Dragon Fruits

makattack2013December 28, 2012

I was wondering the difficulty of growing a dragon fruit plant. I live in Montana but will be leaving for Washington soon. I want a dragon fruit plant but i don't know how to care for one. I know you can take them indoors and out, I don't care about the prices. If someone could tell me all the items needed for a dragon fruit plant for indoors and out, and all the care tips, how much water, how much sunlight, what temp to keep it in, etc. thank you :)

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don't let it freeze , light frost for a short time won't hurt it, med frost or extended frost will do some damage, just be sure to remove anything that may become 'mushy' so it can heal and not rot, they can go for long a long time with out water, or soil, they will sprout 'air' roots and are climbers so as it gets larger support is good, they can handle a few weeks with out sunlight,and do fine, I have my self stored cuttings in boxes, for short periods of time, just make sure you do not have alot of water on them or on soil to if they are in air tight or no light situations...

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alwazeroom4more: Any tips on getting a cutting to start. I visited California in September and an orchid breeder gave me a cutting of a dragon fruit. He told me to split it in two, put it in soil and wait for it to grow. It is now January and it has no new growth and does not seem to be taking root. I am out of options and have no clue how to make it take hold.

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I wonder what "split it in two" meant?!

All you should need to do is place a calloused cutting (dried out for about a week after cutting) in some reasonably well-draining medium and keep it sort of warm (i.e., not cold) and give it some bright light (not direct sun). It may take awhile to see new growth, but the important thing is that the cutting should not turn mushy or show other signs of rot. Don't overwater.

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steve: That sounds like what I did but no luck. Maybe I will make a fresh cut on the pieces and try again. Perhaps I watered it too much.

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