Moringa O. seeds trade for tropical fruit ?

greenman62May 19, 2013

I have several dozen Moringa seeds, i already have 2 seedlings and dont need most of these seeds.

I am looking for Chilean Guava, Lucuma, Mamey Sapote, Rollina or Cherimoya, cubiu, rambutan, lycee, jackfruit, durian, miracle fruit, cuttings preferably, or seeds.

Really looking for almost any tropical fruit, also medicinal herbs, ethno's etc... but prefer anything posted above.

i also have cuttings to trade
(mulberry, guava, satsuma)

If anyone wants, or knows someone please respond to the post or PM me

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Greenman68, in July or there abouts the Chinese market will have Rambutans for sale. You have to plant the seed fresh after eating the flesh, you cannot plant them when they are drym poor gemination. Taste the fruit first. You need fruit that taste sweet and come away from the seed. I have miracle fruit seeds not many, 4 or 5 I think. They take a while to germinate. Give me your address and I will post them to you.

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Hi Karenlow,
I live in New Orleans, no Chinese market here :(
I would really appreciate the miracle seeds.
Have plenty of Moringa and other seeds for you.
Let me know what you want, i have lots of herbs and other stuff.

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Do you still have any of the moringa seeds? I've got baobab (digitata), cherimoya, or could possibly scavenge loquat seeds.


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Yes i have plenty
Would love to have any of the 3

i had a cherimoya from seed that died at about 1ft
and have been wanting loquat fora while
Baobob is very interesting,would love to grow that as well.
I have some other seeds if interested
jujube, Terminalia bellirica , ashwaghanda and intelligence tree (CELASTRUS PANICULATUS)

couldnt email you
so please respond to my page and leave email

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What variety of guava do you have?

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Hi Brad, I just sent you an email.

For some reason the thought of not having asian markets to go to seems funny to me. Do you guys in NOLA have Caribbean markets? I bet there would be a lot of different stuff there compared to what we see here in California. Our local latin markets up here are a bit boring, but I'm making a trip to Orange County next month and am hoping to see some more variety down there.


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No asian markets. i have been to them in Chicago and in La
i love it, good buys on Ginseng and other stuff

We have some Latin markets with lots of stuff
I saw a Mamey fruit, might buy one next time i go,
it was like $3
seeds are hard to find

already sent the seeds :)

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Hi Rodney

The Guava i think is as plain Psidium white
not sure it will be the first year it fruits.
LOTS of flowers right now though, it looks very happy.
I could easily do cuttings

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Hi greenman62,
I have a small mamey sapote seedling that is a month old about (3"-4") that I planted in a 1# pot. The seeds was kinda big so I decided to plant it in there. It's free if you want it, but will have to be shipped in the pot, since I don't think it will make it if I un potted and semi bare root it. I will have some fresh lychee seeds next week, when my order of lychee from a friend in Florida comes in. They will both be free, you just pay postage if you're still interested in them. I sent you an email eailer, but seems you might not have gotten it. Let me know if you would still like them.


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Hi Seng
absolutely YES i would like the Mamey and lychee seeds
let me know what shipping is, or feel free to see what i have to trade.
sorry for the delay. i had got your email and tried to email you back, but noticed it didnt work.


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Hey Brad,
Your stuff didn't make it out until today. I forgot to include labels on the baggies. The ones that look like dull black beans are the baobabs (A. digitata), the big ones are the loquats, and the other ones are the cherimoyas. In the cherimoya baggie there are two types, the bigger ones are newer.
The moringa are oleifera or ovalifolia?

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Received the seeds today too, thanks!

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moringa are oleifera

cant wait. want to try my hand at bonsai for the baobob
and ive been wanting cherymoya for a long time
tried to grow it, but it was too cold and forgot it outside one night. it never recovered.

thanks much

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I have several potted baobabs that I am just kind of letting do their thing. My biggest one is in its 4th year and is a little over 3ft tall. I just bare rooted it for the first time and potted it up and was shocked at the tap root. I knew that the tap root was big but it was more crazy than I had imagined. I'll try to post a photo later when I get home. I get the feeling I should chop the root but I've never had the stomach to do that before so I'll probably practice on one of the smaller baobabs.
I have seen some awesome baobab bonsais so it must take root trimming, I am just concerned I waited too long.


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i was just looking at some pictures of that.
yes people do cut the big roots.
i guess it forces the smaller one to take over.
maybe with some rooting hormone?
I will probably be reading upon it soon.

Locals in Africa use the baobab
as an emergency water (and food) source.
its supposed to hold hundreds of gallons.
might not be bad to have around
in case of an Apocalypse :)

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Here are some photos. It had grown about a foot since breaking dormancy in early April and had overwhelmed its bamboo supports and 6" pot so I decided to give it some more space.

Up until this year the leaves were coming out as singlets. This year it put out a few singlets then popped out a 2, 3, 4, and finally 5 leaflet clusters. This 5 leaflet arrangement is reminiscent of a hand and is where the species name 'digitata' originates.

Here are the exposed roots. One big cork screw of a tap root, which I need to build up the courage to deal with.

I haven't taken any photos since I potted it up. It has been about 2 weeks and hasn't grown too much, but it also doesn't seem to have been too shocked by the procedure.

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if you want to stop it from getting tall and spindly
you can nip the top every week or 2 (just 1/2 inch)

to force lateral growth

Im certainly no expert, but i was just watching several Bonzai vids
and its seems they really chop those plants.

Of course none were baobabs
and most were several years old at least.

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I just recently topped another much smaller baobab I have growing. No branches yet but I'm optimistic. I think they like to branch out. I'm just letting this one do its own thing.

Those moringa seeds really took off. I only planted a couple and almost all of them sprouted. The looked kind of un-virile but I guess they were! Thanks


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the Moringa grows fast.
I have several in pots that are growing much slower.
anytime the leaves look yellow, ,somehting is wrong
wither its pot-bound, or a water problem usually.

Its got to be one fof the fastest growing plants i have seen.
They LOVE fish emulsion FYI...

excellent grow tips here...

Here is a link that might be useful: grow tips

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Hello, I would like some Moringa O. seeds. I have lychee, logan and jackfruit to trade.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

If he doesn't have anymore seeds to give away, I can get you some cuttings, if you like? They grow very easily from cuttings as well. Just stick it in the ground/pot. Let me know, if he doesn't respond to you.

Hi Brad,

how are the lychee and mamey sapote seedlings doing? And has that little rooted cutting of dragon fruit started any new growth for you yet?


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Hi Seng
The Mamey and Lychee are doing OK
I keep fighting ants and aphids on the Mamey, but not a huge problem. I think every one of the Lychee must have sprouted, i have lots of them.
The Dragon fruit did sprout new growth, then i had rains for several days which killed the new stuff, so it started another new growth on top of the old one, and now i am having several days of rain again.
it doesnt look happy, i brought it inside to let it dry out.
I got a couple of smaller dragonfruit bits from someone else also, so i have a red one now too.
thanks Seng :)

Yes i had an email with tylorgv , i will be sending him some Moringa

i will have to stop trading now though, im just too busy to keep doing this. i love it, just dont have the time.

UNLESS, its something i really want, like a live Jackfruit seedling, Cacao, or Lucuma :)

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Hope you still have some seeds left. I have custard apple seeds to trade.

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Tylorgv, did you end up getting some from Brad back in August? I have some left over from my trade w/him back in June. Not sure how many.


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soaht(Central CA 9B)


I have extra seeds, from my last batch of seed order not too long ago. If you still want to trade and looking, I got some. Would love to trade for custard apple seeds, or are they cherimoya seeds?

Did the cuttings, I sent you not take?


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are you still around ?

I have several Lychee growing now

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