyone that works as hard as you do. Glad you're making hubby take it easy. Oh, and you are most welcome for the hosta box sent! Glad I could do it for you!

Better go get some things done before bed.

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

save me a fan of playing with sharks!!!

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Well Ladies! I miss one weekend of this forum and I have to take PAGES of notes to catch up!!!

In no particular order:

Anita: Let me know about that possible trade. I'd like to put my hostas into the garden the middle of July. Baby David is sooooo cute!! He is growing like a weed (we love this weed though). Some of your Iris are wonderful! And look at all that land, big gardens and I love the path in one of the pics. Have to say 'WOW' on the Maryott bonuses too.

Barb: I find racoons scary ... and Rotweiler's even more scarier (is that a word?). We had a black lab when I was a teenager who thought he was a rotweiler when it came to racoons and groundhogs. Not a one to be found on my Dads 10 acres! Marie is the cutest towhead!!! Who has the blond hair? Question on the Rex's. Do you plant yours in part or full shade? I have mine in part shade/morning sun and it still has burn marks.

The Poison Ivy Women: Angie, Dawn, Ellen: I have two words for you ... Cortisol shot!!!!

Karen: You got my glider ... I've been looking for one for the cottage for 2 years. You got a fantastic deal!!! Happy Birthday to Ryan, 10 years, what a wonderful age to be! It must have been heartwarming to hear him say that about your 'outside room'. Direct your Honeysuckle question to Cody, he is our resident Horticulturist.

Gloria, I'm so glad your surgery is done, now you can start the real mending.

MaryB: What a great box you got from Sherri! So imaginative. I want to go to Candy Land too!

Cindy O: Thanks for remembering the Boo Iris. It really is a cute one.

Jo: Your new garden pictures really tell a story. Whew, lots of work, but worth it in the end! Glad hubby is doing well. You are doing a great job of keeping him well. 8:30 bedtime ... sounds right to me! (I'm up at 4/4:30 for my job).

Shirley: STOP IT!!! All the Japanese iris pictures ... I want one of everyone you have posted ... but alas, I have no room for them on my suburban landscape.
Dawson is such an active cutie! I love his pool. They have the cutest things for kids now.

Lisa: Off for the summer ... Great! ... but for medical reasons, that isn't so great. Hope you still are able to enjoy the summer though.

Diane: The son has one more exam today. Then my schooling is done for the summer!

Marea: Circus World is a cutie ... reminds me of the Las Vegas Hotel. Sorry, don't know the name of the hosta since I'm a hosta-newbie, but it is beautiful.

Dawn: Let us know how the Dr's appoint goes.
Wow! Boom Sprayer on the Mower! Your reminding me of 'Tim Taylor the Toolman' UG, UG, UG

Cody: No swap for me this month, but just wanted to thank you for hosting them.

Ok, which one of you guys dropped peonies seeds into my garden?? I couldn't figure out what these plants were, but knew they didn't look like weeds. I just saw them at a garage sale and Bingo! I now know I have Peonise growing in the middle of my garden!!!!!! I'm not a peonies fan, but will grow them till they bloom, then give them away.

I found a Black and Blue Salvia plant at a local nursury. I know it won't survive my winter. Anyone else in a colder zone grow it and overwinter it? How do you do it?

Hubby has a rash again on his face. He's almost certain he is getting it from golfing ... picking up the ball and then touching his face. Kind of scary ... you hear of people dieing from that kind of repeated exposure.

My climbing Rose - New Dawn - has finally bloomed. A very pretty peach pink. But not the perfume scent I had hoped for. It is my only rose so I'm excited about it. Jo, thanks for the Banana information. I really think that helped ... it really took off after I planted the banana. LOL

I have several pictures to post, but I don't want to lose this Long post, so I will post them next.


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Morning all,
just stopped by real quick before I go out to play in the dirt.

hugs to all,

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Ida Belle deBoer

Sink Into Your Eyes - not as purple as the sellers picture.

I'm already dabbing pollen.


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Shirley, those irises are beautiful as always. I think we need to do a trade soon as my iris corner has only one thing growing... not sure what happened to the ones you sent me earlier this year... they're in there, but nothing poking through at the moment.

Marea, that circus world is beautiful also. Wow-wee.

Love all the baby and pet photos.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

WARNING: LOOOONG post ahead.........

Well folks, get ready for one of mamabirrd's novels. You can blame the length of this post on Marea and Deni, LOL.

I'll start by listing all the wonderful things I received from Marea in the Hosta Shuffle:

I opened my box to find the most precious sign that says "Welcome Angels and Birds". Now isn't that just perfect?? You know that will get a special place at my new home. Love it!

She also wowed me with an extremely generous garden full of Hosta:

'Royal Standard'
'Swan Lake' yahoo
'American Halo'
'Wide Brim'
'Chinese Sunrise'
'Allan McConnell'
'Ginko Craig'
'Cherry Berry'
'Jane Ward'
and one other that she will have to ID for me. The ink rubbed off the tag and I can't read it. I will post a pic if you need it Marea. It's a real pretty one.

If that wasn't enough, she also included Hem. 'Night Wings'. You know I was doing a happy dance.

To my surprise, Marea mailed me box #2!! It included:
Hosta 'Lemon Frost'
Hem. 'True Blue Heart'
Hem. 'Celebration of Angels'
and the sweetest Monarch butterfly made of feathers!

You were just too generous Marea and I hope to return the kindness. Thank you dear friend. Everything is doing fabulous.

Okay, on to the Vacation that Deni sent me on. She included a note that said she had planned to send me around the world to lots of tropical places, but instead decided to give a Yankee a tour of the South, LOL. Perfect!
Here is what we picked up as we vacationed together.....

-The Dixie Dictionary (Complete Guide to Southern Language)
This is so awesome......I had no idea a "canecutter" was a large swamp rabbit. : ) Loving this!

-Mississippi Magazine, filled the great recipe's and a very good gardening guide.

-Ghosts (Personal Accounts of Modern Missippi Hauntings) by Sylvia Booth Hubbard. Can't wait to read this!

-National Audubon Society Field Guide to Birds (Western Region) DH and I are thrilled to add this to the Eastern Region edition that we already own. Must haves for birders!

-Flora, A Dictionary of Common Plant Names. This is so great. Something I had wanted.

-Sweet Potato Queen's Big A$$ Cookbook (and Financial Planner) by Jill Donner Browne. LOLOLOL. This will be some great reading. I think I saw her on Oprah?

-A pink parrot bottle opener. You have to see this! I love it.

-"A Morning Cup of Yoga", 4 CD collection. I cannot wait to start using this. I've been planning on starting Yoga for quite a while and this is a good motivator.

-Garden Shears. This is the nicest pair of shears/scissors for the garden. Now I can retire my old, rusty ones. Awesome.

-A rubber parrot stamp! I just started collecting bird stamps...Yay!

-An aromatherapy set that will hopefully help to relax me during the stresses of homebuilding that are yet to come. It is really nice.

-A pink/white wall pocket that will go with my collection of pink shabby chic things. It's very pretty.

-Birds.....my heart was so touched by the collection of birds that Deni sent. I cannot do them justice by describing them and will post pictures of them in one of my next posts. Something I will treasure forever.

-Something else I will treasure is the Bluebird Nest Box built by Deni's Dad. Now that is just the coolest!! I have a spot at the new place already picked out and will be installing a post soon. Once it's installed I will post a pic. Deni, I love this. Your Dad is very talented and I appreciate it so much. I saw a Bluebird up there the other day. This is so fitting for my soon-to-be home, "Bluebird Hill".

Okay people.....I hope I haven't lost anyone yet. This is only the beginning. Here are the plants Deni included in this special Vacation box:

All these different Sedum:

'Vera Jamison'
'Purple Emperor'
'Frosty Morn'
'October Daphne'
2 large green upright sedum
1 large upright variegated sedum
and 2 more bags filled with sedum.

-fruity sage
-Gaura 'Corries Gold'
-Coctail 'Vodka'
-Coctail 'Whiskey' (I believe those are begonia's)
-Stokes Aster
-Parrot Lilly
-Toad Lilly
-Purple Hidden Ginger
-Canna ? Maybe 'Tropicanna'?

'Prairie Blue Eyes'
'Sonic Bloom'
'Star of India'
'Jason Salter'
'Happy Returns'
'Teller of Tails'
'Coral Cay'
'Mister Lucky'
'Small Gesture' (I think not, lol)
'Little Dreamer'
'Merry Mimic'
'Strawberry Jazz'
'Ceil D'or'
'Rain Drop'
'Continental Holiday'
'Symmetry in Ruffles'
'Fairest of Them'

Whew!!! I sure hope I didn't forget anything Deni. You sure did go overboard with all those boxes. The postage alone was just unreal. What a fun vacation and I will be enjoying it for a long time to come. Thank you beyond words.

You did such a good job hosting that swap and I look forward to next year. Thank you for being such a good friend to us all.

Jo, I love your new garden! What a blast I had watching the progress. A wonderful place to sit and remember, smile, and laugh. I have some plants for you and will mail in the next few days if that's good with you. Included will be your plume poppy. : )

Anita and Shirley have bit me with the Iris bug. I was over on the LA ordering more this morning. Awesome pictures both of you!

Shirley, 2 of the Iris I bought from you have bloomed so far. It's just amazing. They are still so small, yet have sent up these giant flower stalks. Too cool.

Sharon, that's a good comparison, LOL. I'm just crazy about my tools & equipment. : )
I love my 'New Dawn'. It blooms for such a long time and always looks great. Very disease resistant.
I've been overwintering 'Black & Blue' for a few years (same plant). I've had success both in the greenhouse, and in my unheated shed that stays around freezing or a bit below (it's attached to the greenhouse). That Salvia is one of my favorites. A pic from last year:

Shirley, Dawson is adorable. I'll have to show my sister that pool.......she wants to get a kiddie pool for her new house to soak her pregnant body in. : )

Only a little over 2 months until I become an Aunt!!!!!

Dianne, that quilt!! I am speechless! It is so cute! I love the chicken wire design. You should go into business. It turned out just beautiful.

Cindy O, I'm in no hurry for the 'Boo'. But thanks for thinking of me. You'll have to give me some ideas of what you are looking for.

Karen, good deal on the furniture. DH and I were on our way home from the property Saturday and we passed a yard sale that had the best ol' wheelbarrow with a metal wheel. I begged DH to turn around. Glad I did.....it was only 5 bucks!!!! I also got 2 old wooden boxes with cool hinges for $1 & $5.

MamaG, Hope you are resting comfortably. Can't wait to have you back.

Anita, Did you at least break even? Love that pic of Baby David.

Canna, tell Doug training camp starts soon. : ) Hope things are going good down your way.

MaryB, thanks...I am trying to get an appt. as we speak. My doc is always busy and it's hard to get in with short notice.

I really didn't want to get a shot & the steriods if I didn't have to....he'll only give them to me twice a year. But since it's pretty bad i'll go. Shame, i'll clear up and get it again i'm sure.

Check this out....

That is less than a square foot of my "grass" at the new place. Can you see the Poison Ivy? Well, that is how it is in the entire field. It's even worse along the tree lines and in the woods. It is impossible to not touch it. But believe me, i'm trying.

Good news, our driveway base is finally complete!!

That pic is the very end of the 1000' drive and the house will sit approx. where our Bobcat is. To the left of the Bobcat is the garage area.....

In that pic I am overlooking the garage area. My DH is walking toward the garage doors on the house.

DH is home today and we are headed over to dig the footer for the garage. Yay! Construction will finally begin this week.

Well, I better get moving. I have more catching up to do, but I want to get this posted before I lose it.

I'll BBL......

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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bourret(z5a Maine)

Hi Everyone!

Love all your pics! Those Japanese Irises are to die for but I have no space for them. Is it true that lime will kill them? I just got three of them for my friend who is trying to establish a nice garden and I don't want her to lose them.

FINALLY!!! The rain has stopped. The sky is a beautiful blue with almost no clouds. I have to go out and weed. Certainly can't dig with the soil so wet.

Anita & all, You have me scared! I know Bill Maryott sends 100% worth of bonuses. Since my bonuses will be his introductions I'm hoping it won't be too much. Who am I trying to kid? Help.

Dawn, Your driveway looks awesome! I have this thing about driveways in the country. They look out of place when they're paved.

Marea, That was some box you sent Dawn. You're a doll.

Deni, You sent Dawn so many plants! You're very generous and a sweety to boot. Where does she get all the energy to do all she does?

I'm going to pull those nasty weeds! Sorry for all your poison ivy infections. Hopefully, there's something the doctor can give you to clear it up. Fortunately, I've(keeping fingers crossed) never had anything happen when I touch the stuff. Why is that? Doesn't everybody who handles it get the rashes?

Best to you all Angels,


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cody_mi(z5 MI)

ok for the june everything goes swap the partners are as follows
marea - dianne
paul - shirley
cody - anita
lisa - dawn
gloria - ellen
jo - maryb
debbie - cody

i realize that i'm on the list twice, but we had an odd number so i'll send twice, unless karen or cindy decides that they do want to be part of it. i'll give them till tomorrow at noon to make a final decision. the rules for the no rules swap are...the swap for june is a free for all. you must send at least five plants that will make your partner smile. at least one of them needs to be a favorite of yours and you need to send them a little note about why it's your favorite. you may send any extras you want. the plants can be anything!!! THEY MUST BE SHIPPED BY JUNE 27, 2006. try to get them out earlier since everything slows down around the fourth of july.

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big grins***

Any hoo,

Your box of goodies is on the way.

Yours is on the way too.



thanks everyone,
big hugs,

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

i'd like in on the peony swap and maybe add ornamental grasses to the list?

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

So, I'm sitting here, right? Doing nothing, minding my own business. I promised myself no more plants for this season. Well, except for Cody's swap, of course.

Anyway, what falls into my lap?--the offer of a peony swap. Do I need any more peonies? Nope.
Do I have space for any more peonies? Certainly not.
Can I pass this up? Absolutely not!

Jo, count me and my historic peonies in.

I'm so weak.

Sigh . . . .

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Cody is it too late to get in the june swap? I kept meaning to sign up but kept procrastinating, please let me in. either way
hugs carol oh and squirrels plant peonies. mine planted two.love everyones pics and boy are the babies cute. I'm gonna have to wait for great grandchildren now, my kids are done. so I'll just enjoy yours

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Thanks Carol, so it was the squirrel and not you that planted that peony in the middle of my garden!

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to ask for a little prayer for our hometown hero, Ben Roethlisberger.
The Pittsburgh Steelers QB was in a bad motorcycle accident downtown this afternoon and has undergone surgery. He was not wearing a helmet. At this point, all that is being released is that he is in serious but stable condition.

Seems as though he had the right of way, was coming out of a tunnel and a woman turned or pulled out in front of him. His head impacted the windshield and he flipped over the car, landing on his head on the pavement.

I am praying that he will be okay. This brings back the terrible memories of our motorcycle accident just a few years ago. It's something i've tried hard to put behind me, but when you hear about things like this it's hard to forget.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

here's the final list!

marea - dianne
paul - shirley
cody - anita
lisa - dawn
gloria - ellen
jo - maryb
debbie - carol

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Anita-Yes those are the three irises that I want. You got all 3 of them right. Hope you got my e-mail on our trade.

Jo-YESSSSSS I want in on the peonies/iris swap. I love peonies, irises, and everything. Not seen many flowers that I don't like.

Paul-I'm always ready for trades. Have you been on daves garden and seen Doss's irises. Oh my goodness he has some nice ones. He lives Out West too.

Dawn-My $1.00 irises bloomed also. I was amazed that they bloomed this year. What a nice box from Deni and Marea.
Order those irises Dawn. We need to have lots of iris swaps. 2 months until the baby gets here. I know you are excited. My DH can pull poison ivy up by the roots and never get it on him. If I go over and look at it, it gets on me. Whew get rid of that stuff.

MaryB-I do have enough of Joeys Mr. Man Louisiana iris. Will send it to you. Maybe next year I can send to someone else.

Marea-Love your iris circus world. Now you have two things I want. TB iris circus world and those tiger eye dutch iris.

Barb-Love your little 'tiger' dog. He's adorable.

Jo-I am in no hurry for our swap. Just LMK.

Sharon-Dawson loves that pool. It has steps on one side of the dragon and you slide down his tail. His Mom has to watch him, everytime he sees it he starts taking off his clothes. Wish peonies would come up in my yard. I'm going to try and sow some seed this year. Love your daylily Ida Belle deBoen. You have the most beautiful daylilies. My mango tango I got from you is just about to bloom.

Lisa-Yes lime will kill Japanese irises. You cannot even plant them near where you might put in a concrete walkway or driveway. Also, they have to be moved every four years. I found out the hard way that this is very true. They use up all the nutrients in the soil and need to be moved somewhere else. They get smaller and smaller and eventually die if you don't move them.

Whew bed time for me. Take care everyone.

Carol-I have not forgotten about the picture with my hat. Going to post my hat soon. Wish squirrels would plant me some peonies. Our squirresl are lazy, won't do nothing.


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bourret(z5a Maine)

Shirley, Thank you for letting me know about the Japanese Irises. My suggestion was that my friend plant them in large pots and sink them into the ground. I potted them up but the pots should be larger. There are some very large pots in my shed and I think I'll get them back from her, re-pot them and have my DH plant them in big holes in the front of her house. This way I know no lime has been added to them. If they die she'll feel very badly because I gave them to her. Actually, now that I think about it all her plants came from me. I told her not to buy any because why should she bother when I can divide my plants and give her anything she needs. Although, for her birthday last year I did buy a Daphne,'Carol Mackie' and a Hydrangea,'Endless Summer'. This year for her birthday, I'm getting her a Forsythia,'Meadowlark' and a Lilac'Miss Kim'. If I gave her rooted cuttings of shrubs they would take forever to get up to a decent size. I can rationalize anything. Just ask my husband.

I have DAWN for the swap! My mind is already turning.

If you all remember in early-April I asked questions regarding likes, dislikes, garden themes, what kinds of plants you collect(Cody's very good suggestion that I "tweak" the garden theme question a bit), books you enjoy reading, magazines you subscribe to and types of garden labels preferred. I saved all of the emails sent back to me so if anyone needs ideas just ask and I'll send you your swapper's answers.

I'm going to read for awhile then go to bed for tomorrow is supposed to be "a lovely day" according to our weatherman.

Talk to you later Angels,


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

oooh - 5 what-ever-i-wants to DIANNE! Tiny fans! Thanks for hosting this swap, Cody, and thanks for boxing my ears so affectionatey & waking me up, too. *grin*

Sharon - your daylilies are so - its like you paint them instead of photograph.. Just beautiful. Dabbing pollen! Thanks for reminder!!

I am becoming a real yellow lover - I can't believe it! Lookit diamond dusted ruffled 8 inch wide 'Lunar Max'!!

Jo - I love your idea but really better sit your grand trade out. I might really get to move in August!!! Pray!

Shirley - i wrote those 2 irises down for you in my notebook.

Dawn, dear, I'm so sorry about your Steeler! Helmet laws are not stupid & I wear one when I ride horses or motorcycles for just that reason.
Will you try taking benedryl to see if you can get your body to stop being hysterical about the poisen ivy toxin/allergen? It is still the best antihistamine & actually helped me when i was covered head to toe with poisen oak. Ask the doctor.
Ok - gotta eat to work to garden ~m'

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Good evening everyone!

Jo, I'd love to be part of this swap, I was just wondering if it would be a problem that only one of my peonies has a name. Will that keep me out? When we're talking about irises are we talking about bearded, LA, Siberian and Japanese? Lastly, and most importantly, can I get Anita or Shirley as a partner?

Hi Gloria!!! It's going to be fun to have you as a partner!

Lisa - thanks for the reminder!


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Thank you so much for saving all those responses to your questionaire! I tried but failed. You are now a veritable/bonafide/virtual Angel library - thanks for being there! ~m'

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abitodd(z8 MS)

Wow Dawn, Did I really send all that...lol I guess I did go overboard but it sure didnt seem like i sent all that much. I had fun putting it all together so as long as you enjoyed it then thats all that is important.

Well I thought I would pop in and see what was going on. Need to get in the bed. Have an early morning...have been shipping all day and that just beats me down.

Jo, count me in on you swap.

You folks that are in the far north what is your latest safe planting date?

Beautiful pictures...Beautiful babies....Beautiful People...

What more can one ask....

Nite all

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I would like to be in on my first swap. I see now that gives you an uneven number AGAIN. So you don't have to include me in this one. That's ok, too.
I won't have my feelings hurt either way. JUst LMK. I sat on it for a few days, so I understand if I'm out on this one.

You know I just found out our PO doesn't stock the priority boxes. You have to get them on line. That is so retarded! They said the only reason they have a few on hand is becasue customers bring the PO the extra boxes they ordered!

I was out taking more garden pics. Should have th eroll developed soon. Thx for all the lovely pics you folks are sharing.

I read jap. iris are intolerant of drying soil. Are they really that fussy? I wouldn't want one if I had to worry about that.

Cody is 6 yo honeysuckle past it's prime? Mine has had aphids the last 2 years. I'm wondering if this is better as a short term perrenial? It was one of my first plant purchases. The ones I've propagated from it are fine and no aphids. But then they are 2 yo.

Is there any benefit to cutting back a heliopsis? Will if get more bushy growth or jsut be shorter?? I have a lovely variagated one that I want to grow wider.

time for coffee.

Glad to read up on everyone. Man that poison ivy sounds nasty. Not sure about the pic. I know the saying "leaves of three, let them be.."

I just transplanted my first lion's ears seedlings. I'm so excited they worked out. They will be an annual here (of course)


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Morning everyone,

I am not sure how all the others feel, but no names would probably be ok. What I will do is find out who has no-names and pair you both up. Or you can do a no name and a named. Iris will be whatever kind you have to share. Or, again, you can purchase one (or more) it will be up to you.We will just try to do the best by our partner. I will tweak the details a bit more, and get back to you all. I do know that "wilds" has very nice peonies, and their prices are not bad. I got a "sorbet" from them last year and the tuber was very good sized.

Can you recommend a good place to get reasonably priced, good size peonies? I KNOW you can recommend a place to get iris(smiles)

I will keep him in prayers. Make sure you take care of that poisen ivy.

girl, you just crack me up.

I am sure Cody will find a spot for you.
On your aphids, I will tell you what I use that works great. I get one of those spray bottles from the garden centers, fill it with water, put a small squirt of dish detergent (I use Ivory) and a capful of hydrogen peroxide in it, and go spray them. I don't get them on my honeysuckle, but I do get them on a couple of my roses and this solution works great for me. My honeysuckle is over 10 years old, and I don't have a problem with aphids, so I doubt it has anything to do with age. Have you checked to see if you have ants? Ants literally "farm" aphids like cows to get the "honeydew" from them. If you check your plant and find ants with your aphids, then that is what is happening. Spray them good, and see if you can find the ant nest and get rid of it. Once they are gone, your aphids should be too.

Latest safe planting date here. Hmmmm, it seems to vary by year, but I usually don't like to plant anything besides bulbs after mid sept. I have planted iris and peonies as late as the end of Sept. and they came through fine(of course, that is peony planting time). Also, some of my small shrubs, but i don't try perennials that late.

You crack me up too. (tiny fans indeed) Love "lunar max", and i am not a "yellow" person either, although I HAVE found myself admiring more of them lately. Hope you really do get to move this time, so you don't miss out on the swap for nothing. But, hey, if you find out you aren't gonna move later on, let me know, and I can most likely squeeeeeeeeeze you in. big hugs

Squirrles plant peonies huh? THAT could explain where the peony came from that popped up by my watergarden a couple years ago. Well, there goes my theory that I was such a great gardener it moved in there because it wanted to live here in my gardens. Ahh well.

Hey Shirley,
want me to send you a couple of MY squirrels? to help you plant peonies?

I got MaryB for my partner, toooooo coooooool!

Well, today is Doctor day for DH,please say a couple more prayers that most(all?) the damage is healed or healing.

Better get moving,
hugs to all,

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I've got to share this with you. I just got an e-mail from
Brad at Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm. He is the one who sold all the $1.00 daylilies on the Lily Auction. He is sending me as a bonus his 2005 AND GOD SAID. I bought all those daylilies for a landscaping project at OUR CHURCH.
I can't believe he picked out that daylily as a bonus. Pretty neat. God is still on the throne. I'm listening. I'm listening.


Jo-Yes send me 2 or 3 of your squirrels (if they will work)
Prayers for DH today. God Bless you both.

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Hi folks,

Quick Us vs Raccoons tally:

Us - 0
Raccoons - 3

Yup, they got 3 DL's so far. They just get to digging and break off or just kick off somewhere (1 disappeared! Maybe they took it home?) and the daylily is kaput!

They dug again last night - one of yours, Deni - I'll tell you which if I ever find the tag - the same one they obliterated yesterday.

In past years, they do this right after the young ones come out of the nest and mama is showing them how to forage. We see cute families of toddling fuzzy trios with thin tired mamas moving through the woods and gardens at night. Midnight to 3 am is the magic time period.

So they are now walking across 3' of plastic sheeting, sprayed with pepper-based varmint spray AND deer repellent into the new DL garden.

Lots of interesting posts to respond to - back to you all this evening.


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Good Morning All,
Quick Hi, Need to get some things done before Jo & DH get here today:)
I got my E-mail from Brad too:) I'm getting it too:) This is---And God Said

Have a fun day all, :)Anita

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Oh Anita its beautiful. I will give it to the Church since I bought the others to give. I'm going to have a plaque made with what it says about the daylily and put it beside the daylily.

This daylilys name was inspired by the book of Genesis; as per chapter one: "And God Said, "Let there be light," and there was light." The light is necessary for making GodÂs creative works visible and all life possible.


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bourret(z5a Maine)


I just want you to know I'm praying for your DH today.


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Shirley.. looks like we're trading on Cody's smile swap... maybe your favorite will include a bearded iris or two (HINT!)... LOL. Let's see... what to send, what to send...

Dawn, yikes. I'm itchy just looking at those shiny leaves. The King of Wisdom only has one word for you... concrete.


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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Morning Everyone,
Jo, how did everything go with Gene's Dr. appt?

Angie, Maryott daylilies came. Thank you again. Cool bonus plants - Knights in Velvet and Villa Del Sol. Let me know final $ amount and I'll paypal you.

Shirley, thanks for checking on the Mr. Man for me. Just hang on it to for now if you would. Would hate to do postage for one thing. Maybe we will get paired up for one of the swaps coming up and you can throw that in. Otherwise, we just may have to do a swap of our own before fall!

I can't think of a better free for all swap parter than JO!
Thanks Cody.

Barb, how frustrating those raccoons must be! It's probably hard to be really mad at them when the babies are so darned cute. Maybe you need to get Luther the Flying Elvis Guard Dog on duty.

Marea, did you see my note that I think your hosta in question is Frances Williams?

Jo, I'll be in for the peony and iris swap. I have lots of both that need to be divided and moved this fall, so this will work out perfect. Even have some grasses to include if you decide to add those too.

Someone asked about poison ivy not affecting all people. My understanding is that not all people are allergic to it. Those that break out in the rash are. Those that are not though will usually become allergic to it over time with repeated exposure to it.

Dawn, what a nasty looking patch of grass/ivy. I agree, you have no other recourse but chemicals in this case. How are you doing? Have you seen the doctor?

Off to start the day.....

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

MaryB - I sent you a long ol' email thanking you - where do those things GO?? Yes, that IS Frances Williams hosta, thank you for the fast & correct ID !!

Angie, in case you didn't get my email, either, I received my box of Maryott daylilies too & will send a check as soon as you email my total. Thank you very much for sharing those great bonuses!!

It is TRUE that the poison ivy/oak allergy can develope eventually - my DH grew up in it & didn't get his first rash until after 50...

There is a GREAT bulb seller on eBay who is offering lots of bulbs for Winter forcing... "flowersforme123"

My regional AHS meeting is being held in Portland next month & I get to go! Peat & Petit are gonna speak, there are garden tours & an auction - so excited!!

Barb - that photo of your Tiger is just adorable! Those Cairn's were always so easy & fun to work with at the vet's, perfectly behaved & so smart they knew why I had to poke & prod them. Superior dogs, I think.
Good grief - killer coons! Now you need chicken wire tents for your plants & a gallon of tabasco sauce just to garden? Not fair. One of my cats (crippled Tim) took it on himself to rid us of our family of coons - only one short trip to the vet about all that, we were very lucky.

Roses: Sharon, I have New Dawn, too, a 12 by 4 foot mass just covered with flowers only 2 years after the 40 year old plant was bulldozed next door & then rescued by me. Obviously indestructable plant. I also recommend 'Lafter','American Beauty' & 'Fragrant Plum'. All 3 are also drought proof, disease resistant & bloom in bouquets of substantial flowers with hardly any care. And then there is 'Cecil Brunner' - prettiest pink rosebuds in the world & also no fuss at all. I have several more new to me antique roses that I've been raising from cuttings, just love roses...
great day everyone, marea

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Hello All,
Wow.been here reading for about a hour now..lol..so much going on.

But first off Cody..I'm late too..so can Karen and I be parterns for your swap..Please...smiles

Baby pic's ...wow what cuties..Mr Man is getting so big..I can't believe it..

Love all the iris pic'iris...and those Japanese..breath taking..Anita and Shirley I think its time for a midnight raid..so don't worry about that flash light you see out in your yard late at night it's just me..smiles

Jo..you make me tired just reading your post..your family garden looking great..can't wait to see more pic's.

Dawn bored of seeing your pic's of your new house..NOT ..love seeing how things are moving along for you..so sorry about the poison ivy ...wow..yuck.

Mareas...hugs...love seeing all your daylily pic's...i'm not crazy about yellow..but sure like see all your different blues.

Oh ya Jo...please I want in on the fall swap..peonys and iris..sorry Cody I don't really have much in the way of grasses..the darn stuff drives me crazy reseeding all over the place..lol..or its just me..just took the shovel to some the other day..its gone..won't stay out of my sedum and hostas..so out it went.

As for dayliles blooming..just some unknown yellows...that smell so nice... one a small golden color and the other is a bright yellow with a dark back side..have scapes on others tho.

ok a few of my iris and by the way Cody get out there and GET PIC'S...smiles..would love to see some pic's of your gardens..this is an unknown

This RockStar..someone here had this one and posted a pic last year..just had to have it..lol

Red Zinger

Raspberry Blush

Mamabear..please get better..need to see you posting again..only when you can.. missing you..hugs

Oh can someone tell me ...what going on with Mr Man the iris..The form Joey..mine isn't doing well at all..moving it cause I think its to wet where is was..but its not doing anything..is it to cold here for it maybe..anyone else in zone 4 have it?
Hugs all.Jean/Dirtpig

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Canna!! Come out, come out wherever you are!

We miss you and are starting to worry. Please let us know that all is well.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Jean, Those iris pics are beautiful. I may have to get me a few more of them (OH no here comes another addiction)
Mr Man iris did not do well here in zone 4 for me either. In fact I think I lost it :( It came up and just withered from there. Is there such an iris that is not good for northern gardeners? The rest of mine grew like gangbusters!

Dawn, How exciting to be building your dream place. How is the poison ivy? It sounds miserable. Hope the Dr can help you.

Gloria, hope you are recovering nicely. Miss you!

Jo, Thinking of you and your DH. Hope he is doing OK. I want to be on the peony/iris swap. Is that for July? Please repost the details or email me.

Deni, Your fall swap sounds like fun! Count me in.

Dianne, What a cute quilt! How did the peek-a-boo quilt come out?

Dianne,Anita,Barb,Shirley....What darling grandbabies!

Anita and Shirley...Those iris pictures are lovely.

Marea...great looking DLs! I can hardly wait...Stellas are blooming their heads off! Have others forming scapes!

Anita Love that daylily bonus you got....I only ordered 6 from there so did not get a bonus! Boo Hoo!

It is raining! We really needed a good rain! Now I will not have to water all those hostas every couple of days.

I had to host my card club today so we are having left overs (junk) for supper...Don't you just love to have a junk food meal once in a while? DH is not so sure about that but is just thankful to have food!

Well better go...Going to be gone the next few days.....MaryS

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

ok last time yall!!!!! no mas entries!!

marea - dianne
paul - shirley
cody - anita
lisa - dawn
gloria - ellen
jo - maryb
debbie - carol
karen - jean

remember they need to be sent out by the 28 at the very latest!

can we hold off on our trade for two weeks? things have come up and i'm a bit strapped at the moment.

please everyone remember to keep your list updated as well as possible. i'm off to heed myself!

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Ok, here goes:

Jo, love your garden - man what a big job, tho! Anyway, Cosmo was there to supervise.

Maybe the next ultrasound will tell you more about the baby. We saw Marie's profile so clearly in hers!

And Jo, I'm going to turn down your peony/iris swap, since I have only 1 peony Cindy just sent and only a few irises of any interest. My personal favorite so far I found shriveling up on a friend's sidewalk - she'd run out of room planting them. It's about 5' tall with enormous wide leaves and maroon and peach whatevers. (Gotta go study "Parts of an iris"...) I've got a big stand of them and although the colors strike me as just stupid, they are imposing, and so structural they set off everything else.

Dawn - Poison ivy all over - youch! I'm still sorry about your fish. You'll get the pond calibrated right soon - you're good at that. Just don't go spraying it with your big huge monster sprayer. If I were a poison ivy on your lawn, I would just LEAVE.

That Salvia 'Black and Blue' is nice! Salvia so far isn't my best plant...

Angie - More poison ivy! When the girls were kids, we had a lovely Toggenburg goat named Millie who ate every scrap of poison ivy she could find. DD Jess was allergic to cow's milk. Not only did Millie keep the house and buildings areas clear, we never got a rash as long as we were drinking her milk.

Dianne - You know hostas. Do deer really just eat them up? Keep us posted as you redo your hosta beds. I think I'll have trouble, too, spacing mine right. But then, I have deer, so all I need to leave space for it itty bitty nubs.

Paul, I didn't buy the orchids. I said to myself, What would Paul do? The answer was clear; he would say to himself, These are NOIDS and I don't need Paph mongrels, and he would leave them at Lowe's. Especially if he had no greenhouse.

Cody - Wish I had the plants and the steam for your Smile free for all swap; sounds fun.

Deni - What a great vacation box you sent Dawn! I'd love a trip through the South. I remember a trip we took in 1957 - boy, is the South a different place today!

And Meghan, the raccoons got my Teller of Tales. They dug at a few others but so far, only 3 are completely killed, only 1 of yours. I was so excited about my daylily garden! Now each morning I'm afraid to look. I hope their dextrous little pawsies just burn from the pepper repellant we put out! I do have lots of scapes and Shirley, the next to bloom will be Twilight in Tangiers!

Marea - Circus World is awfully cute! And wow! you sure packed a wonderful box for Dawn. Love your pictures, as always!

Cairns are smart and fun - we bred and showed them for many years. Tiger was imported from NZ because I wanted some of his British bloodlines. He used to be red! He's a funny little guy; goes around squeaking plush animals, and sleeps on his back snoring in a laundry basket.

Cindy - Little Peter Piper is adorable! I like lavender/violet DL's.

Sharon - How did the final grades turn out? I'll bet you got a high speed scholastic review yourself.

Marie's blonde now - we all were, and her dad's family too - but will probably end up darker when she's grown up.

I love your 'Ida'!

I put my Rexes in dappled shade under a high oak. They get sun each morning, tho, in their wintertime window, but the room is cool. They do burn in the sun. Want to trade Rex leaves?

We had a greyhound/Dobe who kept all animals that weren't ours away. I'd love another, but can't train one now.

This is getting too long...I'll do part 2 tomorrow.

I have a Dianthus 'Rainbow Lovliness' so covered with fringy fragrant blooms you can see it all the way across the yard. Smells incredible!

Good night. Dream something good.


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Barb--not only do deer eat hostas, people eat hostas. Either in Japan or Korea, they're eaten like salad greens (gasp--clutch chest--swoon). Thankfully, I'm okay because I have a fence around my yard and the deer stick to the areas closer to the woods, which isn't me.

MaryS--peek-a-boo quilt? I'm currently working on an I Spy quilt. What's a peek-a-boo quilt? Could it be that there's something out there I should be making my grandchild that I am not? Am I falling down already on my Grandma duties?!

I'm so jazzed about trading with Marea! Have to go put my thinking cap on and start brain-storming for ideas. By the way, Marea (and Jo) I am definately a "yellow" person, so send all your unwanted yellows my way and I'll give them a good home.

I don't have any named irises or peonies. Well, I'm sure they arrived with names, but have become anonymous in my garden. So, Jo, pair me up with someone who won't mind a tuber of "the orange one" or "the blue one."

Glad to see Mamabear awakening from her hibernation and playing more.

No Ding Dings this year? Anyone?

Deni, count me in on your swap, too, but I can only think one swap at a time. I take the first week of October off from work each year and do a lot of fall planting. That should help you with timing for my area.

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Hi All,
Quick check in, then back outside to work in the gardens. It is SO GORGEOUS here today.

DH dr appt went fine. He has to wait 6 more weeks, then he is scheduled for another ultrasound of the heart, and a stress test, and a blood test to check his cholesterol and see what his platelets are up to(smiles) So, no work for him till after he meets again with the doc on the 8th. of Aug. After that we shall go from there.

I want to thank you all for your prayers for him. They are so needed and so very welcomed.

I would love to do a trade with you for some rooted cuttings of your New Dawn, and your Cecile B roses. Let me know, K?

I will post more on the Peony/Iris swap later on. I want to get back outside and finish the bed I started yesterday. Should have it done by this afternoon.

Will post pics when it is.

Hugs to all,

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Marea, Jo, Dawn and whoever else grows New Dawn Rose or is thinking about it.
There is a small discussion on the clematis forum for a pairing of New Dawn and a Clematis.

I've heard about pairing the roses and clematis before, and now that I have my New Dawn really growing and surviving I hope to do the Clematis pairing. Right now I have a Polish Spirit Clematis blooming elsewhere. It might be a good idea to move it to my Rose Arbor. :o)

Sorry, not much time to post.


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namso(Z5 OH)

Good evening all,

first i have to say many thanks to Shirley and Jo for such nice trade boxes. you guys are wonderful!!!!!!! Shirley you picked out such beautiful hosta for me. and drool drool...need Diana Remembered. but it can wait til we trade next time :). Jo an awesome iris and daylily selection. :). Couln't believe you added so many, it was not necessary!

Angie, Lisa, Anita, Maryotts Lovers in general :), they are so awesome!!! I don't think ive ever received smaller than 3 fans and that was JT Davis. and HUGE ones too. and great bonuses too! reminds me to place another order soon :):).

Marea, ouch on that Lunar Max....why did i not pick that one in my Trimmer kick? going on the must have list. Dianne, i have tons of yellow needing divided, if you aren't too picky, i need to move remove some duplicates after they bloom this year. email me.

Jean, i only have 10 iris that have even bloomed so take it for what its worth, but that noid looks like Stepping Out to me, if its really purple purple and only photographs blue. :)
Barb, lol...would have described an iris like that too. big grin.

MaryB, you are such an enabler yourself!. Started and heavily dosed by MaryB, highly seasoned by Shirley, with just the right touch of Marea and Ellen. All simmered with fresh MaryS.
Heres my hostas:

Mini hosta garden

ut oh...out of room...mini hostas #2

bigger hosta

for those not impressed, i had 3 hosta 2 years ago :). (Cody-ihope something like that might qualify me for July...cause i grow no food :).

onto daylilies next :):)

Cindy O/namso

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

i love the minis too!! maybe i'll cheat and make you my partner for july!! i don't grow much in the way of food plants either, thats my fathers domain. good thing i set the rules huh?

congrats on 'and god said' girls, looks great! anita you should cross it with jerry pate williams for me.

i got a couple of seedlings from townsend today. spacecoast cool deal x jt davis and alex townsend x jt davis. probably won't bloom this year though.

please someone save me from myself!! i just bought first knight, circle of beauty, american original and zephyr john (anyone have zj?). i'm so in the poor house now!
lata yall

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So glad you stopped by:)
Oh my I almost forgot why I came by tonight, you sure did through me for a loop, so happy to see you

I have a small amount of Variegated Obedient, It is not like the other it is very slow to grow, Any Takers for a trade?.It is beautiful, Cody, Shirley want some in your box's?

P.S, JO I OWE YOU 31!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Warning to picturterial subscribers, MY SISTER WAS JACKED OFF MY PAGE , 3 DAYS AGO She thought it was an honest thing, BE CAREFUL !!!!!!!!!! My Big Sister, I cant believe this has happened, Garden web has thief's, she thought she was doing good!!!!:)ANITA

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Anita, I don't understand. What happened?

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Anita, I'm confused too - tell us more.


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Oh my goodness I just saw a post from Anita on Dave's Garden and she has been banned from GW.


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gonna finish this one and start a new one.


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