Funny from HD 'plant expert'

ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)May 5, 2010

Every year our local HD and Lowes get in a shipment of grafted Loquat trees from LaVerne nursery. yesterday I found some Dragon Fruit from LaVerne at my local HD when I went there for picking up something else, so, I grabbed it and asked the nursery person when they would get the Loquat trees from LaVerne. She called in a "plant expert" from inside - who turned out to be a young lady barely out of her teens - she did not know anything about Loquats and after i proceeded to spell the word out to her she told me that I could instead buy a "Kumquat" as they had them in stock and they sounded similar, so should taste similar! I just left, for if i had stayed i would not have been able to control my laughter.

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LOL! Ha, ha, luckily she is not an expert in the medical field.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Reminds me of a story from my teens when I worked as a stock clerk for a local gorcery store. Back then, there weren't fresh tomatoes year round like we have now. In the off season, there would be canned tomatoes, of course, but there was also something called tomato aspic which was a jellied (think of a can like jellied cranberry sauce) tomato puree which could be sliced and served on a salad to add color and flavor. Well, anyway, I was new to the store and a customer came up and asked me where she might find the tomato aspic. I had no idea, had never heard of it. I thought for a minute and then directed her to the next aisle as I was sure she find it near to the toilet paper. She wasn't amused.


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Ashley, at least you were polite enough to leave rather than breaking down laughing right in front of her. I think the look on my face would have given me away.

I found a good nursery person at one of the Lowes here in town and would go out of my way to shop there. Unfortunately they built a super walley mart right next to it so I stopped going.

thanks for the laugh,

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