My Coconut Mango died

bananafanMay 7, 2013

It's a sad day for my Coconut mango. I bought it a few weeks ago. It came back looking somewhat diseased, but I cleaned it up and gave it a "hair cut" (pruning). It gave off a few nice new flushes with huge leaves after that. Then a couple of weeks later, the new flushes started to flop down. I thought it had too much water because it was sitting in a new pot with dish attached at the bottom. I usually do that to my new plants awaiting transplanting. I decided to trim off all the new growth because then the old leaves were still looking ok. I thought the pot was too wet, so I stopped watering it and let it dry off a little. However, that didn't help ... the old leaves started to shrivel off and now the plant looks dead. I think I have lost this plant. It's a sad day. I don't know if I have brought back a diseased plant. I don't know what Anthracnose disease look like. Maybe it was infected with one. Another question is whether the Coconut mango is a sensitive variety since it has only been recently introduced. Not sure what to make of it.

On a brighter note, my five other mangoes are still doing ok and many of them have grown new flushes after my pruning.

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Ahhh...big mistake Mango in saucer water. I had a fast growing Manila and THEN put a saucer to keep up I thought. Within two days the leaves got veined,droopy. I took away the saucer and it recovered.
Its like the roots breath in the last 1" of rootball. Best as I can describe the whys..

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It wouldn't be anthracnose, that would show up on the older leaves first. And it doesn't really kill off the tree. It affect fruit badly though. Those leaves in the photo look like healthy ones that have dried out. Shortage of water could be insufficient watering or a root rot.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I'm SO sorry to hear about your Coconut Mango banana :o(

Its hard to say exactly what might have killed your tree...but I have killed a couple in my time as well...for mine I would have to say is due to root rot. Mango trees like to dry out quite a bit before watering it expensive lesson I've learned. They don't like their roots wet...moist is best. So a fast draining potting soil is better for them. The saucer underneath "may" have caused the roots to slowly rot? Just a might also have had some type of disease or the beginning of root rot from the onset and the saucer of water underneath just added to its demise quicker. Unlike Lychee trees that Loves water!

I don't have a Coconut mango so I cannot comment whether it is a sensitive one or not...

Good luck with the rest of your Mango trees...

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I think the water tolerance relates to climate. Here you see mangos standing in running water for 2 to 3 months continuously each year. Of course, they're in soggy soil a couple of months or so either side of that.

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Stanofh, I'm glad yours survived for you. Mine definitely did not. I wish it had bounced back though. When I realized the leaves were dropping, I took off the saucer too, but it was too late. Well ... it's an expensive lesson to learn.

Tropicalbreeze, it's good to hear that it's not Anthracnose, otherwise I'll have to worry if the disease will spread to my other mangoes.

Puglvr, I'm still very saddened because I think this mango is kind of a special to me. I hope to be able to source out another Coconut mango again, but I don't know how easy that is now.

I appreciate for all your feedback. You all seem to say the same reason for the demise of my mango, so I've learned something here.

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