Oleander propagation

msbattNovember 18, 2006

Is this best done from seeds or cuttings? Can anyone give me tips on germinating seeds, or rooting cuttings? I have two plants which I've been over-wintering indoors, but if I can get seedlings or cuttings that will flower in a season, I'd like to try growing some in the ground here in Zone 7B.

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Propagation - It is very easy to propagate from oleander cuttings. There are two good ways...one says to use the hard wood, while the other says that tip cuttings are the best. You can use either way and still be successful.Make your cuttings about 6' long each and remove the lower leaves. The location of the bottom three leaf nodes is where your roots will start, although they will progress elsewhere. Cut the remaining upper leaves to about one inch long. You can place these in water by themselves, or put in a small twig of willow - which acts as a stimulator - long with the cuttings in the water. After the roots grow to between one and two inches long, transplant inot some good draining soil. Keep it moist, but not wet, and in a mostly sunny location.Another method is to dip the bottom end of your cutting in ROOTONE and plant it in some sande.Either method should bring results in about two weeks. In about a year, these will have grown to gallon size and continue from there. DonÂt forget to prune them after they reach the gallon size so you get the shape and stucture you want.

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