someone was looking for a grafted Manila/Philippine mango tree?

ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)May 12, 2010

While I was looking for a Nam Doc Mai online, I stumbled upon a Philippine mango tree that is grafted on plantogram's website. It should be the same or very similar to Manila, I guess. I remember someone here hunting for it a while back ... hope this helps.

PS: I have a seedling Manila from LaVerne nursery. Maybe I will graft a Phillipine mango on it if the fruit is not great.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Hi Ashley. I'm ordering the Nam Doc Mai from Plantogram. They have larger trees. PI trees are still small and probably newly grafted. I don't think I will order the Mallika now since you have to know when to pick it and then have to wait until it ripen. If you pick it too early then it will taste nasty. If you pick too late, then it's not good either. So, I will stay with NDM. I really want a good looking mango that ripe on the tree with nice color and I asking too much? LOL . I don't want to get the variety where I can purchase from the store.

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nam doc mai is a definite 5 star mango in my opinion. excellent fragrant citrusy sweet indo-chinese flavor.

the perfect mango on the Indian side of the flavor spectrum that is small and fruits well is Carrie. Rich creamy outstanding complex mango flavor.

i remember in season i bought a big box of mixed mango varieties. i was eating so many different types of mango varieties that looked and tasted like Haden i couldnt even really distinguish them but i knew right away whenever i bit into a Carrie.

this season you can sample and compare the fruit for yourself.

they both are small trees but can be pruned to dwarf size. my biggest concern would be the taproot outgrowing the container and becoming spiraled, i never heard of anyone root pruning a mango taproot but im sure its possible, mangos are hardy and spring tends to work its magic on them if they are in shock.

what size containers do you think you are going to end up with it in ch3rri? i think it would ultimately be happy in 25 gallons. it would take a well draining soil to make that light enough to drag around.

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

Thanks cherri and mango_kush. I will try to read more about Nam Doc Mai (seems to be the perennial favorite) and Carrie. Maybe another 2 for my collection!

Mango_Kush, so, you think that the Carrie is more on the Indian side of the flavor spectrum? I am thrilled because the Alphonsos and Kesars are both hard to find and hard to grow around where I live. But, Carrie, I might be able to special order at my local nursery and it is small too.

And I am living proof that you can root prune a mango tree - I inadvertently root pruned a Kent seedling tree (2 years) old when i barerooted it to repot in a better mix - half of the tap root broke and fell off in the process - the tree is still healthy and happy in its new pot a few months later. Mangoes are really sturdy and hardy trees - almost indestructible (and they can take quite a bit of root and limb pruning) - except when it comes to cold temperatures.

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yes Carrie definitely has very complex Indian flavors. some people accustomed to simpler flavored varieties like Haden or like simple flavors may not appreciate it as much, it definitely is unique. Julie is another excellent mango with a complex spicy, lavish flavor. eventhough Julie has more pronounced flavor, i would recommend its seedling Graham because its a better producer

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

thank you, MK!

I read this description on plantogram's website for Carrie - "fiberless Florida cultivar that is sickening sweet and delicious as can be." That definitely reminds me of indian desserts! i am going for it and ordering a Carrie!!

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Bryan- I ordered the 3 gallon. Mickey told me the tree is like 3-4 ft tall. I like the Nam doc mai because you can eat this green or ripe. I really can't wait...I got the tropical fruit bite again! OMG!!!!!!! :( I think I will never stop.

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sounds about right for a local nursery sized three gallon.

you gotten used to receiving mail order twigs.

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What kind of grafted Nam Doc Mai mango PlantOGram are selling? Is it standard or #4. Anybody please share your knowledge..

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