Growing Pineapples In Northern Climates

Andrew ScottMay 2, 2010

I wanted to know if anyone has fruited there pineapples. I have one now that I grew from a top and the leaves are now about a foot long. I am pretty sure that fruiting will happen pretty soon. I put it outdoors and tried to aclimate it to avoid leaf scorch but it did get it. I want to know if it would be better to force the pineapple to bloom now or if I should just let it bloom when it is ready. My only concern with letting it bloom on its own is that it will bloom in the fall and then I am going to have a hard time with giving it enough sun to produce a sweet fruit. Any suggestions?


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How long have you had it potted?

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Andrew Scott

It has been potted for about five years. I really had neglected it. It should have been repotted 3 years ago and as soon as I repotted it last year, it took off. I feel bad now. I put it out side and thought that I had acclimated it but it suffered from bad sun scorch. I had to cut off several leaves so it doesn't look so good now but I think it is blooming size now.

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

I personally never force my pines to fruit, but I had over 100 plants, so my situation was different. The leaves on my plants were often around 3' when it flowered. Organic matter in my soil was my key to success. Maybe give it some slow release fert. Force flowering is up to you, this would be a good time to do it.


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bigger plant = bigger fruit. I believe you can force at any time but bigger plants produce bigger fruit.


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Pine Island is the best nursery down here IMO, they are very commercial compared to some of the local places, but consistent in quality.

there prices cant be beat, its a shame they charge so much for shipping to CA. i think they do that because they would rather be in the wholesale shipping to CA Nurseries business rather then the shipping to individual customer business.

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wrong thread

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Andrew Scott

I am very happy to say that I got 2 rooted pineapple tops from Hawaii. They are unks. but supposed to be excellent. I got them because they will fruit a lot sooner. I will post pics when I get them.

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del monte gold are supposed to be the absolute sweetest.

i hear cheese pine is supposed to have a nice texture and flavor.

all the other pineapple germplasm i requested were either because they had ornamental value or their fruits flesh looked really yellow (acidic)

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Andrew Scott

Hello Mango kush,
I joined the Aloha plumeria group and the mediator sends members plumerias. I asked her if she could send me some Hawaiian Gold pineapple plants and she sent me 2. She told me that they are del monte and very VERY sweet, sugary sweet(To use her exact words.). Didn't I ask you for passionfruit cuttings? She is also sending me 12 passionfruit seeds. She didn't give me a specific variety name but I know it is a yellow fruit. I can't wait to get them! Oh and if anyone want named plumeria cuttings, the Aloha group is awesome. For $6.00, you can get an 18" named cutting.

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I did it with a plain Dole top grown in a gallon container over about a year and a quarter. I got half sized DELICIOUS fruit!..veeeery sweet.
No longer working in greenhouse,I now have one by a big sunny home window,in the 6" pot I rooted the top in and it has long healthy 16" leaves-a full crown too. And I will have to pot up..probably no more than a 2 gallon. Indoors,I think thats big enough-just as warm as a greenhouse nights help...

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