Mango Flushing after pruning

bananafanMay 9, 2013

I was really happy to see all the new flushes coming out after my mangoes got their "haircut." They all display different colors. The color I like best is from my Nam Doc Mai. The new leaves are humongous ... double the size of the old ones.

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There are a lot of flushes on Cogshell. The leaves started out as yellowish. Now some of them are turning sort of pinkish. It's like watching the changing color in the pretty fall leaves.

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This is the Miracle mango. The leaf color isn't impressive, but I'm just glad it has a lot of new leaves. I'm hoping they'll change color at some point.

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I'm throwing in an extra picture here from my camera. This is my lovely bunny. Home Depot was giving out free food and little gifts in celebration of Mayo de Cinco. We found this small hat and it was just the size for him. He agreed to wear the hat and post for the picture.

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you are right! GREAT flushes for those mangoes.
Where do you liive, bananafan?


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Awesome banana!! Love the new flushes on your mango trees! Don't you love seeing the new growths...makes you feel that you're doing all the right things and that they are healthy...Great job!

Different varieties of mango have different color flushes...on mine I've seen anything from light green to reddish/burgundy colors. My Cogshall and my Glenn being the prettiest I the new growth flushes on them.

BTW, that bunny picture is SO adorable...thanks for posting!

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