Anthracnose on Zebda Mango?

yaslan(8 WA state)May 26, 2010

We've been getting slapped with rain for a good two weeks! I've kept the Zebda Mango underneath our covered porch (in hopes of protecting it) but the leaves just keeps falling off. There's also orange gum exudation and brown leaves (I attributed this to being in the sun for too long but now I really don't know). Any advice, suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.



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I dont think that too much sun can be a problem for a mango tree. My trees are all out in the South Florida Sun all day long. I suggest that you spray that tree with copper fungicide to take care of any fungus thats on it.

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Hi Bo,
The only time you can have problems with the sun is if you don't slowly expose the tree to the sun but your tree was bought where you live so unless yu had it indoors for a while and then but it out, you should not have sun scorch. I had mine in for a few days and ended up with sun scorch. It's strange how fast they adjust to being indoors. I had to spray my julie once before and it recovered fine. I have heard before that when your dealing with a mango in a pot, you need to be carefull with the antifungal spray on the surface of the soil.

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yaslan(8 WA state)

swrancher - I tried lowe's, walgreens and my local nursery and they didn't have any copper fungicide. When I asked the people that worked there, they were clueless! This is very frustrating. Though, I do appreciate your suggestion. Thanks. Hopefully, I'll be able to locate some soon.

Andrew - The Zebda Mango was in a greenhouse, then it was moved outside for a week (before I got my hands on it). It was mostly sitting in a shaded area, so not too much direct sunlight. But, my Graham Mango got the same treatment and it's doing fine. I sure do hope this copper fugicide (when I can find some!) does the trick. I would be very sad and disappointed if she didn't make it. Also, when spraying, I'll be sure to protect the soil with a covering.


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You should be able to order some copper fungicide online or even get on ebay.

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

a common brand name for copper fungicide is "Liquicop" and around here most repted nurseries carry them - not the big boxstores. Call your local nursery or even the one where you purchased the tree from and they will have it in stock (or some other brand in stock). Mangoes love the heat and thrive in it. The more the better!

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yaslan(8 WA state)

ashleysf - Thanks! I'll call my local nursery and ask if they have the 'Liquicoo'. Also, I see that you're from San Jose, do you know of any good tropical fruit tree nurseries from Sacramento - Los Angeles?



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