giant tree tomato problem

thattanApril 27, 2009

First time giant tree tomato grower. I have fresh seedlings just breaking the surface, now my problem is I don't know exactly how much water or sun is needed due to the fact that my two year old daughter decided to lose my info stake. I cant find any info on-line and it's very frustrating. I could really use some insight.


Trying all organic.....Yikes!

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Do you actually mean an ordinary tomato called a giant tree tomato variety, as there are several types about ???
Or do you mean that other type of tree tomato that is not a real tomato at all, but a form of tropical fruit that looks like plum tomatoes on it.

If it is the latter then the treatment is a bit different and can only usually be grown in a large greenhouse in temperate zones.If so you usually stick it in the ground for three or four years and feed it occasionally -I cant quite remember if it is called Tammarilo or something like that.

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daylilyfanatic4(Zone 6 SE NY)

Hi as stated before there is tomato called giant tree tomato or itallian tree tomato and a tree that is not a tomato but has simmilar fruit (parts of the fruit are toxic) if it is the real tomato put it under lights or in a very sunny window and then slowly harden it off like you would any indeterment tomato. Ifit's the tree I would forget trying to grow it in the UK unless you have lots of expert knowlege about growing in greenhouses IMHO.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Giant Tree is the name of the tomato variety so you'd grow it as you would any tomato. It's not giant and it's not tree-like; I've grown it.

The other one is usually just called Tree Tomato, aka Cyphomandra betaceae, aka Tamarillo, and is a tender shrub that has small red fruits that resemble a roma tomato.

There was a bit of a craze about tomatoes during Victorian times and that's when this tender shrub was dubbed tree tomato. The fruits are not poisonous but don't taste anything like a tomato and the fruits are used in the cuisines of India and other places in the far East and many in CA and other such temperate climates grow them as well.

From reports form others, who usually buy the plants from the Sunday Supplement ads where this actual tree is shown, ahem, say that fruits are quite acidic and not for fresh eating.


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