Hass avocado tree size

sjpoolownerMay 18, 2011

Hi all,

I bought a Hass avocado tree from the Home Depot the other day. The tag says its mature size is 8-12' tall x 8-12' wide and I thought that is reasonable to plant in my backyard. However, when I did some research on it, I learned that Hass tree can grow very big, up to 40', which is definitely not an option for my backyard.

Is there a variety of Hass that is actually small? Or does the tag have wrong information?

Or will frequent prunning be needed to keep it a manageable size?

I need to decide whether or not to return it, so would appreciate any inputs.


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Never heard of a Hass that is that size and called mature. I have a "Mexicola"..and that for sure passes as a small sized Avocado tree. But its just a few years young..10 year,20 years from now i dont know what size it would be without pruning. And pruning may be done-read the lichee theives post. Whats the point of letting a tree grow over the fence when you will be last to the fruit?..

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I believe the tag has the wrong information on it. If you want a dwarf avocado, try Holiday. I saw the same tag on the Hass avocado here in San Diego and my friend actually bought the tree thinking it will stay small. I did some searches on Google and didn't find any info on dwarf Hass Avocados.

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