Indoor Mango tree help.

alphapenguin(5)December 7, 2009

Hey all, I have this problem with my mango tree. I bought it from Pine Island this summer, and it was doing well this summer (after it finally got over the shock) and then I had to take it indoors. Well I recently set up this grow light system down in the basement, and my mango tree doesnt look so hot. I do not see any black spot on the leaves, but many of the leaves are falling off, looking either dry and starting to curl (width wise). I have had black spot on another mango tree before and it doesnt look like that is the problem. I dont know if I am watering too much or not enough. I water it about every other day and make sure there is no pool of water in the saucer area of the pot. Unfortunately my house might just be too dry, especially with the heater on (I live in columbus and it is getting cold).

I figure my problem could be:

1.) Too much water

2.) Not enough water

3.) The Grow light is too much, and it still has to get used to it

4.) Too dry in my house.

5.) (god forbid) fungus.

I dont think it is fungus. O how I wish some mango master could come tell me what I am doing wrong>.ANy ideas are appreciated. I know I could try to somehow raise the humidity, but that would be another large task.

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My current basement setup

as you can see the mango tree leaf curl is length wise (is that the right description?) Some parts of the tip (not well pictured) look like they are drying out too.

My saplings

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Upon closer inspection of the mango leaves, I think maybe it is a fungus/mildew issues. I noticed that there are these white ... specs/flakes, but they kind of rub off if I run my finger across it. I was thinking maybe it's a bug, but they dont move. I had a problem with spider mites once, and they do not look like spider mites. On the other hand my Lychee plant leaves are browning at the tips and also isnt doing so hot. IT has this slightly sticky substance on the leaves. I am definitely wondering if it is an insect of some sort on it. I dont know. I will try to take a close up shot, but I dont have a macro lens.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Alpha, I would also post this on the Tropical Fruits forum, there are many people there that grow tropical fruit trees in your zone. I grow mango but have NO experience in indoor
growing!! I live in FL

Nice trees and set up...Good luck! I'm sure you can spray some type of fungicide to help your tree...check some old posts on the Tropical Fruit forum, I think andrew has had this problem also?

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What type of soil do you use? If it was peat base soil, water it every other day is too much. I think. I also have a mango tree in pot in Al' gritty mix. It is now watered about once a week. It is kept dry because it stays outside in the cold. It was brought inside only when temp drops below 40f or rain is in the forecast.

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I followed up on my mango tree issue in another post of mine regarding my sad lychee tree. The story is here
Long story short, I hate scale bugs! I ended up pruning the crap out of the mango tree to see if it will recover. I will post pictures of the aftermath and the hopeful recovery.

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