Janet Craig is in bloom...

stanofhDecember 26, 2008

Dracaena "Janet Craig" at 20+ years of age is blooming in a spare bedroom with other tenders and my 240 gallon aquarium. It's first ever.

POWERFUL SCENT. One bloom must be nice. Multiple blooms in a small room knocks your socks off!

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meg_awat(Indoor & Outdoor 10-11)

That's a rare sight
Can you describe the fragrance?
Mr. MegA

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Others have said Rose petal with Honeysuckle. That's close.I would add those and describe as "concentrated"..just now, more than a week after full bloom they are in a mellower scent mode.
At it's peak it could have filled an office floor and every single cubicle with scent!.

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How often does this plant bloom? I have one in my office that is several years old, stands about 7 feet tall and is in bloom for the first time. The fragrance is outstanding!

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This is the first time. Why so long-I have no idea. My other 20 year old dwarf Janet Craig also flowered last year-for IT'S FIRST TIME..hasn't bloomed this year.
Your's vango,might be of a cutting from an old plant. You hit the lotto!

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Dracaenas bloom once a year, in winter. The fragrance is very very strong, right Stan?
IMO, the scent is a combo of jasmine and citrus. Toni

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