Soursop (Guanabana) or Cherimoya?

kwaaron(9)May 15, 2008


I have two trees that I grew from seed at least two or three years ago. The problem is, I've also started germinating seeds from cherimoyas bought at the grocery store. The problem is, now I don't remember whether the two oldest trees are soursops or cherimoyas. Does anyone know if there are any characteristics that can differentiate between the two? I have photos of them if that would be of any help.

Thanks for any help you can offer me

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virgilevetts(Auckland, NZ)

Soursop leaves are smooth, glossy and more elongated than cherimoya and have a strong black current/ cat pee smell. Cherimoya leaves are more rounded, ribbed, and have slightly bitter smell- if thats possible!

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Also the soursop will die during your winter, but the cherimoya should survive pretty easily.

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Well I'm glad you guys could help me out with that, as I would've otherwise had no idea as to their ID. After looking at the leaves, I'd say it's probably a cherimoya, but I'll post a couple pics and see what you think. Thanks again!

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Cherimoya for sure.

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Looks just like my cherimoya.

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Bluepalm, has your tree ever flowered/produced fruit? I've got two relatively large trees (maybe four-five feet tall) potted in 15 gallon containers. One looks pretty sickly; a lot of it's leaves are crispy around the edges. Have you had similar problems with your trees?

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Mine is in the ground here in Florida. It looks very healthy and should be big enough to fruit. I had one flower when growth emerged this fruit though. I've read that Cherimoyas don't fruit well in Florida, but I brought this variety with me from San Diego because the fruit was DELICIOUS. I'm hoping it will fruit for me. Sometimes the older leaves on my Cherimoya get crispy on the edges by the end of autumn.

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