Canistel anyone?

gnappiMay 3, 2014

This in the third fruiting year for my Fairchild canistel and it's FULL of blooms. The canopy has spread nicely and I hope to get a bumper crop this year.

Are there any other canistel owners having what looks like a good season?

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amazing, how old is your canistel? was it from seed?

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It's a "Fairchild #2" so I suspect it was grafted. I've had it in the ground ~3 years, and it's about 12 feet tall (~4 meters) and 5' wide. I think it was 3 years old when I got it.

It was slow growing at first and I'm told it won't be very large which is good. I planted many smaller trees and right now my back yard is "planted out" to the ultimate end of having a mostly shady yard with a canopy over the garden paths.

Here's a pic of it with my Jackfruit in the background

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Beautiful trees Gnappi. Nicely done

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i am actually looking to buy one right now.
do you have suggestions as to nursery and cultivar ?

I hear Fairchild #2 is one of the best.

there is a trompo on Ebay right now.

t-tropical has a bruce, an Oro and a Trompo

Pine island site says they carry Bruce and Ross
but no info on inventory

not sure how muich i trust getting an ebay tree ?

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I have only tasted two Canistel cultivars so I'm not an expert by any stretch but, the Bruce and Fairchild#2 are both delicious.

The Bruce is a larger fruit AND MUCH larger tree. My Fairchild gives up smaller fruits and the tree is going to be much smaller.

I got mine locally here in south Florida from a grower so I can't help you there unless you get down here.

I got some bananas on Ebay they were a waste of time, but I doubt you can go wrong with a Canistel I'd worry more about shipping in the summer than anything else. They may allow you to pick it up or better still have a larger one in stock for pickup?

I got mine for about the same price as the EBAY one (~$60) and it was much larger and bore fruit the first season in the ground. For me I'd rather pay more for a larger tree and get fruit sooner :-)

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Good to know about the size of the tree.
i figured it wouldnt be a small tree,
but if i can keep the size down a bit, its not a bad thing.
im not that worried about fruit size, as long as is doesnt effect the amount of fruit per year - in pounds, or whatever...
i mean, i know a smaller tree might not produce quite as much fruit, and its just for me...
as for that, not too worried about waiting 1-2 years for fruit.
i have about 30+ small trees - jackfruit , choc sapote, lychee
cherimoya, loquat, papaya, guava and others.

-several of each
all about 1-2 ft tall
in 5 years i will have a full belly of fruit :)

I was really hoping on shipping.

getting to Fla to buy a fruit tree probably won't happen soon.
i have a 2-seater convertible :)
guess i can call the nursery and ask what they think.

any other nurseries besides Pine Island ?
i heard 1-2 reports on this site saying they are pretty good?

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There's Excalibur nursery in Palm Beach County. They have great variety. Maybe Benders Groves in Broward also.

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Benders grove is pretty much the place to go in broward. He will likely have whatever you are looking for.

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