Ipomea (Morning glory)

ifraser25(z11 Brazil)December 19, 2011

I saved some seed of Ipomea caerulea (the sky-blue one)about 6 months ago and sowed it in the garden about 6 weeks ago - after the first Spring rain. We have a subropical climate. I didn't want to do it earlier as the "winter" is very dry. None has germinated. Morning glory grows like a weed here generally. Is it because I kept the seed too long?

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Morning glory seeds can remain viable for years. I always soak my MG seeds in water overnight before planting and if they haven't swelled I nick the seed coat and soak them again. Maybe the seeds weren't viable or maybe they rotted?

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Fraser. I prepare Morning Glory seeds the same as Karyn.

When seeds are planted directly in the ground, they can take up to 2-months before germinating.

A blue MG is hardy and invasive here. They pop up around June, weeks before newly sown MG seeds do.

Be patient. It they don't sprout 3-4 weeks from now, they're probably infertile.
Are seeds firm? Toni

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I soak the seeds in tepid water for about half a day and then germinate them indoors in a homemade seed starter. They usually sprout in a few days. After establishment they aren't hard to keep watered, (the winters are dry here in south Florida too). I just have to cover them if we get one of those Florida cold snaps.

I just planted some Scarlett O'haras, (reddish pink). We'll see how they like FL summers. :)

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