Jackfruit Culltivars

innerselfMay 14, 2012

Hi, I've been growing a number tropical fruits for years but had never consider jackfruit. Last fall I tasted the fruit and well.. I'm planting a tree...

Primary criteria for cultivar selection is flavor. The nurseries in my area (Miami)have NS1, Cheena, Mia1,Mia2,Golden Pillow in 3Gallons.I've read Golden Nugget and Black Gold x Tabuey are good, but only small and expensive sedlings may be available.

Looking for some guidance from the experts here to nudge me towards final selection (right now thinking Mia1, NS1, or Cheena)...



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Well guess I'm answering my own question...I was "in the neighborhood" by one of the nurseries so went ahead and picked up a Mia1. Hope to put it in the ground this weekend!

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Odd, I "thought" I posted to this one... well since you bought one I guess my opinion of the Gold Nugget won't help.

I have one that hasn't fruited yet, but have had them and taste is why I picked it over others. You're right they are pricey but grow real fast. Mine was ~4' tall when I put it in the ground a bit over a year ago and I topped it at 13 feet last month.

I'm told that they fruit a bit slower if grafted and should not expect fruit for another year or two.

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personally i don't like soft jackfruit. a lot of the soft ones have a sulfurous smell i pick up on, and i actually get nauseated by them. I like the crisp/dry varieties. the best i've had is called j30/j31. i think they have them at pine island nursery in homestead. I have golden nugget but got it before i knew that there were soft jackfruits :( hope it's ok.

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I planted a 4ft MAI 1 graftling in my yard in Spring 2011, it is now Spring 2013 & my tree is 14ft tall and had it's first little fruit. I don't think it will have any fruit to full maturity this year, but next year we may have a go. Gold nugget is supposed to be sweet & soft but Mai 1 is supposed to be more crisp.

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