What is wrong with this pineapple?

shuffles_gwMay 10, 2013

All of our Sugarloaf pineapples are throwing off pups under the fruit. Some have a lot more pups than this. Is this normal? Our pineapples descended from the grocery store have never had this problem. Should we get rid of them and start over?

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Here is a photo of a different one.

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The fruit sure looks good, but don't know about those little fruit forming below. Sure hope you'll find out what's the right thing to do first before removing anything.

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I don"t think this is necessarily a problem. If you remove a ripe pineapple w/o cutting too much stem, this happens every time. Called the second ratoon. Produces smaller tho more sweet fruit. How/what do you feed your pineapples? Jim

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Have never had it happen with any of mine, but I don't know what varieties they are. It can't be good for fruit development. If you propagate off the same plants you'll continue the same problem.

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notascrenename; I fertilize with a pinch of very slow time release ferts. Too much will burn them. These sugarloafs have never had fruit before and are growing in half pine fines/half spagnam. The grocery store descendants are growing in the ground.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

I saw some youtube video of a guy who removed the pups from under the developing fruit and started new plants with the pups. I think it will fruit faster starting from pups than a new crown. Below is a link to the CRFG page about pineapples.

Here is a link that might be useful: pineapple

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I try to find how any tropical plant I grow is grown commercially, then adapt that to the container environment.( I'm in north Alabama so my plants spend the winters in a greenhouse.) See the U of Hawaii CTAHR website to see how they do it in the fields. Really eye opening to me! I pretty much follow that with some tweaking for Leaching. As far as the pups, I think your plants need fed. Jim

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

That is happening to mine too! I've left my on and have had those fruit a couple of years later..I was too lazy to remove them and plant them separately lol...

This one has 5 baby pups...

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Well hopefully it is not genetic but just a lack of fertilizer. I plan to feed mine more and see how it works out. Also, I have some younger ones in the ground like the unknown varieties from the store. Time will tell.

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