MangoDog's May 2011 Update

mangodog(palm springs 9B)May 10, 2011 little update on the mangodog's family doings:

Rosie's little babies...

My grafting Manila doing research -

Keitt has a number of little ones

Glenn has a couple fruits

Timotayo in slow recovery mode

...same thing with Lance - the dogs pee a little too much on him - I've got to put down a little fence perimeter -

Nam Doc Mai recovering...

Edward with quite a few fruits on a large lower branch

ChocAnon having the best flush of growth...

Valencia Pride/Haden/Nam Doc Mai had a great sprout...

Manny from the ground and rooftop - quite a few little ones here - big big wind yesterday has thinned it out...

Alphonso looks healthy/a single branch with some little ones

Pickering with one large and one smaller infant

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Your top dog when it comes to mangos, but a mutt when it comes to papaya trees.

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amazing trees, thanks for sharing ,,


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coming along nicely.


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Very interesting your multi-grafted mango..

Thanks for sharing :-)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Mangoes are looking GREAT MD! Thanks for the update!

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newgen(9 Central California)

Looking great!

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You'll be eating them before you know it. Nice collection.

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MangoDog, everything looks awesome! I'm going to highjack your thread and post a few pics of my own....I'm to lazy to start another one LOL weather has been perfect mid to high 70's everything is growing at a nice easy pace...can't wait for Sept. Oct.

Mexican Ataulfo, Alfonso and Thompson (Kohala Longan to the right) no fruit's or flowers

Keitt and Lancetilla, I've had to thine these two out they had hundeds of little mango but weren't going anywhere.

Haden,Edward and Mallika these were had smaller amounts of fruit but they are starting to kick it into second gear

Chico and Maney Sapotes new growth and flowering

Ilama, Cherimoya and Atemoya new growth and flowering

Topical Pink, red malaysian, and Indian Red guava

seedlings: mexican cream, ataulfo,capulin,fino de jete and white and pink drangon fruit

Avocados: Hass,Sir Prize,Holiday,Fuerte and Reed

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Alfonso Mangos on my tree last year. Check out the picture. I grow them in San Bernardino, California.

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