elephant ear got freezer burn

chueh(7B)November 8, 2007

Two nights in a roll, the temp dropped down to 29 degree. First night was 32 degree, yet my elephant ear was fine. I thought that the second night should be ok too. However, it dropped 3 more degrees, and the plant was drooping just like coming out of a freezer. It's going to be 34 tonight. I covered it with a plastic sheet. I don't know if it would help after the plant got hurt. I feel so guilty for letting the plant uncovered for two nights. Am I too late????

I was aware of the zone that elephant ears require. However, the leaves of them are so beautiful and charming that I just wanted to try them in the ground rather than in pots. I was thinking of covering the plant when the temp got ever colder. Nevertheless, I did not know that even a few degrees below freezing point would hurt it. What do I do now? Many thanks

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I'd dig up the corms and cut off the foliage leaving about 2" of the leaf stem but leave the roots. Just shake off the soil and put them in a warm place to dry for a couple weeks. Once they are cured store them in peat or sphagnum somewhere cool and dry over the winter. I wait for a frost to kill back the foliage on mine before I dig them up.

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So... it's not dead yet...... Really!!! That's terrific! nice to hear that! Question, though. Drying the corm for a couple weeks will not make it dehydrated and die? I am sorry for asking the question, but I learned not to get the roots of any kind of plants dry. After I dig it out and shake the soil off, can I directly transplant it into a pot and put it indoors? Thank you very much

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The corm is a storage organ, not the same as roots, so it can be stored on the dry side, but there should be some humidity or the medium should be very slightly moist to prevent the corm from desiccating. New roots will grow when it warms up.

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I leave mine in the ground and they come back every year.

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