Fragrant Cistus for the Tropics?

anyaperfumer(10b)December 27, 2013

I'm looking for fragrant cistus plants that will do well in Miami, zone 10b. It should have a sticky resin on the leaves and stems, with an earthy, warm scent.

Thanks in advance,

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Calamondin and Kumquat are fairly low maintenance and do well, bloom alot and smell great. Not sure what u mean about resin?

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Cistus are mediterranean climate plants, not tropical. Although, neither is Miami, you'd have to be in Cuba for that. But the main issue with mediterranean plants is that they prefer a dry summer and wet winter. In a climate with a wetter summer you'd have to protect them from too much water and humidity, much like many herbs. A climate such as in California with dry summers would be the ideal.

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