Need help propagating ficus repens?

caribbeancupcakeNovember 4, 2008

Trying to propagate ficus repens (creeping fig).Cuttings die before any roots form.I need about 300 of these to plant at base of ugly rock wall. All thoughts appreciated.

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orchidguyftl(z11 FTL FL)

cuttings dont do too well
best to run growths along soil and let them start to root
once they have good roots, cot off and pot up
if you cut them at 3 to 4 node intervals, they should sprout rather quickly

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300? That better be at least a half-mile of wall. You are talking about one of the fastest growing, most invasive vines you can plant. Here in South Florida, I usually figure a single one-gallon plant for every 20 feet of wall.

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fernridge has got it right. 1 gallon ficus repens will fully cover 20' width and up as high as you let it go. Not a lot of maintenance to work with either. Water once a week with 30 minuites of light misting irrigation. To get a noticible result with the repens, I like to use panels of 4' x 8' HardyBoard secured to walls at entrance areas along with 2" x 6" edge band moulding on all vertical and any overhead spans. Seal it with Exterior Primer and Paint with lighter shades of choice to allow the repens to create a dramatic and elegant effect. You won't be dissapointed. Give it a year and take photos each month. A great reward will be yours.

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Thanks for info so far I have failed at any attempt to propagate. I ordered the one gallon and will follow instructions. I have only huge boulder walls or sheer rock I want to cover. Just want to look at green. I have propagated all my large fig leaf ficus and ficus benjemina with no problem this little one is a challenge. Also dumb question will it act as a ground cover on a 40% grade? Seems like if it goes up it should go down???
Thanks in advance

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orchidguyftl(z11 FTL FL)

yes it will creep down too

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