lizards and geckos eating my plants

debrabelizeDecember 4, 2006

I am trying to grow an herb and vegetable pot garden here is Belize. My main problem right now is that the geckos and lizards (including some iguanas)eat the plants -- particularly herbs like basil; jalapenos; mesculun mix (which is difficult to grow anyway). Does anyone know of any non-toxic ways of keeping the critters off my plants?

Thanks a lot.

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

A screen barrier or small-meshed wire cages? Maybe sheer curtains over a hoop, to keep the fabric off the plants?


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The iguanas are probably eating your plants, but I seriously doubt the geckos are. Their main diet is insects.

Iguanas really like peppers.

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I'd guess as well, that what you're seeing are really very young iguanas perhaps, as the other two lizzards are pretty much carnivores that prefer insects, but never the less, some type of mesh covering might help. Here we use bird netting to keep birds out of some fruits, but of course you'd need a finer netting or perhaps wire fencing with small holes (hardware cloth)!

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While you are all probably right about the geckos, it is also true that something small is getting at the plants, in addition to the larger iguanas. I doubt that it is baby iguanas -- the iguanas actually live across a canal from my yard and swim across to get at my plants. I am trying to avoid screening and cages -- in part because the cost of those kind of supplies in Belize is quite expensive -- everything is imported and transportation and import duties increase the cost quite a bit. I've been hoping that there is some benign substance that might help repel them -- any ideas?

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I guess you could try some kind of home made repellant spray, though in general they're used mostly to repel various types of bothersome insects, and furry animals or birds, but perhaps a homemade pepper spary of sorts would deter those plant eating lizzards. However, some pepper sprays may burn foliage, so you'd have to test those by spraying "sample" leaves on the various plants, to see if the spray burns that particular plant. However,having written this, I'm reminded one person did say his iguanas love the taste of peppers. Perhaps NOTTT, the pepper spray. Neem oil?

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How about a large dog?

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I know my cat in CA did have a habit of catching my local lizzards as well, or would maybe chase them away?

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I do have a cat and he does indeed like to chase lizards, but it's not enough. As we say in Belize, they're quite "facey" -- quite bold and just waiting for their chance at the plants. What I need is something that will repel them from the plants, without poisoning anyone or anything in the process.

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islandgirl(QLD AUST)

Hi, I'm answering from Australia where we have heaps of geckos...and they are strictly insectiverous.
Perhaps you could totally net your vegies in..and plant some, somewhere else for the lizards.!!!
Hoewever I'm writing to you with an another query..if you could write to me...Thanks

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Here in SW Florida we have trouble with rabbits. I use amonia and water 4 to 1 ratio. Use a garden sprayer and circle the area you want protected. Do this once a week or after a heavy rain. The idea is the smell is similar to urine of a predater. It works for me. Good Luck

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Iguanas are my biggest headache here in Venezuela. I have a large job at a beach resort which is infested with the critters and there are no preditors to keep them under control so the only hope is trapping them or catching them by hand and then releasing them far away. They eat all the foliage on bougainvilleas, and anything in the acanthus family. I have found no information on any other control form. chris

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A question for 'briancoconuts':"do you think this would keep chickens away from young tomato plants"?
In my garden here on the farm in Costa Rica the chickens have found my small veggie garden. They ignore basil,cucumbers pepers as do the local green anoles, a small lizard, and the flowers. The flock of White throated magpie jays do however eat all the ripe very hot Congo chilies.

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arielsadmirer(z10a FL)

There is a garlic spray called Garlic Guard or something similar. It seems this repels these beasts. You will have to apply oftne, though. Perhaps planting a ring of garlic around your garden will work.

Here in our community they are exotics, escapees from homes. They have taken over and eat everything green, except the St. Augustine grass.

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