UPDATE: Birthday Bash Group Celebrating June- hazelnutbunny

ncgardengirlJune 4, 2009

Happy Birthday MONTH MELISSA

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Oooh, I've always wanted a summer birthday! YAY!

Can I wear a bikini and sit by the kiddie pool??

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Bunny honey it is YOUR MONTH you can do whatever you wish LOL...

Happy Birthday MONTH hehe

Hope you have a great weekend!

I really hope this is a good month for you, I have kept telling you to BREATHE so this month you just sit back enjoy your month and breathe!

:) Fran

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Bunny, hope your not planning on getting into a "kiddie" pool...lolol.

I just wanted to come and say Happy Birthday Month to you !
I cant wait to get to the stores..:)

How is everyone, and your gardens ? Anyone have HUMMERS? I saw two Orioles for the first time this past week.

I am hosting my very first plant swap at my house next Sunday...I have been trying to get the garden to look ok, and the house .

Nikki, I have your box ready...I am sorry I am behind. Also, your have been on my mind all week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone !

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Welcome to June!

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Happy umm birthday month Bunny! You deserve MUCH pampering:) I hope you enjoy your goodies and the weather/temperatures are agreeable. I hope you are able to take it easy this month and just enjoy receiving, receiving, receiving...
Kym, Don't worry about being late in sending. It gives me something to look forward to:) I'm enjoying participating in Bunny's swap - although I haven't done near enough posting,,, but I am checking in and reading. And Kym, Don't you worry about me honey - just a glitch that needs taking care of but I will be fine:)
Hi My Fran, Are you enjoying all those little plants you are babying to send on their way to their new homes? It's all I can do to baby the ones I receive before I can find a spot for them. I really don't know how you do it.
Fran, I'm still pondering my little dilemma. I am waiting until after June to do anything because I'm involved in another swap. For now, will you just please forward my previous email to our present members? Thanks for helping me out with everything.
Mariann, What are you working on right now? I just love to hear about your creative endeavors.
Deb, How'd that last yard sale go? I hope you are seeing some progress. Are you having any time to yourself? In the garden? I'd love to hear an update. I've been missin ya!
I really, really want to get what's left of my pot ghetto taken care of this weekend. But before I can do that, I need to kill some grass and create a lasagna bed, and there's homework, and kid performances...
I hope everyone is doing well. Nik

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Bunny-Great pic of you honey! Hummmmm..... Now I know you don't look like that. I did see a picture of you on one of the swap posts within the last year. I was going to make you a tag that said happy b'day but I know you're just celebrating it this month. I will come up with a special gift tag with your name on it you can use. When I finish I'll email it to you.

Kym-It's great to see you post. Hope all is well with you. Good luck with your plant swap I'm sure it'll be fun. I got invited to one plant swap this spring but couldn't make it. Wish there were more around here.

Nik-The only thing I've been doing, with all the rain, is working on my PSP Lessons. If I pass this last lesson then I move on to my final in the Café I'm in. Of course there are many Café's to go through yet. My DD called me today and told me she ordered a pattern and fabric so I can make her a few things. She is a TAZ fan....years ago I made her 2 pr. of TAZ flannel drawstring pants for Christmas. Guess what fabric she bought....YEP TAZ fabric! I haven't been able to find any for her. I had also decorated a T-shirt, for her, with TAZ cutouts. She still wears it. I always make her something for Christmas.

T & M is having a 40% off sale on their seeds. I think it's on until the 14th but I'm not sure. I did buy a few seeds just things that I wouldn't normally buy since they were so cheap. Also Park Seed has some of their seeds marked down to $1.00. I pretty much buy annual seeds now days for the following year.

I'm still battling this bronchitis. Can't believe it's lasted this long. I'm to weary to do much of anything. Hope the antibiotics start working soon.

Deb-How are you???

Fran-How are you doing? How's the yard work coming along? Digging up anymore utility wires???LOL
Hope all of you have a great weekend,

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I'm going to copy this from the obf thread, so I don't have to re-type...LOL...

Lili & I have had the flu for the past 3 days. It's no fun at all when you're an adult, so you can IMAGINE how awful it's been for Lili. We thought we were going to have to take her to the ER yesterday- she was having trouble breathing & her fever was really high. But I made a tea of a few herbs, and made her drink a bottle of that. It seems to really have helped- she's just got a runny nose today, and seems to be doing fine other than that. She even slept most of the night. YAY! That poor baby had been without sleep for 2 nights in a row. So had mommy, but that's just how it goes.
I'm just happy Lili is feeling better today.
I'm feeling OK...everything seems to have settled in my chest, so it hurts to breathe. I'm drinking more herb tea, and that's helped get some of it out...but I think I caught mine later than Lili's, so it's going to take a bit more time.

Mariann~ Thank you for the tag! I love it! As soon as I can spend more than 5 minutes at the computer, I'll load it to pb so I can use it. :O) Thank you!!!
I hope you get to feeling better soon. This stuff is hard to kick. My uncle has bronchitis, strep throat & a sinus infection. It's a step away from pneumonia....and he's been battling this for over a month now. I'm hoping mine doesn't settle too much in my chest....hubby is already worried about pneumonia, and has been making me cough every few minutes. Hurts like HECK, and it's hard to breathe...but I'll humor him. :O)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

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Melissa-What a horrible time of the year to get the flu. I hope you are able to get some rest and feel better soon. Poor little Lili... I feel so sad when children are ill. My DD use to get terrible ear aches until her ENT Dr. put tubes in them. I don't know if they do that anymore. I'm having the hard time with the breathing part too. I feel a little better today. What kind of herbs did you brew Lili and yourself to drink? Maybe I need some of that too. Glad you liked your tag. I enjoyed making it for you. I'm working on your B'day box and hope to get it out to you next week.

I was planning on working in my veggie garden today but it's too hot and humid after all that rain. Maybe later.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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Bunny hon, I hate to hear you are sick I think the flu this time of the year is one of the hardest to deal with, it is already hard to breathe from the heat then add the flu onto that misery all the way around.
I do hope little Lili is better soon and you don't suffer too much, you need to take it easy! Go REST!

Howdy Mariann, how's it going? I came in for a break from packing the swap boxes for the 100 it is fun but it is a lot of work too. I am not just pulling out a plant and sticking it in a box, I am having to add tags, re-wrap-water and then bag it THEN place it in the box I have to write each one down for that person too to make sure I know what I already put in the box lol.

Ok well, I hope all is well with everyone and you are enjoying your weekend!

:) Fran

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Lili is doing great- she's been fever free for 24 hours now. YAY! The only thing is her nose is still congested.
I'm OK....my glands are swollen to ridiculous proportions, though. It looks like I've got golf balls below my ears. UGH. (that's sexy, lemme tell ya...!) Still feels like an elephant is on my chest, too, but it's not as bad as it was.

Mariann~ I've been using lemon balm, mint, yarrow & strawberry leaves. The yarrow & lemon balm for the congestion & breathing problems, strawberry leaves for iron & other vitamins, and the mint is just to make it taste good & settle our tummies. I've thrown some sweet woodruff in there as well- but very little, as Dottie just sent me that plant in the OBF swap, so it's not very big yet.
I wish I had some marshmallow & slippery elm- for our throats- but good herbs are so difficult to come by here. Everyone thinks you're either a witch or just plain hippy if you grow your own medicines. LOL

I want to have a huge herb garden....it's always been one of my wishes. I've just got the basics, now....but hopefully, I'll find someone at a farmers market or something that has some of the harder to find herbs.
That's one of the reasons I collect daylilies- they're edible! And pretty tasty, at that! The buds make a mean stir-fry. :O) I usually just use the ditch lilies for that, and enjoy my other ones. But the different colored flowers have different tastes, so it's fun to nibble on one while you're in the garden and be surprised.

My mom brought up boxes of medicine yesterday- I guess I sounded pretty horrible on the phone. LOL I haven't taken anything she sent, though...I don't want to unless I HAVE to. If I can't pronounce the medical ingredients...I'm not sure I want to chance it. :O)
Ok, sorry for rambling. I did that yesterday, too...until my dad says.."What the H#(( are you talking about?!" And then told me to go lay down. Then he accused me of using more herbs in the tea than I was letting on. LOL
Coop me up for 4 days, and that's what happens.

Mama Fran~ I hope you get a chance to rest soon! You've been going non-stop since February, I think!!

Nikki~ I hope things are settling down for you, too. I know you've got alot going on right now.

Deb~ Hey girl, where are you?!? :O)

Kym~ I hope you're feeling better & taking it easy as well!

Hugs to everyone!

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Bunny, I really hope you feel better soon. I am glad lil Lili is so much better. It is no fun when mama and baby are sick anytime but when both are sick at the same time it is torture!
I have been busy and I think I would like to take just one day were I could just SLEEP all day, I think I need that at the moment! I am tired, but at least I can't complain about being BORED!

Mariann, hon I wish you would get better. I know it is hard on you too. I wish there was some magic cure I could send to you. All I can tell you is drink lots of orange juice YES it DOES help or it seems to help me and get plenty of rest! That is always the best thing to do.
Feel bett soon sweety.

How is everyone else? Been able to enjoy the weather? Spending time outside? What's going on?

:) Fran

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Hi-OK where is everyone??? Fran does Deb know we're celebrating Melissa's B'day this month???

Melissa-How are you sweetie??? I hope you and Lili have recovered from the flu. I've been working on your box and hope to have it in the mail by Monday. I enjoyed going through your Questionnaire and it gave me some good ideas. A little of this and a little of that.LOL

I've been watching it rain for days on end. Can't do anything outside. It's been miserable. Some of my container plants are already getting moldy. I posted this on another thread but it will let you know what we've been up against. Out of the last 17 days it has rained here 13 of them. I not talking sprinkles mind you but heavy downpours. No sun to speak of either. I haven't even been able to put in my tomatoes or peppers. We have been eating lettuce from the garden and hopefully snow peas soon. About 10 years ago we had weather like this too. The orchards in the area had terrible peaches crops. The peaches were watery and didn't taste like peaches at all. Many of them had fungal issues too.

Other than that I've been doing some crafts and working on my Final in one of my Café's in my PSP Group. That is really time consuming. It takes me forever to pick out the right assortment of tubes to use as my focal point. But I love doing it! When I'm finished with the Final I'll post one of my Tags that I submitted. I figure this Course will take me about a year to finish. Can't wait to get into animations.YEAH!!!!
Have a great day

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Oooh, Mariann....I feel for you! Watching the rain...day after day......UGH. It's not so much the rain that gets ya, but the lack of sunshine..Am I right? (that's what it was for me, anyway!)
We've got rain right now (again!), but it's just a gentle rain with sheet lightning in the clouds. Pretty to watch, and nice to cozy up with a book & cup of hot tea. It's a nice break from the 90 degree weather we've been having, which was a shock to everything after the weeks of rain we had.
The weather now days...SHEESH... seems like I can remember actually HAVING seasons when I was a kid. Now, it's just a free-for-all. 80 degree Xmas's....Snow on Memorial day....Thunderstorms & floods on Thanksgiving....
Phooey. :O)

Soooo....How is everyone doing? I know Mama is busy...as well as Mariann (how do you DO it, gals?!)

Nikki~ My prayers are with you, sweetie. BIG hugs going out to you....

Deb~ How are things out your way?
Kym~ How about you? Everything OK for you??

I've got to go grade some school papers. Things got behind when I was sick, so now I'm playing catchup. UGH....

On the bright side, the daylilies are starting to bloom! YAY! I've only had one disappointment so far....one that was SUPPOSED to be "Big Smile" turned out to be a ditch lily. I don't know if the tags got moved......or if it was intentional. *sigh*
It's so hard to tell these days. BUT that's why I don't trade anything that hasn't flowered for me yet. Because I'd hate to disappoint anyone else if it wasn't right.
Off to that homework stuff. Yippee! :O)

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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Melissa-What is going on with Nikki??? I hope all is well with her.

I went up to my veggie garden today...what a mistake that was. Because of all the rain I haven't been able to cover some of the beds that were weeded in May. Now I weeds about a foot tall. I just put plastic over them. Not much else I could do. We had a little sun yesterday intermittently. It rained all afternoon today. My DH did manage to mow the front lawn though.

Below is one of the Tags I made for my final. I added my name to it so I could post it here. Anyway I passed my final with flying colors. Today I started on the next Cafe'.

I'll never understand why my tags look so good in PSP and then when I post them they are fuzzy. Must be Photobucket.

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We had a heck of a storm yesterday...80+ mph winds, and it dumped nearly 5" of rain in less than 5 minutes! Wowie....plus the lightning striking in the yard, just feet away from the windows. Nearly pee'd my pants! LOL!

Anyway......Just wanted to pop in and use my tag Mariann made for me!
Isn't it PRETTY?!

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Sorry I've been absent lately. My Daughter's in summer school, both sessions. When my Mom died, Sarah took it really hard and started to have problems in school (grades began to slack really bad) so she's now making it up in summerschool.

I have a new bird! A Nanday conure named "Mango" (the last one I purchased was a conure/Greencheeked named "Cricket") I sort of remember telling you guys about it. I'll post pics soon, I just need a little more time. I also want to take some pics of both yards. My life's been a little hetic lately as usual. I found a turtle walking down the street- what are the chances of that! I don't need any more animals! The birds are the last for awhile! We already have a turtle "Slowsky" (Leopard turtle). This one is a box turtle. I posted an ad on Craigslist (under lost and found, and so far nothing). This was someone's pet, he's semi-tame. Loves eating hard boiled eggs, salads, tomatoes! I named him "Lucky" so far. Hopefully, his owners respond to my ad. I can't believe he was crossing the street!

I'm working on Melissa's box, I need more time (couple days). My laptop died.. So, I purchased a new Gateway laptop, and love it! I'll be online more now. I hated using my Husband's laptop, he's always over my shoulder reading everything, asking if I'm finished. Now, I have as much time as I want. ;) I also purchased a Dyson animal! If you love vaccums as much as I do- get one! It sucks the color off the carpet, LOL! It really does clean exceptionally well, and fast.

It's getting late- I better make this short and go to bed. I'm sooo tired.

OOh, before I forget- Happy Birthday month, Melissa!

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Hi all! I know I have been MIA lately. So much has been going on. I will send an email to you all with details. I'm home now and trying to catch up on all the things around the house. So much to do, so little time. Just wanted to say that I'm doing fine - the family's fine - just sort of frazzled. I could really use some "normal". I hope that everyone is feeling better.
Marianne, I hope your class is wrapping up successfully. I know the sense of accomplishment that comes at the end of a lot of hard work. Congratulations!
Bunny, Thanks for the prayers. I can honestly say that prayers are working. We are starting to feel the calm of knowing that God is in control.
Fran, You are the sweetest! Thanks for being patient with me. I really do appreciate you:)
Deb, Yes! Pictures would be great. I'm sorry to hear that your D had trouble with school. I hope she gets all caught up this summer and things are easier for her next year. That's the great thing about school. In August, you get a brand new start.
Kym, I hope you are enjoying your summer. How did the plant swap at your house go? It's always nice to have a get together at your house - makes you finish ongoing "projects" in prep for company.
I'll talk to yall soon. Nik

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Hello Ladies,
How goes it. It is HOT by golly HOT I SAY...I have been trying to get things done outside when it is cooler, it is kind of hard working in the dark though in the yard so I have some things I have been working on the front porch doing when it gets dark, I was out til 2:00am this morning. Man I have a HUGE mess on there now.
The SO is gripping telling me to get it cleaned up, yes dear, when I am finished LOL. It really is messy though and starting to get on my nerve too, yeap I said NERVE. I wish I had a potting shed, that would be so nice. At the other house he made me those potting tables and they were so nice to have. The only place here to do it is near the barn and I just don't really think I want it to be that fair away from the house LOL. I like to have things close to the house, it is more of a convient thing to me.

Bunny how are things going with you? Wow that was a rough storm. I hope there was no more damage around the house. That is terrible!
Yes that is a pretty tag there that Miss Mariann made for you.

Deb, nice to see you posting. Are you taking time to relax yet? Have you had time to do that just yet?

Nikki, I thought I would let you explain everything since it is happening with you, I didn't feel like it was my place to announce things to everyone. I am sure you understand.

I want to know how the swap went KYM!!! I haven't been able to talk to you. My computer was acting stupid last night. REALLY!!! Farmtown kept freezing I got ticked and went to bed!

I keep saying I will not complain about our rain because we have been in a drought for so long BUT I think that much rain would begin to get depressing Mariann, so I think you can complain a little LOL.
I hope things dry out a bit for you, but not like it does for us and completely dry up! That stinks too.

Well, I have things I need to be doing. Sitting on here is not one of them at the moment. Sorry I haven't been posting I have a lot going on at the moment, so I am staying busy trying not to think about it.

Catch you ladies later,

:) Fran

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Thanks Fran - I know you always have my best interest at heart:)
Bunny, I'm gonna hijack your thread for a moment to say that I received a wonderful box today. For the life of me, I can't find the name of the sender but I have a sneaky feeling I know who it is from:0

Everything was individually wrapped and a wonderful source for happiness today. You just don't know how much I appreciate it!!!!

I received:
A beautiful Home sweet Home sign with squirrels on it. To me it looks antiqued like an old home front with another plaque hanging off of it. It's hard to describe but it is huge and will look beautiful by the back door. I love the sage green color. Sooo pretty.
As if that wasn't enough, there was also a rock ornament with a frog on top and flowers on the side that says "the simplicity of nature" - isn't that the sweetest?!?!?
There was also a garden marker that says "Gardeners know the best dirt". Love it!
Some tissues - gotta say I've needed these lately...
And there's more! A garden stone shaped like a dragonfly with stained glass wings. On the body, it says "My Garden". I LOVE dragonflies and I collect garden stones! The box that it came in says that it glows in the dark.

My yard is going to look so pretty when I put all of these things in just the right spot. I love placing things here and there to bring a smile at every turn.
There's more - Seeds: Sunflower mammoth, sunflower pastiche, sunflower mix, Zinnia cal. giants mixed, Zinnia large mix, and another zinnia mix. I love zinnias and can't wait to see what surprised they turn out to be.

Thank you so much! The box came at just the right time and truly made my day!
Thanks so much "mystery sender":):):) Nik

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

oops 2 mistakes. First, I forgot to say that SK also received a nitelight butterfly with stained glass wings - gorgeous! She has it on right now:) And also on my Home Sweet Home sign, they are chipmunks not squirrels. I just got in such a hurry to post, I goofed. THANKS again, I am very grateful! Nik

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Hey Nikki, I am glad your box arrived. We were concerned about it. It was from Kym, I am not sure why she didn't put any markings on the box.
She told me about that sign I wanted it LOL, I think she told me she got a pic of it if not you will have to take on for me I want to see it dog it!
It is ok that you posted here, I expect Kym to post when she gets a box in the next few days too. It is easier to post on the currant running month then to go back to the month it belongs too.
Kym always packs the best boxes she is so totally cool! LOL.
I am behind on my stuff but I will get caught up next month, we are having some issues at the moment and I will get your box, Bunny's and Mariann's all out next month I promise.
I didn't get to get what I had hoped to for you I am so sorry, BUT I hope what I am getting you will lift your spirits as well, well actually I haven't totally counted out the possibility yet I am still working on it lol.

Bunny, how is things with you hon? I am so far behind on everything. I am sorry, but I thought you would like to be moved to this month since you said Sept is always so busy for you. We just had some issues this month and it has really been hard to get things done at the moment.

Ok, I just thought I would check in to see what might be going on.
:) Fran

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Nikki~ What a great box! And it arrived at just the right time, too! :O)

This month is super, Mama Fran! Don't worry about a thing! I could definitely use a break this month. The past one has been busy busy...and so far, this month hasn't slowed down a bit either!

Speaking of not slowing down...LOL...I'm living up to my bunny name. #7 is due in February, I'm somewhere around 6 weeks along. It's early, but we're excited. I'm kinda longing for a boy this time around, since it's been over 8 years since I had a baby boy!

Anyway, that's our news bulletin for today! Everyone can now go back to their regularly scheduled Tuesdays! LOL

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Hey Dear Nikki...I am SOOOOO sorry I didnt add a card to the box, it sat here for awhile, and I was so upset no one would mail it for me, so then it went out with out the card !!!

I wanted to send things for you to enjoy while in the garden, I am SOOO thankful they are things you will enjoy ! I soo wanted the chipmunk sign, went back and they were all gone, and I know why..they are just soo cute !

Hugs Nikki...you have been in my thoughts.

Bunny, congrats !!! I hope you get that little boy you so want..wishing you have a healthy pregnancy !

Ok, plant swap went soo well, we had about 12 people, TONS of PLANTS and FOOD !! They stayed for 5 hours, so it must have gone well, ha ha. It rained till 15 mins before the swap was to start, and then cleared up and was sunny and nice.

I made garden stones and name tags that were wood in the shape of a picket fence..and the garden stone said, "garden buds" which is the name of our group of gardeners. ( Sue came up with the name)

We did a lot of chatting, ate..and they all walked thru my garden. We will be doing it again in the fall.

I hope you all are doing well...I have been resting..since the swap, but promise to check in more.



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Deb-Great to see you post! Can't wait to see the pictures of Mango.

Nik-Thanks for emailing me and filling me in. My thoughts are with you. What a great box from Kym.
I'm not done with my PSP course. There are about 9 levels they call them café's. That's because the name is Café' D'Amis (Coffee House of Friends).
I just finished the Coffee Klatch final. Now I'm in the Breakfast Bistro... Really enjoying it as I said can't wait to get to animations.

Fran-I can't imagine working outside until 2 am. It's so dark here! And kind of scary! If it's hot now I can't imagine what it would be like in July.

Melissa-I'm so happy you like your tag! You little devil you! #7 WOW way to go!!!
Your box is going in the mail tomorrow.
DC # 0103 8555 7498 3832 4030

Kym-So glad your swap went well. Did you take a picture of the garden stones??? Love to see what you made.
Have a great evening

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I hope everyone is having a great week so far! :O)
It's been a whirlwind here, as usual...LOL
I DID get to have a break last night, though. Hubby watched ALL the kiddos for me (wow!) so I could go have coffee with a friend. And it was actually HIS idea! (double WOW!)
It was great fun & something we both needed. It's been so long since I could actually talk to her without having to repeat myself or talk over someone that's 3ft tall! LOL
Love those kiddos (obviously!) but a break is nice now and then too. I just didn't realize I needed one!

All my daylilies are going crazy right now! I'm loving it! A new one opens every morning, it's great. I can't wait to go on the trip to the daylily farm in a week or so! If the weather and my health hold up, anyway!

Although....I did have a disappointment this morning. One of my daylilies- that I bought from GHW last year- didn't bloom true. But that's OK, because one that I've been waiting to see bloom finally DID bloom this morning...and here's the funny thing....they were BOTH the same!! Can you believe that?? I did get both of them from GHW ....so I'm assuming they were either close to each other, or simply got mis-tagged. But not by me, because they both have their original tags, and they are planted in different spots in the yard.
No biggie either way, because I'm tickled that it was the one I really wanted ANYWAY, and now I have more of it!

Uh....did any of that make sense?? LOL!

Anywho....I suppose I should go make some supper for the honey...who I know will be hungry when he walks in. :O)
And I surely love cooking for him. He deserves that much, at least, for working so hard all day!

Oh!! Kym, can you post some pictures? I'd love to see what you've been up to!

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Bunny, WOW number 7. I wish I could have another one. I would love to have another one I wish I could have a girl, but things just didn't work out for me. Maybe in the coming years I will have grandbabies although I don't see that happening anytime soon.
My oldest son who is 25 doesn't have a serious girlfriend and when he does have one he sure don't want kids, and that is a good thing because he doesn't NEED any!
My middle son is in the Navy and his wife is in the Army and just re-enlisted a few weeks ago and I KNOW they are not planning on children anytime soon which is also a good thing.
My youngest well, he is just that young. He will be 20 actually in August by he still acts like a really young kid and he sure doesn't need a kid to take care of, plus his current GF is still in HS and she is 16, maybe 17 now but neither one of them need a baby that's for sure!

Anyway, I am glad you are excited about a new addition although I just can't imagine having that many children good heavens HOW do you do it?

I have been so very busy, I just don't have much time anymore for much of anything. I have been planting and digging out freaking Bermudagrass/Wire Grass this stuff is the devil I tell you.
I have been trying to dig it out of where ever I am planting but it is only a matter of days before it is creeping back in. I have to get some killer for it. It is just too tough to deal with on my own and I so hate having to spray it, BUT I can't stand it more then not spraying!

OK, well, I have to go do something else then hit the hay, night ladies.

:) Fran

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Melinda Hagen

Just highjacking the post!! Sorry!
Wanted to tell Melissa congratulations on the new addition!
I can't imagine 7 either, but wanted that many once upon a time!! Actually more, if I could have had them!
Hope this is a great month for you and everyone else here! Melinda

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Just a quick check in..

OMG #7, Congratulations! How do you do it, LOL?! I have 2 and can't keep up! My life is like a whirlwind, I'm constantly doing things, doing everything for everyone else! I would love another (I already told my Husband) and he swears he won't come home ever again if it happens, LOL!) So, for now, pets do it for me- I won't even say how many we have! ;) Must be hormones!


    Bookmark   June 18, 2009 at 6:07PM
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Thanks for the congrats, girls! I appreciate them!
Guess that's a pretty good "birthday" present, isn't it? :O)

I got my first birthday box today! Yay!
Ms Mariann certainly packed me a FANTASTIC box! It was wonderful!
(although, it took 10 minutes & ump-teen times to explain to the kiddos why I was getting a birthday box in June...! LOL)

Mariann sent me:

~A beautiful handmade card!
~Windchimes! They sound soooo pretty! I almost want to hang them up in front of the fan inside!
~3 Candles (homemade!)- Apricot, Macintosh Apple & Spinach/Fennel - I LOVE them all!!
~A cute frog pot sitter!
~Raspberry body wash! Yummy!
~Gloves! YAY! These fit perfectly! (my hands are small, so gloves are hard to find in my size...these are the first ones I've had that fit so well!!)
~Book- "Gifts from a jar"- cookies, brownies & bars! Perfect for this Christmas!!
~Stickers! (The girls are fighting over them!)
~Handmade earrings! These are GORGEOUS! Little mother-of-pearl dolphins on gold wires! So pretty & dainty! I love them!!!! (and now the girls are begging to get their ears pierced! LOL!)

~~And a plant!
Echinacea "Meringue"! My first ever echinacea!! YAY!!! I can't wait to see this bloom! It took me 20 minutes to decide the perfect place to plant it! I was THAT excited!! :O)

Everything was wrapped up so nicely....it was so much fun to unwrap all the surprises!

Mariann~ THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love everything! The timing was perfect....I really needed a pick-me-up today! :O)

    Bookmark   June 20, 2009 at 3:13PM
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Mellisa-I'm so glad everything arrived safely. You really do need a pick me up. Especially with all you do all day. I love those gloves too! Atlas gloves are the best I've ever used plus you and I have the same size hands.LOL
Many happy returns on your faux birthday.

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Ahhh what a nice box you received from Mariann Bunny!
That is a VERY NICE echinacea, you know that right? It is!
Did you FINALLY get the kids to understand that mommie decided to have a month she could actually ENJOY her birthday in? LOL
I hope everything is going well for you and I was wondering if there are any changes in your questionnaire? Do you still have a copy of yours? If you do please look over it and let me know because I am gonna start working on a box for you hopefully to have it out by the end on the month!

Nikki, hon, how are you doing? Ya'll hanging in there? I hope you get some good news soon!

I wanted to mention that Kym had a bad fall a few days ago and she got hurt pretty bad so it you all done mind please send her a few well wishes and positive enegry sent her way.
She told me what happened and she didn't go to the hospital at that time, I would have it was pretty bad, but she is supposed to be going to see her doctor this morning, I HOPE that is where she is NOW. I hope she is just bruised and sore from the fall and nothing more serious then that.
She fell off her deck and I am not sure how high it is but what happened was she fell backward into a woody/shrubby area. So as you could imagine this would HURT dearly.
She didn't want anyone to know that she had gotten hurt BUT I think she needs lots of good thoughts and prayers sent her way in hopes that she is not injuried to badly.
HUGS KYM GIRL, YOU KNOW I LOVE YAH! Don't get upset please cause I passed on your weekend disaster! We are all concerned about our group members and well, get used to it LOL.

Mariann, are things going well for you? How is your weather? Is it improving any? We are still HOT as HADES, I went out this morning to get my box together for the other swap and as soon as I walked out I started pouring sweat, it is terrible!

Deb, how are you? Things getting back to normal for you yet?

I need to be outside when I get brave enought to go out again I will, I am so dreading it which is WHY I haven't gone back out and I am posting hehe.

Ok have a great day ladies,

:) Fran

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Kym-You poor girl! Keep us posted as to how you are doing. I'm thinking about you! Can you feel it?

Fran-How are you doing?? Our weather is the same. Rains every day or night. We've had the sun peak out a few times but not for long. About 6 years ago we had a wet spring too, nothing like this though, and the peach crops were not good. The peaches had to much water in them and didn't taste like anything. Slugs are out in full force! I bought a bag of sand the other day and put it around some my plants.
Hope everyone has a good day

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hi, i'm posting for my mom- melissa.
she lost the baby last night & is still really sick.
she says to say she'll be back as soon as she can.

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Melinda Hagen

Dear Melissa,
My thoughts and prayers are with you! Melinda

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Oh Melissa you have my condolences. I'm sending warm thoughts and prayers to you.

    Bookmark   June 23, 2009 at 6:24AM
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Oh Melissa girl, I am so sorry. I hope you are doing well and have no complications from the miscarriage. You hang in there girly and you let us know as soon as you are up to it that you are doing well!

Mama Fran

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Hey Bunny, I am so sorry !! I hope you get to feeling better soon, and I am sorry for your loss. sending lots of hugs your way.We all love ya Bunny...

Thanks Fran..for wanting them to send me prayers and good thoughts. I have been on my back for the last 3 days, I go back to the dr tomorrow. I really wont know much till next week, gotta get the swelling down before they will know much. With the extra nerve pain, they are thinking i may have done a bit more damage to my spine..time will tell.

anyways...I digress. I hope you all are doing well...and I am sorry for not posting more..I do come online but read more then post lately.

With the sad news of Bunny..I am not gonna be excited as i was yesterday but I would like to share with you all that fran sent me an amazing box of plants for the 100 swap..what she did was cover the postage as my gift, and then from her garden+ here moms, and even plants that use to belong to her gram....she ADDED to what i should have recd. My daughter and I enjoyed opening all the plants..and i am hopeful hubby will plant them this weekend.

If anyone has a FB account id love to add you and share my garden pics.

Hugs to you all, and thanks for the good thoughts.


    Bookmark   June 23, 2009 at 6:37PM
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Kym I am glad you liked what I sent you. I sent her a LOT of plants I wanted her to have and since I couldn't send in April OR MAY because of her frost dates and things I fooled her into joining the 100 Swap letting her THINK she would get back the number she sent in LOL.

Nikki, I still and waiting on yours. I would like to send something I KNOW will make you happy, but I want to send it when so much isn't going on too.

Bunny girl, same for you. I WAS going to send a box to you, but in light of what has happened I have something else in mind and I need some information from you. I just am not sure HOW to get it without giving away what my gift to you will be...so I am thinking on that. I wish there was something I could do now to make you feel better.
Hugs girly,
Mama Fran

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Hi Friends! I am just popping in to say that I am sorry I haven't been posting much. While you all know the "why", I still want to come in and say hi.
Bunny, I am sooo sorry for your loss. (tears) I have been through the same thing and it is a silent, lonely kind of sad. I'm praying for a healed heart for you!
Kym, So glad to see you posting. I can't believe that you fell. I'm also praying for your quick healing.
Hi Ma Fran, You know me so well. I would hardly have time to appreciate anything fully right now. The box will give me something to look forward to.
Things are actually pretty calm around here this week. SIL has surgery on the 1st and Sis gets her plan of treatment on the 1st. That's going to be some day, I tell ya! Praying for positive outcomes. Thanks for your warm thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate you all!
I'm in a wedding on the 2nd. My summer semester ends on Tuesday. This class is actually not so bad - once I finished the 31 page report - AGHH.
Mariann, Send some of that rain my way. The heat is causing all my plants to pout.
Deb, You doin ok? I sure hope so.
Anyway, gotta go do some more homework and clean up the house. Happy gardening! Nik

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Melissa-How are you doing sweetie?? Been thinking about you a lot. My DH is sending prayers out to you every day. Big Hugs to you from me.

Fran-Kym sounds really excited and happy with all the plants you sent her. I wish I had some family around I could share plants with. I do have a cousin about 30 minutes away from me but I usually give her plants. Way to go Fran!

Kym-How are you feeling??? What type of injuries did you sustain when you fell? I always get the chills when I hear someone saying that they fell. I tripped over a rake in 2005 and fractured my right arm about an inch below my shoulder. Was covered in bruises, etc etc. and was in physical therapy for 3 months. Still have residual pain from being so banged up. Sending warm thoughts and hugs your way.

Nik-Been thinking about you too. How are you holding up? Is your SIL still having the tear duct reconstruction? I've had that surgery done on my left eye. I can actually blow air out of that duct now..LOL I know sounds gross doesn't it?? Sending warm thoughts and hugs to you too. Believe me I wish I could send rain to you. Heard on the news last night that out of 24 days we've now had 21 days of rain. I'm just thankful we didn't get all that hot weather. It's been in the 70's here.

Deb-How are you doing? Are you taking time for yourself? Sounds like you need a little TLC.
Have a great day everyone

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Thank you for all the prayers...I appreciate them.
It's been a difficult week. I was further along than we had thought. There were alot of complications, and I'm not even supposed to be out of bed yet.
BUT I'm going nuts. There is nothing to do but lie there and think, and I don't want to think anymore. Hubby had to go back to work today, too. Grandma's got the kids (except for Lili), so now I have even MORE quiet time to think.
I'm tired of thinking.

I hope everyone is doing OK? I will try to read all the posts later. I'm just too tired right now to concentrate much.


    Bookmark   June 25, 2009 at 8:47AM
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My heart goes out to you.. Your in my thoughts and Prayers!

Giant Hugs,

    Bookmark   June 25, 2009 at 11:13AM
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Melissa...you are in my thoughts!


    Bookmark   June 25, 2009 at 6:53PM
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I just finished reading the posts....

Kym~ How are you feeling? That sounds like a nasty fall! I hope you're doing OK & starting to heal. Big Hugs to you!

Nikki~ Still sending prayers your way. Next week is going to be a busy & tough one for ya'll. Big Hugs to you, too!

Deb & Mariann~ Have ya'll slowed down any at all? :O) You ladies are always going going going....
Mariann~ I meant to tell you that those candles were wonderful! I burned 2, and the last one I put in my melting pot. They all scented up the house...it was nice! I'm looking forward to working on your box next month.

Mama Fran~ Have you slowed down any, too?? You need to take a long hot bubble bath & relax....I know you've been running since at least December!! :O)

Melinda & Annie (and everyone!)~ Thank you for your thoughts & prayers. I appreciate them.

Well, I do need to go lay down now. This is about my capacity for being up & coherent! I'm doing OK (both physically & emotionally), but I'm still really weak & get lightheaded/dizzy easily. One of the complications I had was going into shock (with so much blood loss), and I am still feeling the effects from that. I hope this goes away soon.


    Bookmark   June 26, 2009 at 8:55AM
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I just received a box from Deb today. I wanted to post what she sent before I went back to bed.
She sent:

Peony "Felix Crousse" (yay! red!)
Caladiums "F.M. Joyner" & "Candidum"
Hens & chicks
A Budgies (parakeet) magazine- looks interesting & I'm sure it'll be a BIG help!
2 gorgeous hanging glass votive candle holders! Unfortunately, the purple one arrived shattered, but the orange one is perfect, and will look beautiful. :O)

Thank you SO much, Deb! This was a great birthday box, and a wonderful surprise to get today. The Lord knows I needed it!


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Nice box there Melissa, Deb, thanks for sending it out, it is appreciated very much.

How are you doing Bunny girl? I hope you are getting plenty of rest and doing what the doc told you to do!

Deb how are you?

Nikki, you doing ok, everything going alright for the moment? You are in my thoughts you know this right? I was hoping we could make some plans about that possible trip, but I fear it is going to be a long while before you will be able to get away now.

Kym, I hope you are feeling a little better.

Mariann, how are things going for you?

It is terribly hot here and it is not even our hottest month yet. Man, I can't take the heat. We were outside this morning under a shade for like 3.5 hours and I ended up getting a headache from the heat, man it is AWFUL out there!
SO I hope you all are staying cool and trying to enjoy the outdoors and the weather.
Ok, I have to to jump off here now,
later ladies,

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

Bunny, I am so sorry. Words just don't seem like enough at times like these.

    Bookmark   June 29, 2009 at 3:28AM
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I just wanted to pop in and say HI to everyone.
And say thank you for letting me celebrate my birthday this month, Mama Fran. It's been a nice diversion from everything happening lately.

I'm feeling better, getting my energy back slowly...but it's getting there. Feeling better emotionally, too. I still have ups & downs, but that goes with the territory. :O)

Ya know, Mama Fran...I've heard you say that "when it rains, it pours"....and this has certainly been a week for that. On Thursday night, hubby had a blow out on the truck. On Sunday morning, the 20+ year old window AC unit we had borrowed went out. So hubby took the last of our savings (which wasn't much anyway!) to Lowe's to get a new one, and on the way there, he had ANOTHER blow out on the truck. And of course, no spare tire...since it was ALREADY on the truck. Did I mention these are fairly new tires? They are doing some road work around here, so I am guessing there is alot of debris in the road. UGH.
Anyway, one tow trip home & 2 new tires later....no AC unit.

LOL- because what else CAN you do but LOL?

I have been thinking on that saying of yours, Mama Fran...and I've come to realize that I think I'm thankful for the pouring rain sometimes. It makes me appreciate the times in life when things are going smooth & it's all good. Every thing that happens will either make us stronger or bitter.
I don't want to be bitter. :O)

And after all....we need the rains sometimes.... our gardens will be more abundant & beautiful because of them, right?

Okay, I"m off my soap box for today. (darn meds make me loopy.)
Hugs to everyone!

    Bookmark   June 29, 2009 at 4:58PM
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Bunny girl, your meds had me thinking about take one down pass it around LOL...NAH, just kidding.
Yes, I do say when it rains it pours and also that in which does not kill us makes us stronger, AND everything happens for a reason. SOOOOOO you hit them all up there LOL.
I also say God doesn't put more on us then we can take, BUT God how much do you THINK I CAN take?
You bet, I have my moments too. This month has been one for us. BUT we are getting through it and I BLESS the little things like for instance.
Yesterday the SO was going to run somewhere and our truck wouldn't start. Well he says, I THINK it is out of gas...
My youngest son just happened to break up with he GF this past weekend and is staying here for the time being. So I asked him if he had gas money and would run up to the store to get us some.
WELL, while he was gone to the store to get the gas a guy pulls up needing some things done and was wondering if it could be done. IF the truck would have started then the work wouldn't have been able to get done.
SO, it was either a blessing or good timing that the truck ran out of gas, and it WAS a blessing it ran out sitting in the yard!
WEIRD and amazing all at the same time! I mean, it ran out as soon as he pulled in and turned it off the day BEFORE, in a spot I want him to start parking in NOT where HE usually parks. I think it was amazing AND weird LOL, I said that right?
Point is, be thankful for every little detail we get. It is the little things that count and all is well.
I will be glad when THIS month is over. I want to get things BACK in order!!!

Bunny, I am glad you are starting to feel a little better. I can't imagine NOT being without an A/C unit. I am sure some organization can help with something since you have the kids there, esp little Lilie.

I surely HOPE everything is going well for the rest of our group.
I tell you some months are more the others aren't they?
WOW, I just realized tomorrow is the LAST day of this month!!!

Bunny, when you feel like it, will you email me the name of that Daylily Farm close to you? I am comparing prices on different farms before I put in a Daylily order. It is amazing how DIFFERENT some of these places are! I mean from 10.00- 20.00 different on some! Some are only 2.00-6.oo different BUT I am cheap and I want to make sure I get my money's worth and since you shop there they must be a good place. Do they have a website or do you know? If they do if you would email me the link to their site please.

Ok, I am headed off here. I am about to start some more seeds.
Hey, I didn't tell you all I almost have ALL my stuff planted did I? YEAP, everything expect for the daylilies, I have them in large buckets until the daylily bed gets done. BUT everything else is basically in the ground. ALBEIT may NOT be where it is staying at least it IS in the flower bed!!! LOL, he told me I couldn't join ANYMORE swaps until I took care of the plants I had sitting around. Well so I did, he DIDN'T SAY I had to put them where they were to be planted he just said to TAKE care of them! SO THERE, whose the smartest of us all? LOL

:) Fran

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Melissa-I'm glad you are starting to feel better. Hope you enjoyed your birthday month. I must say if it rains it pours too. Happens to us all the time. We haven't had an air conditioner in years. We do have a huge fan in our attic that sucks the hot air right out of the house. Don't have the weather that you do though. Sometimes I set up a fan to blow on me all night. My car is off the road and has been for about a month. Just can't afford to get it fixed. So my DH and I are sharing his car.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Fran thanks so much for keeping this B'day swap going.
Take care and have a good day

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Mariann~ No AC? Yipes! Oh, but you're up north. Are the summers up there really that much more mild? We have 100+ degree temps from July to August (started early this year!!), and when you factor in the humidity...ouch! It's a good thing they make really strong deodorant!! LOL Not having AC doesn't bother me much, but the little ones get overheated so easy. I run the sprinkler alot and go through gatorade like crazy! :O)

Nikki~ I've been thinking about you today. I know the next few days will be hectic for you. Just know you & your family are in my prayers. *hugs*

Kym~ How are you doing? Are you feeling any better??

Thank you to everyone that helped make my "birthday" a good one. This has been an eventful month....to say the least....
I think that goes for EVERYONE.
I hope ya'll know how much I appreciate you gals. You're the sweetest bunch ever! :O)


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I received a birthday card from Miss Nikki today! She included a wonderful "gift certificate" inside as well!

Nikki~ I want you to know how much I appreciate you taking the time to send something to me. I plan on using your gift to purchase some flowers to place in the memorial garden for the baby.
I know the past few months have been very difficult for you, and it means so much to me that you have thought about me through everything.
Thank you SO MUCH Miss Nikki!!
Hugs & Squishes!!

    Bookmark   July 30, 2009 at 4:21PM
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Ahhh, isn't she the bestest? NOW you can go to Gilbert H. Wild too! :) Fran

    Bookmark   July 30, 2009 at 8:14PM
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