Paw Paw

bananafanMay 7, 2013

Has anyone here grown Paw paw? Is it really compatible with mangoes? If you have one, it would be nice to hear from you your experience growing it and how the fruit taste can be compared to mango fruit.

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i grow papaya
some people refer to that as pawpaw
but there is a pawpaw plant which is totally different

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Paw paw tree does look a lot like the papaya tree, but I heard that the fruit tastes like banana pudding. I'm going to read more to see if I should get one to plant. I've also heard that the taste resembles a cross between mango, pineapple, banana and some even said a hint of citrus ... This is hard to imagine. Definitely an interesting fruit tree and the bloom looks gorgeous.

Here's one link of the paw paw tree.

Here is a link that might be useful: Paw Paw Tree

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i had gotten the impression they wernt that good from a couple of people who tried them
(when i was looking to grow tropical fruits)
I think maybe it really depends on the variety, weather etc...
also, i think the "custard like" turned me off a bit,

but it doesnt look too bad here...

they even have a festival.

maybe i will try to find one to taste.

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Paw paws in the wild are highly variable in fruit quality, and even selections are quite variable. Zone 9b is kind of warm for them (especially selections from much farther north) but they do extend into N FL and one excellent selection ("Mango") was made at Tifton (SW GA), though from seeds from PA. A Mr. Duckworth grew many just across the St. Johns River from Palatka FL, so some types must do OK.

Even here in Z8, partial shade and heavy mulching are very helpful, though on good soil farther north they can be on unamended soil, in full sun, and not stress. (All seedlings need shade for a year or two.)

Those descriptions of taste are the common ones but mainly fanciful. Taste is pleasant but subdued even in fine selections. Custardy essentially. The consistency can be creamy smooth.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Paw Paw( Asimina triloba) is not anything like the papaya plant in taste or looks. The only thing in common between the papaya and paw paw is the name pawpaw(often used by people outside of N. America to called a papaya). It isn't even a tropical plant but is related to the annonas (cherimoya,sugar apple, soursop, etc) It's actually native to the eastern united states and is the largest native fruit to the USA. I've read it supposedly has flavors of bananas, mango and cherimoyas. I'm currently growing a grafted "sunflower" pawpaw that is 2 years old, so hopefully in 3 or so years I can try my first pawpaw. Sunflower is supposedly a self fertile cultivar so i'll see about that and if not then graft another cultivar to it.

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Thanks for the links. It's a good idea to get one to try first. Sometimes I can get so hyped on wanting to plant a new fruit tree and after planting it, find that I don't like the taste when they actually produce the fruit. I planted several Surinam cherry and now they're 4-5 years old and giving off fruit. Me and family all don't quite care for the taste, but it's good they serve the purpose for a hedge. The birds usually get to the fruit first although I'd like to harvest them for my bunny.

Any idea where to buy the paw paw fruit?

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Thanks for the info. It's helpful to know that here might be too warm for the paw paw. If it's not their ideal planting zone, I probably will not consider messing around with it. Fruit trees can be fussy when coming to the suitable climate to grow them. I know there are some which are less fussy than the others, but having planted tropical trees for close to 10 years now, I realize that there have been a lot of trial and errors with time wasted as well when they don't make it, or become diseased. I thought I could count on the citrus fruit trees ... but with the on going greening disease, not any more. I'm hoping though that the lemon and lime trees will do better though. I have yet to research more on that.

Are you into planting bananas? Just thought you might from your user name. I do have many varieties of them, but I'm now more focused on growing Raja Puri because of its consistent fruit production. Thanks again for the info on growing paw paw. It definitely does sound like an interesting fruit.

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It's interesting that the Paw paw fruit resembles Sugar Apple among others you've mentioned. I just bought a Sugar apple and I heard that the fruit is sweet and pleasant tasting ... at least that was what the plant vendor told me .. lol. She told me that it will produce fruit in a few years, but after I fed it with some organic fert, it is starting to fruit now.

Anyway, back to the Paw paw fruit tree, I'm glad you're able to plant it in 9b. I'm also in 9b, but in FL. I wonder if your climate there is similar to mine here, or if they are different, how different. It is also nice that your paw paw self fertile. Do you have your plant in the pot, or in the ground? I'm sure you're looking forward to your first fruit. By the way, do you fertilize it? I bought a bunch of new tropical fruit trees and I realize that they grow really fast and fruit after feeding them with some organic fert. I'll try to post some pix of them when I get some time to do so. Do you have a pic to share of your paw paw?

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

I'm in the central valley of Cali 9b(Fresno) so summer here are hot and dry up to the 100's sometimes and winter is cold, wet and we get occasional freezes. Our winter lows might be similar, but summer is way out of the question. I only fertilize it with organic fish fertilizer so far and it seems happy. Before I bought my plant I read That 9b was the max zone? for the pawpaw to thrive so hopefully I can get mine to fruit. It's in a pot(5g) for now since i don't know how long I'll live in my current house. However it's such a slow plant that only has so far put out a few side branches. The leaves look very similar to the annonas. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

here's the picture of my small grafted 2 year old "sunflower" pawpaw

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

and a closer look at the leaf, it's about 1.5-2" wide and 6" long. I think it looks similar to the cherimoya leaves except not as wide.

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Thanks for sharing pictures of your Paw Paw. Are you planning to transplant it to a bigger pot yet? Do you also feed it with fertilizer? I would recommend using a little organic fertilizer to start with if you wish to see it grow quicker. I'm always careful when coming to non organic ferts as they can burn easily. I was surprised to see how many of my plants in the pot started to flower so young after they've been fed with some organic ferts.

I don't know how big these plants will grow in the ground, or in the pot culture. I'm sure you're looking forward to see it growing taller this growing season. When it does, it would be nice if you could post a pic to share. Have fun with your Paw Paw!

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Yes, I plan to move it into a bigger pot but in another season or two. In ground they get about 20'x20' and i 'm sure pot culture would be a lot smaller like many other container plants. I have used fish+kelp blend fertilizer and it seems to like it. Hopefully it will grow some more by the end of this growing season. I sure will share pictures later when it gets a little bigger.

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hate to bear bad news,
but i remembered this post , when i was reading in the other forum i am in

thought it may interest you

More neurotoxicity reports coming in for pawpaws


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